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Statement Regarding Sedona Sweat Lodge Deaths in October, 2009
by Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle

As Keeper of our Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle, I am concerned for

the 2 deaths and illnesses of the many people that participated in a sweat

lodge in Sedona, Arizona that brought our sacred rite under fire in the

news.  I would like to clarify that this lodge and many others, are not our

ceremonial way of life, because of the way they are being conducted. My

prayers go out for their families and loved ones for their loss.


Our ceremonies are about life and healing, from the time this ancient

ceremonial rite was given to our people, never has death been a part of our

inikag a (life within) when conducted properly.   Today the rite is

interpreted as a sweat lodge, it is much more then that. So the term does

not fit our real meaning of purification.


Inikag¹a is the oldest ceremony brought to us by Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit).

19 generations ago, the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Oyate (people), were given

seven sacred rites of healing by a Spirit Woman ­ Pte San Win (White Buffalo

Calf Woman). She brought these rites along with our sacred C¹anupa (pipe) to

our People, when our ancestors were suffering from a difficult time. It was

also brought for the future to help us for much more difficult times to

come.  They were brought to help us stay connected to who we are as a

traditional cultural People.  The values of conduct are very strict in any

of these ceremonies, because we work with spirit.  The way the Creator,

Wakan Tanka told us; that if we stay humble and sincere, we will keep that

connection with the inyan oyate (the stone people), who we call the

Grandfathers, to be able to heal our selves and loved ones.  We have a

³gift² of prayer and healing and have to stay humble with our Unc¹i Maka

(Grandmother Earth) and with one another. The inikag¹a is used in all of the

seven sacred rites to prepare and finish the ceremonies, along with the

sacred eagle feather.  The feather represents the sacred knowledge of our



Our First Nations People have to earn the right to pour the mini wic¹oni

(water of life) upon the inyan oyate (the stone people) in creating Inikag¹a

- by going on the vision quest for four years and four years Sundance. Then

you are put through a ceremony to be painted - to recognize that you have

now earned that right to take care of someone¹s life through purification.

They should also be able to understand our sacred language, to be able to

understand the messages from the Grandfathers, because they are ancient,

they are our spirit ancestors. They walk and teach the values of our

culture; in being humble, wise, caring and compassionate.


What has happened in the news with the make shift sauna called the sweat

lodge is not our ceremonial way of life!


When you do ceremony - you can not have money on your mind. We deal with the

pure sincere energy to create healing that comes from everyone in that

circle of ceremony.  The heart and mind must be connected. When you involve

money, it changes the energy of healing.  The person wants to get what they

paid for; the Spirit Grandfathers will not be there, our way of life is now

being exploited!  You do more damage then good.  No² mention² of monetary

energy should exist in healing, not even with a can of love donations.  When

that energy exists, they will not even come. Only Œafter¹ the ceremony,

between the person that is being healed and the Intercessor who has helped

connect with the Great Spirit, the energy of money can be given out of

appreciation.  That exchange of energy is from the heart; it is private and

does not involve the Grandfathers! Whatever gift of appreciation the person

who received the help, can now give the Intercessor what ever they feel

their healing is worth.


In our Prophesy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she told us that she would

return and stand upon the earth when we are having a hard time. In 1994 this

began to happen with the birth of the white buffalo, not only their nation,

but many animal nations began to show their sacred color, which is white.

She predicted that at this time there would be many changes upon Grandmother

Earth. There would be things that we never experienced or heard of before;

climate changes, earth changes, diseases, disrespect for life and one

another would be shocking and there would be also many false prophets!


My Grandmother that passed the bundle to me said I would be the last Keeper

if the Oyate (people) do not straighten up.  The assaults upon Grandmother

Earth are horrendous, the assaults toward one another was not in our

culture, the assaults against our People (Oyate) have been termed as

genocide, and now we are experiencing spiritual genocide!


Because of the problems that began to arise with our rebirth of being able

to do our ceremonies in the open since the Freedom of Religion Act of 1978,

our Elders began talking to me about the abuses they seen in our ceremonial

way of life, which was once very strict.  After many years of witnessing

their warnings, we held a meeting to address this very issue of lack of

protocol in our ceremonies.  After reaching an agreement of addressing the

misconduct of our ceremonies and reminding of the proper protocols, a

statement was made in March 2003.  Every effort was made to insure our way

of life of who we are as traditional cultural People was made, because these

ways are for our future and all life upon the Grandmother Earth (Mitakuye

Oyasin ­ All my relations), so that they may have good health. Because these

atrocities are being mocked and practiced all over the world, there was even

a film we made called ³Spirits for Sale².


The non-native people have a right to seek help from our ³First Nation

Intercessors² for good health and well-being, it is up to that Intercessor.

That is a privilege for all People that we gift for being able to have good

health and understand that their protocol is to have respect and appreciate

what we have to share.  The First Nations Intercessor has to earn that right

to our ceremonial way of life in the ways I have explained.


At this time, I would like to ask all Nations upon Grandmother Earth to

please respect our sacred ceremonial way of life and stop the exploitation

of our Tunka Oyate (Spiritual Grandfathers).


