Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


Earth Mother Crying


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Earth Wisdom



Gane’O ‘on-ka I’ ka

(This is my Drum)

My drum is full of memories.

Memories not merely of smoke tanned buckskin, sweet grass, sage and cedar, but memories of all beautiful things of the woods and people. My Drum is full of mystery, full of voices. These voices they speak always of Olden Times, yet in the same breath, they speak of youth and more youth to come. They tell of children in all the tomorrows; Radiant, Joyous, Dancing. Yet they seem to say, (these drum voices) that these same children must know the simple life, the romantic life of the wood, for men will live the modern life better if as children, they came to know the Ancient Way.

My Drum is a Medicine Drum.

It has a mysterious potency ~ A Spirit Power ~ within the drum. If you are sad, you will find solace with this drum. If you are afraid you will find courage with this drum. If you are angry, it will bring relief and contentment. The Medicine of my drum is the medicine of dancing, of play, of joy, of art, of philosophy, of religion, of LIFE.

To the Indian, these things are all integrated. They are really all one. The drum is their symbol and their symbol is full of medicine, spiritual power, and the heart beat or the American Indian.

Rhythm is the Law of the Universe.

We see it in the movement of the waves, the swaying of the branches of tree, the rising and falling of the tides, in return of night and day, the seasons of the year, the coming and going of years, the beating of the human heart. One can almost feel Mother Earth turn on her axis. My drum Unites the people, develops a sense of harmony with all people of the world. Sociability will be increased. Friendliness will be more pronounced. The medicine of my drum develops elation, a reckless joy, a high feeling of self regard. The medicine of my drum develops harmony; oneness of feeling and purpose. It is a gift of Nature and Religion coming straight from the heart.

By Kennesatah



A Message from Sky Woman

In Iroquoian Tradition, Sky Woman is the first woman on earth. Science now says they can trace the maternal line of mankind back to the same woman.  Wondering what information she might have for her children today, we asked her. This is her reply:

“Ok, my child. You have summoned me. For what purpose Is this?”

For the true and pure story of the beginning of man on earth

“That story is long. That story is much different than anything you would anticipate on your earth. That story tells of travel, tells of mining, tells of captivity and many other things that others on your earth have already written about. But I shall tell you my story, my personal story, of what it was like when I was upon the earth. We arrived in a space ship, I believe you would call it; a ship of light that came here to this earth. We circled about it and at that time, it was only water. But our ship had come prepared and it used light waves to bounce against the surface of this earth, and in doing so, was able to draw land up. This land first looked like the shell on the back of a turtle but as it continued to grow, as the light waves continued to hit and draw the earth up and to form the earth on the surface of the water, it began to grow and grow and grow.”

            “At one time, there had been mining upon this planet. There had been others that had lived here from other star worlds. But two brothers had created a feud among themselves and one, in an effort to free the inhabitants of this earth, created great explosions. This opened up the water world and let it pour forth. Now with our sonic booms, with these light beams, we were able to push the water back from the surface of the earth, so that the dry land could again appear. Ours was a colony ship. There were many of us sent here. There were 10 or 11 women with child like me. We brought animals from some of the other planets. This is like a beginning stock. Eons of being upon this planet has developed until your present day many of the life forms that you have here, as your ecological systems developed, with only minor tutoring from us from the star worlds.

 In your legends, I became known as Sky Woman, the first of your people. For all are descended from me but I was not the only female upon this planet. Like most origin stories of all races, they begin with the first that began their line and so it is. Over the years, the people have forgotten and in order to explain their own perceptions, have added story upon story.

In the beginning, we were a race of peace loving people and when we were directed by the God Source to come here to this planet, the prime directives, which you call the original instructions, were very simple. When one is directly connected to Central Source, one understands the entire makeup of the universe; how all things operate in love. Even love has had its understanding changed. In your language, it is extremely limiting. For love is what we call the smallest particle of creation. It is what we call the energy that creates all things. Love in of itself is perfection. It has such greater meaning than what your world puts on it. If you were to look at love as a scientific principle, which it surely is, then you would understand that love is a component. It is the physical energy/matter that creates and binds all things in your physical world. And when you take love out, then you create a black hole. You create nothingness where everything should be. So this thing that you call love is an attachment. You connect it to your feeling world and I am sure that all good things of feeling are love but it is more than that. For it is the very physical makeup of your being, of your world. Nothing in your world would exist without it. The chaos that you experience in your world is the result of non recognition of this law. It is. The only way to heal your planet is to recognize that your planet is love. And again, this is not the emotional attachment but the most basic of building blocks. So, those things which are contrary will surely destroy your world.

