Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to com together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


Earth Mother Crying


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We have a Shoshoni Elder, Blue Thunder,  who has received this message and is coming to Boise to help us secure our valley. He is willing to unite all cultures, belief systems, and races in prayer and sacred intent, to heal, unify, and shift the Earth and Her Peoples.

Blue Thunder, like many Native Elders, does not charge for his healing work and yet still must pay house, utilities and all the other expenses of family and living. We would like to help him with his expenses so that his family does not suffer because of his dedication to doing this work 

 Any donation will graciously be accepted. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

You can learn more at  Blue Thunder's sites at and

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Healing Mother Earth Through Ceremonies
by Blue Thunder

Teaching the objective of ceremonies by educating humanity on Earth issues.  Interpreting the natural disasters of the world’s environments as disasters created by mankind. Bring an awareness on the cause of how and why Mother Earth's Environments are reacting the way they are, now to the world wide educational institutions programming in scientific technologies. The objective of the ceremonies will help end the needless destructive developments of Mother Earth and remembering protocols in the development of the resources in nature. Conducting an indigenous protocol ceremony brings clarity to the ceremonial traditions on clearing impurities of Mother Earth’s soil, wind-oxygen, importance of fire and waters- all life force of all creation.  Interpreting how we can give service in education while conducting ceremonies for the joy and happiness of cultures working together for peace and harmony on environmental wisdoms, knowledge.  This work is to remind us, while educating humanity on who we are and why we are and what we are to Mother Earth during these changing times we are in now and where we are headed.

Earth wisdom knowledge will help educate on the importance of the ceremonies on ancient earth knowledge. Sharing prophecies of Mother Earth’s sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines.  Re-introducing this sacred geometry through the Web of Life Symbols, Grandmother Spiders Web and how it works upon Mother Earth’s matrixes of today.  Reminding the many cultures that the Earth is our Mother and from within the Central Sun is our Father holding the wisdom of creation for all life.  Showing that the water, the food and the very breath we breathe are all connected in purity and all things are related to each other.  Relating the importance of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water bring about healing ceremonies clearing the toxins and poisons upon Mother Earth.  Remembering Pure Water is the life force of all life forms.

In a Earth healing ceremony we re-connect to Mother Earth healing nature and our families relationships around the world for a better future of generations arriving tomorrow.  Stressing the importance of indigenous protocols in the stewardship of Mother Earth's elements, the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  Teachings on what we can do to better understand Mother Earth's Wisdom in acknowledging the indigenous voices working with Mother Earth. Universal Laws  interpreted in how Man Made Laws took the Universal Laws, Natures Laws into a downfall and has damaged the sacredness of Mother Earths web of life in the Environments worldwide.



The spiritual vision is calling the Indigenous Nations, along with other cultures to come forth putting our relationship with nature back into harmony and order with sacred vibrations. To come forth with the use of sacred prayers, utilizing our drums, songs, and sacred vibrational tools. By utilizing prayer, the sacred vibrations of our drums, by chanting our songs, these ancient sites will revitalize. The intent is to place back into harmony and balance those lands, mountains and bodies of water that are now "out of harmony" due to reckless development within these areas that has happened within the United States at large.

The dream mentions when the ceremony takes place, negative thought forms and deeds which lie within these areas, will be released, freeing the bondages which have been put upon the land and re-attuning these Sacred Sites with one another, and to work together as the ancestors once did in the past before colonization took place. The ceremony then becomes an important tool to teach all individuals the importance of our Mother Earth and the blessings She has given all of us. The re-harmonization will help bring back the rains. Many of Mother Earth’s womb springs will come to life once again, flowing outward. Water carries the messages of life, while sustaining life, our lifeblood that is blessed by our Father Sun and watched over by the Universal Presence.

This is to be a joint effort of all involved. We must be in the highest form of sacred thought while in prayer. We must work in a straightforward manner. There will be no disagreements as to who is right and who is wrong for the mountains and rivers have already had enough of this negativity.

The vision shows that this undertaking would be a joint effort working together in Peace and Harmony with one another, working with our families as we are surround by the four colors of race, mankind itself. We shall bring back Peace of Mind to our spirits, to our hearts, and to our homelands. We will release the bondage of negative thought forms and prejudice within our minds for the betterment of all living things.

Mother Earth will assist us in these areas that are being prepared. She will activate the sacred vibration of harmony through the sacred medicine wheel.

Spiritual Messengers of many Indigenous Nations along with many other cultures will participate in prayers and ceremony. Everyone will be in the best of behaviors with integrity of pure prayers of the mind, heart, and spirit with sacred actions for harmony and balance. This is very important for the Holy Ones will be watching all of us at this time. The Holy Ones have instructed us to be in clear minds, hearts, and sprit, being one in Harmony with Sacred Prayer for Mother Earth’s Creations that are all related on Turtle Island of the America’s and around the World.





Bibliography: Blue Thunder     Eastern Shoshone Nation

BlueThunder, spiritual elder and advisor, is an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft Washakie, Wyoming. He has 56 years of experience in indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the traditional aspects of his culture within the Eastern Shoshone Nation. Through the encouragement of his tribal elders, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University, located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Studying European methods of communication at N.A.U. that has allowed Blue Thunder to speak from a truly Native American perspective cross-referencing the educational teaching methods to truly know what is important in helping other cultures consider on what the Indigenous cultures represent in the Earth Wisdom Nations.

Blue Thunder is a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, an organization of Indigenous Nations Prophecy Seed Carriers of North America -  - In this capacity, he helps educate all cultures of the Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red Nations on the importance and the significance of sacred sites and the Indigenous Prophecies. His present emphasis is:

* To inform all cultures of the importance of protecting and preserving all indigenous sacred sites within this country and across the world.

* To teach the great significance of the Indigenous Nations holy lands sacred texts in the rocks spread areas across the America's and the world at large. Representing a reflection of what the Indigenous Nations traditions and cultures is what the rest of the world's nation have or once understood also.

* He stresses the importance of the language of traditions in dreams and visions in the many homelands of all nations in the America’s and abroad. Utilizing the current and rapidly disappearing Indigenous perspectives on Mother Earth Environments: Educating humanity around the America’s and other Nations in an Indigenous Educational format. Wisdom and Knowledge to consider on what has happened in the uncontrolled land development, which is causing Nature’s Disasters. Bring an awareness how development in materialist gain goes against the Indigenous Protocols that is causing nature to react as it is now around the world.

Blue Thunder believes there is a great need to undertake an understanding of all sacred sites as part of a spiritual learning experience to regain the wisdom and knowledge remembering how harmony and peace work upon Mother Earth. Not only for oneself but also for our families and all of humanity. Practicing the healing ceremonies of Mother Earth and repairing, rebirthing her environments into health, purity. There is a need for wisdom of the tangible and intangible spiritual aspects of all life on our true Mother, our Earth. Mother Earth who gives us life as does our true Creator, the Universe Life Force of Creation. The Truth has been written in the stone writings of great knowledge explaining the visions of the past, present and future. It's direction for mankind tells us how to stay in balance and harmony with nature and all conscious life upon our sacred mother, the Earth within the Universal, Spiritual Laws of Nature.