Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.



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Crystal Mountain Medicine Wheel  8-8-8

Crystal Mountain Synchronization 2010



Crystal Mountain Medicine Wheel Ceremony

World Renewal Ceremonies
from " American Indian Healing Arts" by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Baar

The Yurok, whose tribal name means "downstream People" in the Karok language, and the Karok, whose name means "upstream People," originally lived along the Klamath River in Northern California. that fished for salmon, hunted and gathered other resources. They lived in villages of large cedar plank houses in the winter, and in the summer they moved around the region to gather the lush seasonal harvests of acorns and to gather wild nuts, seeds, and fruits. These tribes were noted for their beautiful, tightly woven baskets.

  The Hoop have retained their original homelands in the Hoopa Valley along the Trinity River near its confluence with the Klamath River in California's highlands. Salmon and acorns were also their traditional staple foods. the Hoopa were famous for their finely twined baskets and hats, cedar-planked houses, and dugout canoes.

All three tribes held annual World Renewal Ceremonies to "firm the earth." this was their way of reaffirming their respect, devotions and connection to the earth. It was vital to seek this balance, since the people went out into their environments for food, medicine, and even for visions.

Most of the rites could only be led by elders, who retained the knowledge of how to perform them. Elders taught other tribe members about villages living the good life, reconnecting them with their place and clearing their villages of harm or degradation to ensure the continuation of dependable natural resources. shamans under went purification rituals before performing these secret renewal rites in scattered natural locations.

Everyone in the village was engaged in the sacred rites. To accompany them, dancers publicly performed three principal dances. The White Deerskin Dance brought to together many performers wearing animal skin aprons beneath shell and tooth necklaces and elaborate feather headdress. They carried poles draped wit white deerskins and decorated with choice  red feathered woodpecker scalps.

The Impressive Boat Dance crowded the participants in long dugouts as they navigated the turbulent rivers, vital sources of salmon and other fish and game foods The third dance was the ritual Jumping Dance, for which the performers wore woodpecker scalps fashioned into dazzling headbands, and carried wands of sacred plant materials. The heady combin ation of so many people coming together in conjunction with the ritual prayers and dances was believed to create great powers of renewal for the earth. .




I have been doing this work since 1986. I was engaged in earth healing ceremonies prior to moving to Oklahoma in 1993.


 In 1993 I got messages that the Native Americans as the Stewards and Guardians of the Earth Mother, have the ceremonies and the covenants with the Earth to be able to heal her, so when I met  Blue Thunder  I knew of what  he  spoke as truth. I was thrilled to meet a Native American who was doing the work of Healing the Earth and stepping forward, even against other Native diatribe, to do this work, leading the way of bringing back the Earth Teachings.


And in 2000,  I  got the message that the earth could heal instantly if every one on earth would put away their toys of war, and join together in Peace>  a message I later read in the book, Teachings of the Long House by Last Condoled Hereditary Chief of the Cayuga at Six Nations, Jake Thomas  also one of my mentors .


In February of 2009, at pipe, I was told that it is now time to reach out to the Native Americans, and draw them into this work so that the promises that were made anciently in their covenant, would be able to work for all mankind.



 We are in the process of setting up the grid work to heal the  earth. I am asking each of you to be a part of this work.  I will be honest. I do not know how this work relates to 2012. There are so many prophecies about that time. It is my understanding that all the things we love about our Earth will survive for the 5th World if we will do as asked. We secure our areas for the Earth Mother and for our loved ones. We facilitate a shift in energies for mankind so that they may wake up to who they really are. We are working at both the spiritual and physical levels of Creation.


I am doing it simply because I was asked by the Earth Spirits of the Crystal Mountains.

Healing Requests from the Mountains

Crystal Mountain has asked for the healing of the Crystal Grid which acts similar to a nervous system, bringing life force and communication. This will heal the connections to the other relative mountains so they can once again communicate and build the life force energy together.

All Mountains seem to miss the prayers, songs, drums, voices, and laughter of The People. They felt lonely and forgotten. They might have a lot of visitors but many visitors only took what they wanted and did not give anything back. Not even kind words were given by many. To feel a mountain excited by your presence is kinda like "happy feet" feeling and sometimes just enveloped by a warm blanket. 

Contact persons:  Marcine Quenzer 
Dawn Hancock 1-208-389-8234


Grandmother Mountain and Grandfather Mountain are in an area of recreation which has loud noises and the sound vibration is highly destructive to th

e animals, birds, fish, and plants. They are very stressed and many young ones, especially among the hatchlings do not survive the tumultuous physical vibrations that are emitted during the Peoples  recreation. It is also in an area of clear cutting. The spirits of the trees cry as they are there for their allotted time but no longer are serving in any productive way, so sending the plant life back to Creator is part of what can be done to lift the heavy sad energy of the place.