 Mankind has free will. There are those from other spheres of existence that also came to visit this beautiful space. People who did not want peace, people who wanted control, people who were motivated by greed. These thought forms took root upon this planet and many of those who came to live in peace, to live in harmony, to live a good life, were taken hold of personal gain. Until today, their descendents now rule your planet. But those of you who come from the peace seed can yet reclaim your planet, can yet bring upon it the peace and the happiness that this planet was meant to be.      

What are these original instructions? The original instructions: First; you are love, you are out of love, you are from love. All is love. Second original instruction: Recognize all life is love. With these two principles, now realize that if you cause any harm to one another, or harm to the sphere in which you live, in any way, this is an opposition to this original instructions. After so many years, the race that is now upon this beautiful planet has long forgotten what this truly means.

You have other words now that will guide you. These words are peace. When you bring peace within your being, it brings a comfort and a knowing that preserves love. When you find even the smallest way in which you do not support love and correct it, then you bring more love into the world. You manifest more physical aspects of love here in your planet, in its energy makeup, in its grid, in all of its physical beingness, in its breath, and therefore, promote advancement toward its pristine condition.

Same as with your physical beingness. As you draw peace, love, joy within you, it creates healthier joining of all particles that make up your beingness. You once upon your planet had a great teacher. This teacher expressed to you these original instructions. His expression was simple. It was love one another. Consider this: if you truly love one another and this love is your basic building blocks, then to love another is to build this person. Consider this: to add to another, to build another, to raise one up spiritually and physically in your world of now.

The peace was implanted upon the soil. It was implanted in the rivers and in the air and this peace prospered throughout the land for many, many years until those of the mixed star seed arrived and then, the beautiful thought forms, the beautiful DNA that was implanted in the land and in the waterways and in the air became overpowered by the sheer number of negative thought forms of the mixed star seeds. But it is still there. If one could clear off the negative star seed transmissions that are on the surface, then again, the DNA could come forth out of the land and bring balance to the earth, bring balance to the people and again create all the beauty that was here on this sphere.”

                        “Remember: all is love, it is the building blocks. Remember that your words are power. Be careful in using them. Be conscious of the intent and power behind these words. Call forth the DNA, the original instructions from the ground, where it lies sleeping. Call it forth from the air. Plant it firmly and let it flow forth over the earth to all those who are susceptible of it. Remember that love is not an attachment but love is the building block of creation and by invoking love, you can recreate what has been turned to chaos, bringing it back to wholeness, fulfillment of dreams and plans, establishing the original instructions again for this sphere


The Importance of Mother Earth

From Jesus    05-13-02


Know at this time that each one of you are a part of this great time and a part of these great energies.  Know that all things have not been fore ordained or fore written. But because of your proven valiancy in the past, it was agreed upon that each one of you would be here at this time.  Knowing that you would step forward and willingly accept your agreement and your responsibilities. 

There are many things that have been distorted because of the veil that was placed over the memories of the past.  That veil is thin now.  It no longer has the permanence that it has had in the past.  As these energies go forth and as all the beautiful spirits that were selected and who have agreed to come forth at this time bring the more positive energies into this field, into this plane, this space between the remembrance of who you really, are that membrance of your home that is with your Father in Heaven becomes thinner and thinner and it is easier to transcend that "wall" and to retain and to obtain those memories.

As you do this and as you are able to do this, one memory that we wish to bring to your remembrance at this time is the memory of your Mother and the place in which She holds.  You have your Heavenly parents who are the Creators of the individualized spirit which chooses to incarnate upon this physical plane. But once on this physical plane it was important that your physical bodies receive nurturing also from a very caring parent, one which participated in the creation of your physical bodies.  The One of which I speak is known as Gia, as Terra, as Mother Earth. 