In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!


Namah u yo (hear my words),


Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White

Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle.




A Message From Chief Arvol Looking Horse

October 2006


The Gwich'in Nation has had to face oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain, also known to the Gwich'in as  "Where life begins!"

The coastal plain is the birthplace of many life forms of the Animal Nations. The death of these Animal Nations will destroy Indigenous Nations in this territory.

As these destructive developments continue all over the world, we will witness many more extinct Human Nations, because of mankind's misuse of power and their lack of understanding of the "balance of life."

The Indigenous people warn that these destructive developments will cause havoc globally. There are many, many more Indigenous awarenesses and knowledge about Mother Earth's Sacred Sites, her Chakras, connections to our spirit that will surely affect our future generations.

There needs to be a fast move toward other forms of energy  that are safe for all Nations upon Mother Earth. We need to understand the types of minds that are continuing to destroy the spirit of our whole global  community.  Unless we do this, the powers of destruction will overwhelm us.  Our Ancestors foretold that water would someday be for sale. Back then, this was hard to believe, since the water was so plentiful, so pure, and so full of energy, nutrition, and spirit.

Today we have to buy pure water, and even then the nutritional minerals have been taken out; it's just empty liquid. Someday water will be like gold, too expensive to afford.

Not everyone will have the right to drink safe water. We fail to appreciate and honor our Sacred Sites, ripping out the minerals and gifts that lay underneath them as if Mother Earth were simply a resource, instead of the Source of Life  itself.

Attacking Nations and having to utilize more resources to carry out destruction in the name of peace is not the answer!  We need to understand how all these decisions affect the Global Nation; we will not be immune to its repercussions.  Allowing continual contamination of our food and land is affecting the way we think.

A "disease of the mind" has set in world leaders and many members of our global community, with their belief that a solution of retaliation and destruction of peoples will bring Peace.

In our Prophecies it is told that we are now at the crossroads: Either unite spiritually as a Global Nation, or be faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our relatives' eyes.

We are the only species that is destroying the Source of Life, meaning Mother Earth, in the name of power, mineral resources, and ownership of land, using chemicals and methods of  warfare that are doing irreversible damage, as Mother Earth is becoming tired and cannot sustain any more impacts of war.

I ask you to join me on this endeavor. Our vision is for the Peoples of all continents, regardless of  their beliefs in the Creator, to come together as one at their Sacred Sites to  pray and meditate and commune with one another thus promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and achieve a universal consciousness toward  attaining Peace.

As each day passes, I ask all Nations to begin a global effort, and remember to give thanks for the Sacred Food that has been gifted to us by our Mother Earth, so the nutritional energy of medicine can be  guided to heal our minds and spirits.

This new millennium will usher in an age of harmony or it will bring the end of life as we know it.  Starvation, war, and toxic waste have been the hallmark of the Great Myth of Progress and  Development that ruled the last millennium.

To us, as caretakers of the heart of Mother Earth, falls the responsibility of turning back the powers of destruction.  You yourself are the one who must decide.

You alone - and only you - can make this crucial choice, to walk in honor or to dishonor your relatives. On your decision depends the fate of the entire World.

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.

Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger?

Know that you yourself are essential to this World.

Believe that! 

Understand both the blessing and the burden of that.

You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this World.

Did you think you were put here for something less? 

In a Sacred Hoop of Life, there is no beginning and no ending!

Chief Arvol Looking Horse



How the Lakota People Received the Pipe
from "Black Elk Speaks"

Standing High Hollow Horn, leader of the people, sent two young Lakota men on foot to hunt. The men were returning empty-handed when they climbed a high hill to scan the whole country. In the distance they saw a beautiful young woman who floated as she walked toward them. She was very beautiful, her long hair hanging down, and she wore a fine white buckskin dress. She was so beautiful, that one young man desired her and said so. The other hunter said that he should not talk so as this was a Wakan woman, a Holy woman,

As the woman arrived she knew their thoughts and she beckoned the Evil minded young man to come to her where a cloud overcame them. When the cloud lifted, she stood alone and at her feet were a pile of bones with horrible snakes crawling over them.

She then told the man with the Good mind to return to his people and tell them she was coming. When she arrived, the woman carried a sacred bundle that was wrapped in sage. She gave to the people seven sacred rites, among them the rite of the sacred pipe which she carried in the sacred bundle. She gave this to the people and taught them how to use it.

"With this holy pipe, you will walk the Earth; for the Earth is your Grandmother and Mother, and she is sacred. Every step that is taken upon her should be like a living prayer," she said.

 "The bowl of the pipe was made of the red stone. It represents the earth that bears and feeds us. On one side was carved a bison calf which represents the four legged on the earth..

  The stem of the pipe is wood and represents all that grows upon the earth.

  These twelve Eagle feathers hanging from the stem mean the sky and the twelve moons. The feathers are for the Spotted Golden Eagle and represents the winged peoples in the air. All these peoples and all the things of the universe are joined to you who smoke this pipe--all send their voices to the Great Spirit."