Contact Person: Nicheta Marquez  208-949-7647



Cleveland Mountain is in a people area. I felt that greed was the most important thing of this area, although many toxins from forestry practices, being near civilization was also a problem as the forest here were pale, with brown dying trees among them. Stuck Thought forms were prevalent because of the proximity to humans. These will be cleared so new thoughts of Peace Love and Harmony can replace the old ones.


Mt. Borah called to us because of the fault it is on. Energies are pressing again to cause another slippage. Such a slippage can be traumatic for the whole area. Other than that, spirits seem to welcome us, and it was very people friendly. The release in 83 was small, but negativity has piled up: farming toxicity, negative thoughts, Old programs running that aren’t working if they ever did.

     Contact Person: Alana Marmel   1-208- 949-7647


House Mountain says she has vitality and strength as the foundation of the family to share and to support others in need of help. There is mining in the area, and again the past that must be cleared so new energies of Peace Love Harmony can flow into the area, down the valleys, into the Boise River and then carried to the cities and towns, but basically felt good and strong.
  • Elevation: 7700
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Elmore
  • Mountain Range; Danskin Mountains
  • Boise National Forest
  • Nearest City: Prairie 
  • 2009 House Mountain Prairie City, Id
  • 2010 Ceremonies
Cottonwood Mountain is a sentinel to protect the passages into the valleys. She is strong, silent and vigil. She also needs the past and the old cleared so that she may champion the new energies that will bring awareness to the Earth Mother and her needs. She is lava which means she represents the element of fire and holds that energy, so we can ask her to work with us in the transmutation of energies pouring into the valleys of civilization and to help keep them pure and filled with Love Peace and Harmony.

No Name I forgot to take any pictures. It has windmills on its knoll. The materials are stolen from the earth mother, then they

create a vibration into the earth, have a very large hole down into the rock, also lava, to secure the windmill in an upright position. These holes allow the leakage of life force from the mother as well as creations that were  meant to stay within the earth, now come up to our level where they cause much pain,  suffering, craziness, because their powers are not meant to be in this level of creation. The windmills are placed in the gateway to the Blue Mountains and they disturb the flow of prana, or energy into the Blue Mountains. These are what we are to work on to heal. 

Contact person: David Scott, Lapwaii  1-208-816-0677



General: In all areas, there have been wars, murders, and ghosts that walk the earth still. They are to be released and sent to the Creators Light. There has been many negative thoughts and words followed by negative actions. We ask forgiveness for the unconscious and their action that are still yet in the earth. These will be cleared. There are many programs brought on by convoluted religions, their dogma, and practices, and many belief systems that keep people stuck in old or ancient patterns that are not productive or resonate with the vibrations of Peace, of Love, and of Harmony. We will release these also.

Then there are the unconscious actions of people who do not realize what they are doing when they mine, build roads, blow up mountains, dig all kind of holes in the ground, or spray chemicals, use farm chemicals, or anything that is not natural upon the earth for food, crops, or forests. Silver iodide is sprayed in the high countries to increase rainfall but this practice puts poison on the earth, the water, the plants, and the animals then ingest it. Streams and rivers are poisoned and the fish are filled with these toxic wastes. Again we invoke forgiveness and the violet flame so poisons and toxic waste shall be transformed.

We listen to the spirits and elementals of each place. We heal what they ask of us. Their prime directive in the past has been to care and serve mankind and to keep the waters flowing, the plants healthy, ect. We give to them the power to protect their areas, and to keep them healthy. We give them back the power to do their jobs. They are now given permission to override what the people are doing in their areas if it is detrimental,  The laws under which humanity have been operating are changing.

When all is healed, then we will establish the Whirling Rainbow of Peace to be established  in a vortex of healing energy that holds in form Love Peace and Harmony and the Healing of the Sacred Hoop of Mankind. This vortex provides Sky energy to the earth directly into the grid system so that it shall recycle energies filling them with the Rainbow Energies of Peace that come in the 12 colors and 12 dimensions of Peace, and the pure prayers and intents that are placed there in.

This is work to be done without ego, including all gifts that have been brought and recognizing all ways. It must be done in the Spirit of Creation, and in the Spirit of Love. We are creating what the world will be when the shift is complete. There is to be no suffering or unworthiness, and all is to be replaced by serving, and service. Be careful not to claim any of the old world realities for our new world. This energy will be radiated into the grid until the next time ceremony is done. Then seal it up and close it so that no unconscious person can change the work that has been completed at this time. Each person increases quantumly the energy produced for healing. Thought, prayers, words, voice, singing, music, drums, dancing, with intent and love all empower the ceremony with more energy but also makes it more enjoyable for participants, including the elementals and spirits of the area. This is the instruction I have been given at this time. I pass it on to you to help with ideas of what to work on if you join us.

We are being joined by the Mayan to connect their sacred mountains with ours. It is also possible that we shall have many other join in spirit from where they are if you want to share any of this information. Anyone who is near one of these ceremonial places are welcome to come and join us physically.