At this time, we ask for you to become cognizant of your connection with Her.  To understand that you would not live without Her.  For She provides the air that you breath, the water that you drink of and the materials that your bodies are made of.  But not only that, She provides the electricity that flows in the nerves that makes your bodies move.  She is a full participatory parent in this way, in helping to create the physical bodies in which you live. Were it not for Her and for Her energies, your bodies could not live.   

In much of the past because of the veil mankind has forgotten how important She is and has forgotten to reverence Her and to love Her.  In a  daily way they desecrate Her in their actions, in their selfishness and in their desire for personal gain.  At this time it is my desire to bring to you  the remembrance and the reverence that each one should have for the Mother Earth.  She is the One who provides your physical body.  It is to Her that you should apply your prayers for your personal healings in the physical or the flesh of your bodies.   For Her power in sustaining your physical bodies is equal to the Creator, to the Father of your spirits. 

And you have forgotten this as a man, as a race.  You have forgotten. You have taken Her for granted. You think that the air will always be there.  You think that the water will always be clean and will be there. You think that the Earth will always provide a place for you to live and to walk.  And you take all these things for granted.  And you forget to bless Her.  And you forget to thank Her.  And you forget to reverence Her.  And you forget to ask for Her help in healing your physical conditions. She has been very patient.  And She has been very loving.  There are many spaces on Her yet where the wild flowers bloom and the wind can blow through Her trees but these spaces are not near enough to help her maintain Her health.  Through the greed of mankind much destruction has been perpetrated in their forgetfulness and in their dishonoring. 

It is of extreme urgency that those who walk in the Light remember to honor Her and give Her place in their prayers and in their energy work to help sustain Her.  And to provide the healing energies that She needs to counteract all that those who are still in their forgetfulness do to Her on a daily basis.   She has given to you many herbs and plants that are given to help heal the body.  She has given you earth, mud, minerals.  These also are  given to help heal your bodies {bones}.

And there is water.  Water is the great cleansing factor if it is purified and not filled with your pollution and your filth.  This also is a great healer not only to your physical body but also to your spirit.  And air.  Air also is most helpful in healing your physical bodies.  For oftentimes you do not breathe deeply enough to bring this air, which is actually earth spirit, to come into your body so that the spirit that was born within your body can obtain the benefits of the earth spirit. 

Dearest ones, it is with the utmost love that we come and that we bring messages to you and that we try to bring to your awareness and to your remembrances those things that you need to know and those things that you need to pay attention to.  As you have been told these Ascension Energies are not just for mankind but they are for your Mother as well. We bless you with the strength and the power to overcome all obstacles that are placed before you spiritually and physically.  We bless you with wisdom and knowledge to know how to overcome these things and to prosper and to learn from them.  And we bless you with the unconditional love of all those in the Ascended realm and all those throughout the universes.  That you may have the securities of letting go of your fears and stepping into that place of security knowing that you are one with Creator God, One with our Mother Earth.  And that when you pray, when you ask, when you speak, that your words are heard and will be fulfilled for your Highest Good. 

Know that if you will cultivate that experience with your Mother that at any time when She rages on behalf of Her own cleansing, that she will hear your  voice and will provide safety for you.  All things at this time are participatory.  All things must have participation spiritually and physically.  It is the joining, it is the union, it is the blending, the emergence of the physical and spiritual together that will create the energies and the power to bring all within the ascension format. Ascension format……  One is not without the other.  It takes both. 

That is, that is what I accomplished for you during the meridian of time.  It was through the willingness of laying down the flesh and the power of the spirit to pick it back up and to unite it in its Ascension form.  This is part of what was accomplished.  So that at this time these blessings and these gifts could be extended to all.  At this time I again want to bless each and every one of you that you may be filled with the Christ Light.  And through the fulfillment of that Christ light that you will be able to achieve your purpose and to culminate this end of cycles as it has been foretold would happen.  I have empowered you. I have blessed you.  And you have the authority to go forth in the Name of the Father and in the Name of the Son to teach the people, to heal the people, to heal the Earth and to bring all into that vibration and space that will provide for the Ascension of this world and all of those who inhabit it.