" This Earth which He has given to you is red, and the two-legged who live upon the Earth are red; and the Great Spirit has also given to you a red day, and red road. All this is sacred, so do not forget! Every dawn as it comes is a holy event, and every day is holy, for the light comes from your Father Wakan-Takan; and also you must always remember that the two-legged and all the other peoples who stand upon this earth are sacred and should be treated as such.…… Wakan-Takan has given you seven days to send your voices to Him."

The woman also told the Sioux about the value of buffalo, women and children. "You are from the Mother Earth," she told the women. " And like the Mother, women bring forth the continuance of life. What you are doing is as great as what the warriors do."

The sacred woman then started to leave the lodge, but turning again to Standing Hollow Horn, she said: "Behold this pipe! Always remember how sacred it is, and treat it as such, for it will take you to the End. Remember, in me is there are four ages. I am leaving now, but I shall look back upon your people in every age, and at the End I shall return. Moving around the lodge in a sun-wise manner, the mysterious woman left, but after walking a short distance she looked back towards the people and sat down. When she rose, the people were amazed to see that she had become a young white buffalo calf, then this calf walked farther, lay down, and rolled, and become a black buffalo, then the calf walked farther, lay down, and rolled, and become a red buffalo, then the calf walked farther, lay down, and rolled, and become a yellow buffalo, then the calf walked farther, lay down, and rolled, and become a white buffalo. This buffalo then walked farther away from the people, stopped, and after bowing to each of the four quarters of the universe, disappeared over the hill.

Through the pipe ceremony, all men would become brothers and peace would exist in them and between them.





In 1994, Miracle, the White Buffalo Calf was born. She was heralded as the fulfillment of Prophecy. She was born on the morning of the last day of the Sioux4 Sun Dance. Floyd Hand "Looks for Buffalo" a Spiritual leader of the people had prophesied Her birth. The Lakota had invited the spiritual leaders of many other tribes like the Iroquois and Hopi to join in their Sun Dance.

Soon after Her birth, Miracle began to change colors. An outcry was heard that she was not a true albino and could not be the chosen one. Miracle would eventually change from white to black, red, yellow and back to white.

To best understand this Prophecy, it is best to hear it from the famous Oglala Sioux Holy Man, Black Elk.

"In the great vision which came to me in my youth, when I had known only nine winters, there was something which has seemed to me to be of greater and greater importance as the moons have passed by. It is about our sacred pipe and its importance to our People."

"We have been told by the white men, or at least by those who are Christian, that God sent to men His Son, who would restore Order and Peace upon the Earth: and we have been told that Jesus the Christ was crucified, but that he shall come again at the Last Judgment, the end of the world or cycle. This I understand and know that it is true, but the white men should know that for the red people too, it was the Will of Wakan-Tanka, the Great Spirit, that an animal turn itself into a two-legged person in order to bring the most Holy Pipe to His People; and we too were taught that this White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought our sacred pipe, will appear again at the end of the "world", a coming which we Indians know is now not very far off…"

"Most people call it a "Peace Pipe," yet now there is no Peace on Earth or even between neighbors, and I have been told that it has been a long time since there has been Peace in the world. There is much talk of Peace among the Christians, yet this is just talk. Perhaps it may be, and this is my prayer that through our Sacred Pipe, Peace may come to those peoples who can understand, an understanding which must be of the heart and not of the head alone. Then they will realize that we Indians know the One True God, and the we pray to Him continually…"

"I have wished to help my people understand the greatness and truth of our own tradition, and also to help in bringing Peace upon the Earth, not only among men, but within men and between the whole of creation. "

"We should understand well that all things are the works of the Great Spirit. We should know that He is within all things; the trees, the grasses, the rivers, the mountains, and all the four-legged animals, and the winged peoples; and even more important, we should understand that He is also above all these things and peoples. When we do understand all this deeply in our hearts, then we will fear, and love, and know the Great Spirit, and then we will be and act and live as He intends."5

1 Red Stone is known as Calanite. It is found in only one place in the world, in Pipestone Minn. This valley has been a valley of peace where even bitter enemies called a truce in order to obtain the sacred stone. The stone is said to be made of the blood of the people. when the stone is worked the stone is said to smell of blood. At the quarry, the stone is covered with earth after some has been removed. They say that when they go back to get more stone that the stone taken before has been replaced. Because the stone IS the blood of the people, Traditionalists are adamant against selling it.
2 Floyd Hand in his book "Learning Journey on the Red Road" states that there are 13 Eagle Feathers and 13 moons. He also states that the White Buffalo Calf Woman is the Same as Mother Mary.
3 Arvol Looking Horse is 19th generation to be keeper of the Sacred Pipe. He hosts a Unity Ride and a World Day of Peace on June 21.
4 The word Sioux is used here as a general inclusive reference to the many divisions of bands know as the Lakota, Dakota, Ogalala, Teton, etc.
5 Excerpt taken from "The Sacred Pipe" by Black Elk written by Joseph Brown.