We have been given a promise in connection with this work. Those who KNOW the Mother will be protected. Either where we are will be protected as we have done the healing or if major shifts must still happen there, we will be told where to go to be safe.

We are told to stand in a sacred space. This means that we ourselves must remove all anger, hate, judgment, and negative personality traits that manifest in negative thoughts and deeds from our beings so that we do not add to the distress of the Mother, nor implant these in the future Fifth World. So this becomes a personal journey as well, to become better people. And above all, have fun, and enjoy…



I am a 62 year old Great Grandmother.  There are a lot of things that I could be doing. Painting in my art room for one. Sewing  pretty dresses for my great granddaughter. But sometimes spiritual commitments that we make, change the course of what we  "might" be doing.

When I turned 60, not much was done about my birthday. Nothing unusual about that but I kinda thought 60 was like this mile marker that maybe someone would "notice". The Earth Healer group met at the Boise River for a ceremony. While there, Dawn told me that the Grandmothers wanted me to come for a "Grandmother's" Ceremony. I thought "Yipee Spirit remembered me" so I thought it would be a great birthday gift from Spirit.

I met with Dawn, and we had our little ceremony. On the second round of pipe, I wondered what Dawn had in that thing as it was like getting hit with something.. I asked her later, and she just laughed "that was the Grandmothers getting your attention, that's all".  Seven Grandmother Spirits came circled the fire, and left but not before letting me feel their presence. We figured that sometime or other we would either meet 7 American Indian Grandmothers or I was about to get a new group of spiritual guides. I don't think either of us had any idea what was on the agenda.

That was in May. In August, I had planned to do something special with the Earth Healers on 8-8-08 because of the numerological power numbers. Originally I had planned to do something at Cascade at the earth's 4th chakra, I received a call from Isabelle Dake. She said that she saw where we were going to be doing some ceremony but she said "you have the wrong place. I think you  might consider Crystal Mountain. I think she wants you to visit her. " 

So on July 18, 2008 I went up to Burgdorf,  to visit the mountain with the intention of speaking to the spirits there to see just what was wanted done. I had never heard of this mountain, and I knew nothing about it.

 McCall is 3 hours from Boise. It is a lovely drive. Once in McCall, we take Warren Wagon Road another 30 miles to the turn off to Burgdorf Hotsprings. Here we asked directions and found the road at Jeanette Campgrounds. As as we wound around the hillside to the top of the mountain. It was evident that it was being crushed up for landscape rock. We walked around it looking at this huge outcropping at the top of this mountain that was different forms of crystal, quartz, centrite, malachite, and some amethyst. Here and there were the dynamite holes, and it looked like fissures had been blasted into the mountain so that parts of it now felt unstable. Around the front was a large flat area.

 I went to the large flat platform and  I set up a sacred circle and did my own thing. As it was my intent to talk to the mountain, I sat facing the wall of crystal rock. The July sun was beating down on the white rock pieces. The thought “sacred ground, feel it with your beingness, take off your shoes” passed through my mind. I unbuckled my sandals and stood barefoot upon the surface but  in the basting afternoon sun, it was cool. 

As I talked to the mountain she showed me that she was a crystal shaft deep into the earth. Down there was a crystalline grid that connected her to other mountains, but it was disconnected because of all the pain, and destruction that had shook her to her very foundations. As I gazed at the face of the mountain, the shadows from the late afternoon created shadows and I saw the face of an Indian woman with very droopy eagle feathers attached to the top of her head. She was worn, ancient and one eye was shut, her mouth twisted in agony.

She said her name was Onee-nahtsee-qowa. No idea what that might mean. She asked me to connect her to her family, to heal the crystal grid which nature uses to communicate and to send the life force over. She said that when we were to finish the ceremony that she would become known as a Mountain of Peace. When people came to take the fragments of the mountain that they would take home a crystal radiating Peace and Love. She also wanted a sign posted to say that she belonged to the Indian Nations, and that she was sacred, asking people to imagine they were at church and to treat her with that kind of reverence.  She asked specifically that no motorized vehicles be allowed on her platform.

I had made contact but she had been ‘talking to me” for a while already and I knew that it w ould continue. In fact, I decided to write it down because I was getting so much that I was afraid, I would forget.

After the healing, she will become known as a Mountain of Peace and Love. She said that visitors may take the pieces of her laying around to  take home. In this way, she can spread the peace, love energy into every home that pieces of her are taken. She saw this as being important contribution and it made her feel some better. She saw it as a way to make something positive for the destruction she has suffered.  


As We went back down the mountain. I was still getting info from Onee-nahtsee-gowa.  I was realizing that the seven grandmothers that were visiting at Pipe were actually the spirits of seven mountains that we were to unite in a medicine wheel ceremony of the healing of the Crystal Grid System


Now the Earth Healings took on new meaning, and a mandate to do something.