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Earth Mother Crying

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Behold a Miracle


Channeled Message received 1987

Children of the Light:

I come to you as an angel having the Everlasting Gospel to preach unto all the ends of the Earth in these Last Days, in these times of Now. 

Not an end of Eternal and Spiritual matters but an end as things are NOW. For a time of new beginning, of new birth, is at hand. For you are looking into the Spring of Eternity.

In your time of Now--there is much destruction of all things, even the air you breathe and the food you eat. Everywhere you look, there is negativity. The Earth is filled with it everywhere. She cries out for relief, and the Creator has heard Her cries and is coming for Her.

And when He gets here, He will cleanse again the creation that He loves, and will make Her pure and beautiful, and no abomination shall exist in Her or on Her.

And only the purest of the pure shall be placed upon Her.

For in Her time, she has done all She was asked to do. She has provided for God's children. She has brought forth good fruit, and things to build out of, and to make clothing out of.

And when the people loved Her back, She covenant with them, and provided safety, and all good things.

You know of many stories from your book (Bible), about food in the wilderness, crossing waters on dry land, even mountains that fell upon enemies when asked to do so. These are but a few of the things She has done in keeping with the covenant that She made with those who love her.

There are  many wonderful stories in other books. Stories of a land of plenty, where fish jumped out of streams, and game laid down and gave up it's life to feed and clothe the people. Certain plants were given healing properties to help the people. Not only did Earth help people, but so did the plants and animals, and all that were part of Her. But much of this is in the hidden portion of records.

Others today still keep the covenants tho many have forgotten them, but when they are remembered and come from the heart, then Earth remembers also and keeps Her part.

So She has been faithful even to the extent of trying to hide the negativity of man: until now, she is so full of manís iniquity, manís irresponsibility, manís selfishness, that parts of Her now die, and like an insidious growth, encroaches upon and tries to strangle Her remaining life.

She has done all that She was asked and more. She has earned her restóher reward, and justly so.

But where are the men who were placed upon Her and their covenant? Where is it?
For most men, it is not. For they have forgotten their God, their Creator, and they have forgotten their Mother, the Earth. And they run to and fro, with drought here and drought there; with weather changes here and weather changes there; animal changes here and animal changes there; and plant changes here and plant changes there.

All has changed and become out of order, out of harmony, with creation and with Itself; ALL shall cease to exist, except a miracle shall happen across the face of the Earth.

What shall that miracle be?

The Creator is on His Way!

Shall He find a world of darkness with no life in it? Or shall He find a world of Love and Light and responsible stewardship?

Will He find a miracle in the hearts of the nations?

Each of you are part of a nation.
Your voices, your hearts, your spirits are the beginning of that miracle.

Be the consciousness of your town, your country, your nation. Bring forth the Love and Light of the Creator in all that you do, that in your path, healing takes place. For each small thing becomes the part of a greater whole.

And a Miracle begins!

And what kind of man beholds a miracle?

One that knows within himself; Truth.

 One that becomes truth and knows that truth with no shadow of a doubt or fear.
For doubt becomes a small tremor that can grow into a mighty quake.

Then unto him, the man, there is no miracle, for it is only the way it was ordered (intended).

And so I, Morihoni, bring you this counsel:

Seek first your Creator. Become one with him.

Then share His Light, Glory, and Love, through His Essence, with every person, every animal, every plant, every living thing.

And behold a Miracle!~

For it will be there!

It will be there in YOU.

And you will be a living testimony of the Creator's Unending Love.

So Be It!