Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


Earth Mother Crying


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Arvol Looking Horse    
White Eagle  
Larry Merculieff/Aleut       
Titicaca, Peru

Behold a Miracle
Chief Seattle 1864
 White Thunder     

Crystal Mountain
September 10-20 2009

  • Peak Type: Summit

  • Peak Elevation: 6,929 feet (2,111.96 m)

  • Mountain Range: Salmon River Mountains

  • Payette National Forest

  • Nearest City: Warren (10.7 miles away

On the way to the mountain, an interesting diversion.



Synchronization Ceremony



Looking out from ceremonial area

Rosmary and Diana

Kris getting smudge pot ready

Dale getting in touch with the Mountain

Alter represents everything in Creation

Dawn setting out pieces for the alter

Setting up the Circle


Marcine on the edge of the World

Our Faithful Group

Dawn and Dale and Kris


 Invitation: The spirits of the Four Directions and in between spaces, spirits of this place, elementals, inter-dimensionals, star people, heavenly host, and many ancient and ancestral spirits came.

Round 1: Invoke the Violet Flame to blaze through each of us that for this time each will be pure and free from personal issues, challenges, and our own stuck thought forms and belief systems. Then sent the violet flame to blaze and burn all  negative energies, old thought forms, all anger, pain, frustration, jealousies, GREED, Old patterns not working for the highest good, clear toxins, poisons, and clearing the earth for a hundred miles in all directions to the purity she was first created in. Then deep purple deep into the earth.

Round 2: Invoke the Blue Light to use its power to cleans and heal each and every cell, every particle, every atom of the Earth Mother and see the Ruby Gold Light now coat like honey every part of her beingness. .

Round 3: The synchronization set the crystal grid system for our wheel uniting all seven mountains with pure white sand into the Medicine Wheel. We invoked the Butterfly principle: what we do here is equal on the opposite side.  And then we worked on the back bone of Mother Earth from Argentina and Peru to Alaska. A mountain from Peru ‘spoke “ to us but did not give a message.

We connected to Central Sun and brought energies, first violet and deep purple, then blue, then ruby gold to six star nations, then to our mountains, above and below, then to the core of the earth. We brought in a column of light around this structure, filled it with the Whirling Rainbow of Peace to pulsate out in synchronization with Mother's Heartbeat like pebbles in a pond, and connected to 12 layers of grids from Ikotomi’s web, the etheric grid through all grids on and in Mother earth.



Feasting after the ceremony


WE put together the food that was there. We had shish ka bobs with pork bits, fresh corn on the cob, watermelon, cookies, fresh tomatoes. Roasted marshmellows, drums and flute until we were ready to head to bed.


Orb entering picture at top

Next morning, breakfast was a Mexican treat of finely sliced beef with trimmings. Lots of hot water for coffee and cocoa.
Water and Creation Ceremony
Sept 20, 2009


Sunday Morning






Kris walking the smudge pot around.




The Water Ceremony




The Birthing Ceremony


Yes it was chilly.

Round 4: We held a water healing. First transmuting and reorganizing all mercury, lead, arsenic, poisons, toxins, and impurities into usable configurations by our Earth Mother, then down like rain into the aquifer, then out the birth place of cricks, creeks, brooks, streams, to the mighty rivers and to the ocean. Then the blue light came to balance the electromagnetic fields of the water atoms and re-energized bringing Life back to the water. Then the ruby gold 5th dimension energy was pushed through the grid systems, invoking the butterfly principle, what happens on one side of the earth is reflected on the other side,,, and spent some time with that. We "saw" all grids become Ruby Gold connecting, aligning in vortexes to carry the life force, the magnetic ley lines, and communications to all the Mountains relatives.

Round 5:Then we did a “Birthing Ceremony” and dearest Dawn channeled a “Birthing Song”. It was powerful…  All men, for this ceremony were "made women"  much like honorary ‘Women,” and participated. It was so touching on the heart strings. So Powerful. Oh My... just incredible. Women are the matrix of Creation. All life comes through them. The first Ancestor came from a woman. All future generations shall come from the woman. The connection between Mother Earth and Women is strong. Both endure great hardships for their offspring. Both are compassionate with their children. Both give of themselves so that the children can live and grow straight and tall. On this day, Men also carried with them the Spirit of Creation, creating, designing a new and wonderous beginning new life of Peace and Love  to be in perfect Balance, male and female, created He them in Perfect Harmony.

Round 6: We sealed up our work in the All the Ancient Names of God (reference to the 72+Names of God of the Hebrew Alphabet) and through the power of I AM (individualized expressions), as children of the Living God… so no unconscious person could undo what we had created until it was ceremony time again…. It was good. These ceremonies are directed by the spirits so we never know just what is going to happen until it does. Nor do we remember them very well afterwards.

Pack up. Eat lunch. Go swimming. Head home. Absolutely perfect weekend.


  Burgdorf Hot Springs
at the foot of Crystal Mountain