My precious one how reluctant it is that I bring this to a close. You have no idea how much we enjoy being able to spend this time with you and to have the Administering Angels work with you.  And it is a time of sadness when we must withdraw so that you can continue the path and the journey here upon this Earth.  We appreciate so much when you come together at this time together to seek our presence so that we can come in at this spiritual level and at this vibration. 

But dearest ones, do know that at no time are we very far away.  That if you will but speak our name and call forth for us we will be there. That we walk beside you at all times even in your darkest hours.  Dearest ones know that you are loved.  That you are the choice and the chosen.. And know that as each one of you will follow your inner guidance and go to the many different places that are required for you to go at this time; that you are indeed loved, you are indeed watched over and that you are cherished.

Some of you will soon come into the recognition of the direction in which you are to take your gifts.  Know that you are being guided.  And take those steps boldly forth.  Knowing that only good will come from your actions.  I so love each one of you.  JESUS



 Meet David Yarrow

David has spent all of his life working on behalf of the Mother Earth. He founded NOFA: National Organic Farmers Association and helped to establish Federal guidelines for Organic Labeling and standards. He taught people how to heal themselves through nutrition. He also has taught for over 25 years what we are doing to the planet with unconscious actions. David is a genius and has an extensive website.

In 1994, he was electrocuted while helping a farmer move a shed along the road. 5000 volts of electricity shot through him, down his leg to the metal roof he was standing on. The blast threw him off the roof to the ground 30 feet below. He spent 7 years bedridden until he could walk again. He has never married, probably because the injuries broke his back and other bones, and left him with partial paralysis in his leg, one hand is paralyze and his good hand had two fingers blasted off… so he does his websites with just two fingers and a thumb. But he is a brilliant mind which he continues to use in an effort to wake people up to the plight of the Earth Mother, and mankind because of unhealthy practices not only to our environment but also to our food supply. His newest project is making bio char to improve the soil quality. He also uses EMs which are Environmental Microbes, a tech from Japan where they revitalized the lake there that was decimated by Atomic Bombs of WWII, and Sea minerals which are configured in 81 elements in perfect ratios for the human body.

David is also a dowser. He has dragged his body over hill and vale measuring the magnetic ley lines or life force in the Earth Mother. These ley lines converge at points which are called vortexes. These vortexes function for Gaia, the same as chakras do for humans. They connect the energies of spirit to the physical.  The ley lines are the same for Mother as the energy meridians that are used in Acupuncture medicine. He has successfully mapped several areas, showing the configuration of energy has purpose and form.

This is a copy of a pictograph.. It shows the energy of the Earth and the Earth Standing in balance as on two feet.

At Celebration Park at Marsing, Idaho, there are Shoshoni petroglyphs that show energy and vortex lines as well, with directions for connecting the spirit energy to the physical make up of the earth in the use of medicine wheels. In the center is representation of the four directions. The Indigenous populations knew this knowledge long before scientists, new agers, and dowsers proclaimed it.

This is one of David’s maps. It is of Onondaga lake where prayers and ceremonies have been going on for 8 years. The lake is a super fund site with 2 feet of mercury in the bottom. During the 1800’s it was a huge recreation area, with carousels, and 6 Flags atmosphere and great swimming, but as the salt mining continued dumping their toxic waste in to the lake, the fish and the aquatic life died, and the place began to stink outrageously so the tourist and recreation died along with the lake.

An Onondaga woman, Barbara Parker had a dream that if people would gather and hold hands around the lake and pray, It would be healed. Since that time people have been praying there. Buddist Monks made sand mandellas they dumped in the water, and Indians do pipe along the shores. And David does a Peace Festival annually…. And the water is cleaning and clearing, and the fish are back……

But as you can see, the ley lines around Onondaga lake have form…. As opposed to this one from Seattle. Seattle is suppose to be the Earths fourth Chakra… which was recently moved to Cascade since it could not function in Seattle.

The ley lines are suppose to have form… like sacred geometry, something that the Knights Templar and the Masons who built Soloman’s Temple used to create the temples and later churches after Jeshua. But the Seattle area looks more like my tipi poles after a tornado picked them up and dropped them. This is what man has done to the earth. We have destroyed the energy patterns that keep her healthy. When in a human the chakra system gets blocked, we get sick. Depending on how bad or thick the blockage is, we can die. That is what is happening to the earth…

9 billion unconscious beings that do what they want, dig holes, steal her resources, use up her resources, and build build build, blowing up with dynamite, and covering with concrete. And you end up with Seattle ley lines. Of course that is just one of the contributing factors.


Back to the configurations of Onondaga Lake. At the south end of the lake was a toxic waste dump. Barrels rusting away, and allowing it to seep into the lake but also the aquifer. David just after he got back on his two feet fought a courageous battle to get the county or someone to clean up the toxic dump. They cleaned up some of it and then built a mall over it, encasing it in concrete.  AT the bottom of this toxic dump, now with a shopping mall over it, some 20 feet down is the original site where a Christ like culture hero formed the first and only true democracy, and at the same time the first United Nations. Kaneenda. The Birth Place of Democracy in the New World.  

What spurred David to look at Onondaga was this event. He wondered why the Master of All Things chose Onondaga lake to be the beginning of the 1100 years of Peace that was enjoyed here on Turtle Island before the Europeans came.

This is another of his diagrams. He discovered that the point at Longbranch, a vortex of 6 ley lines is on a man made hill or mound. Then he discovered that Morningside had 18 (pink) ley lines converging into a vortex south of the lake. It also was on a Mound. The Mound builders were organizers, and the predecessors to the Iroquois who live in this area. Other smaller vortexes were found too at mound locations. What amazed David however was on December 21st, the winter solstice, the sun is in perfect alignment with Morningside and Longbranch (yellow line). Those mounds were built on purpose. And the purpose was as a calendar 3000 years ago.


Something else that David found in the ley lines, a sacred geometry symbol (green lines). It is called a Vesica Piscis,  It has particular significance as it was the early Christian symbol the fish of the Piscean Messenger, Jesua. It is on the cap of the well at Glastonbury where Joseph of Arimathea and 12 brothern showed up in England. The King did not want to become a Christian but he was impressed with their ardor, and so granted them land where they built this church which abounds with Knight Templar and Masonic symbols. This Vesica Piscis is on the cap of the spring of healing water named after Mary Magdalena, The Chalice Well.


This symbol shows up in Nature everywhere; in the chickens egg, in the seed pod of fruit, in the human being reproductive organs. This symbol is what holds the blue print for the creation of more of the species whether it is human, animal, or plant. And this symbol is in the land around the Onondaga Lake. The womb of the Mother Earth, as she births new life. The beginning of the new paradigm. Not really sure, but it is where Peace was born. Not only Peace, but what the Master Of All Things accomplished on August 18, 900 AD has been the birthing grounds for many things that have gone around the world… Peace is one. Democracy is another. Women’s Rights is another as the suffragette movement was inspired by the Iroquois women. Freedom is another, as the North Star Trail, the Underground Railroad, brought slaves out of their confinements into the Freedom of the Iroquois as they abhorred slavery, and welcomed them. And The Master of All Things formulated a constitutional government that has influenced governments around the world.


The Crop Circle Phenomenon ... Flower of lifce crop circle.jpg

Much of this knowledge was lost by the reigning society during their dark ages. It is still lost as many consider sacred geometry an occult science. But it is evident in everything the Masons built showing a knowledge that goes back to Ancient Egypt. And the Star people are trying to get us to remember what we have put away and forgotten or dismissed as superstition. Here is a few of their sacred geometry designs. The Flower of Life… the Supreme Energy Symbol…. And Fractality… which is the response to the Fibonacci  equation. These symbols tell us about how the earth and everything on it is organized…… created…. And it is Sacred.




That geometric pattern was the origin of the fish symbol of God as well as Jesus as

we will see in the next slide.


Let me go back to the statement concerning 2012 by Roderick Marling on

The birthing place.

The geometric pattern of the birthing canal.

Is the new cosmic child about to be born?

Shall there be a cosmic birth to bring forth this new world.

Let us look at this Vesica Piscis as the birthing canal.

 Now I ask you.

Is this the vesica piscis that will give birth to the culmination of the great change.

Did you notice that the picture we just left said that Vesica Piscis is geometry

for the human eye.

There is also another Vesica Piscis in the universe that Hubble has shown us.



This is the vesica piscis called the Hourglass Nebula.

When Hubble  zooms in we see.


The cosmic geometric pattern of the human eye.