Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


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About Spoken Truth

Spoken Truth....

White Thunder
24th May 2007


Many of us need to believe that we are doing much to help Mother Earth, but are we sure of what we are about? Think of how you or I take part in the destruction of the planet, can we say we are not a part of that? Or are you making a mistake in not consciously trying to change a little in the way you live.

If we share the blame of what is happening all around the planet then each of us could share in the repairing of many visual and unseen changes that are occurring each second of each minute. Much depends on mankind; the shift of the Earth causes much to disappear from the pathways of our existence.

Never be misguided that all will stay the same and that we as a whole, the Human Race, will continue to breath the air as we know of today. Rains cascade through many lands; much destruction can be seen for the waters flow through many towns destroying all within that pathway. Man is the destroyer and man is destroyed through lack of knowledge and the understanding of what we are doing and the harmful wounds we are causing to our Mother, Mother Earth.

Each Home can assist Mother Earth in her duties, change our way of thinking and understanding the horrors that are happening all around us and then Mother Earth will survive for many of our childrenís, children to come. If each and all turn the tides of mans way of taking and thinking, then slowly things will become stable for each and all once more.

We all feel the pain of losing a beloved one; scars can be seen upon the hand that has been cut, why do we fail to see the damage of Mother Earth? She bears many scars and open wounds that need to be healed and cleansed. Gaze upon the vast amount of concrete that surrounds the lands of today, each field that once sheltered many of Mothers Natures trees and grasses and gave shelter to the small creatures that walked within, now harbours very little of the beauties of Mother Earths Creations.

Everything that survives on our Planet carries within vibrations and energies, distort those vibrations and the energies begin to fade, lights cease to glow in the dark if the cables that hold the electricity that we all depend upon become damaged, what does man do? Repairs the damaged cable so that we have bright lights once more, Mother Earthís lights are fading, why we are all not trying to repair her cable so that her light will burn bright for all to share, I fail to understand. I know I want to be able to walk amongst Mother Earthís Glory for a long time to come, and to see many children playing upon fields of green, donít you?

Many words spoken by those who sit upon the seats governed by our Laws distort the Truth. If all would share in the acknowledgement of what leads to the destruction of Mother Earth, then pathways will open to enable our Planet to become once again rich in the resources and to allow us all to breathe cleaner air that was so freely given.

As we all know things change from day to day, but is it for the good or to harm our Planet? That you will have to choose and decide how you as an individual can change and work towards a better place for all to share. Many of the changes that have occurred in the world of today can never stop, as Humans we share that with each and everyone, the way we use the resources found below the earth and on the sea bed, but if we channel our uses to a minimum then things will slow down enough to enable Mother Earth to replenish much of what has been taken. Continue to waste what we all use and manís world will destroy the very thing that we all depend upon to exist and that is Mother Earth our Planet.

We all share the beauties that surround each and everyone, start to share the mass destruction of our Planet together, teach from with in the home the guide lines you wish to adhere to, walk amongst the roses of love, and see the glory that once shone brightly amongst many wonders of Mother Natures Gifts.

Picture Albums hold many memories for all of us to share; do you wish the way our Planet is to become just a MEMORY in a picture book?  

White Thunder

24th May 2007



Peace runs through the veins of Mother Earthís body, keepers of wisdom share knowledge passed on through the window of time. Shadows walk amongst the midnight skies changing with the new dawn of each day, through the mists of time travellers of all nations gathered to hear many words spoken of the truth, much remains of indigenous beliefs, forsaken by many remembered by few.

Manís views are misted through knowledge of misguidance; each candle within burns brightly once the minds doorway opens from within. Many words depict what is written by many great wisdom carriers of time past. New ways of teaching provided by those chosen to walk within the Earthís heart beat cause angers amongst many, for those who turn from what is written, turn from all creation. Hearts rage, eyes close, those who speak of mistrust shall face through time those words spoken in anger. Each Peace Keeper lift the veil of misunderstandings. Many pass through doorways unseen to manís eye, each doorway opens for those Keepers of knowledge and wisdom to walk the pathway of peace. Angers change the path of peace, each word spoken in anger changes nothing of what seeps through the veins of mankind.

Turn from the doorway of those whose teachings awakens the angers, changes nothing of what is to become our planet, Mother Earth. Seek from within the guidance of purity, leave open the doorway of darkness, for nothing will become of the golden threads placed down by many Peace Keepers of todayís world, if the one whose angers still remain deep within the heart and soul.

White Thunder
26th September 2007


Message Given For All To Share

Each crystal that forms in pools of ice glistens with the brightness of tears shed by Father Sky. In each raindrop histories can be felt, for once raindrops fall upon the carpet of Mother Earthís heart new beginnings begin to unfold. Waters seep through the soils that dwell beneath the blanket shared by all Nations, seeps through the crevices to once more be reborn to Father Sky, beginning the cycle of the raindrop once more.

Each root that covers many ancient soils grows thick amongst the debris shed by the old, the new and the unborn. Each cycle begins but never ends, each footstep placed down begins and where does it end?

Mankind reveals nothing of what is known from ancient teachings, reveal nothing of words spoken of time past for then nothing will remain for those to come.

White Eagle

5th June 2007.


Histories are told through time, many words spoken then change once passed through cultures and beliefs. Once given from time passed, manís openness begins to fade through lack of understanding through what is written. Many words written by those chosen to share many teachings from Ancient Ones go unnoticed, each word spoken reveals much of my being. Much can be felt from within if what is written is understood for those pathways are of Peace and Harmony. Share what is given by many who walked upon the ancient soils of Mother Earth.

Gateways form before each and all of those who acknowledge many words spoken of Truth. Peace Brothers and Sisters for I acknowledge your open hand of enlightenment.

Vibrations of many who walk within, upon and around the many valleyís of darkness begin to open doorways for many children to come. Within each footstep placed down with the openness of the heart will give back the Truth of what Mankind has forgotten from time past.

Many gaze upon the rose. The rose has many thorns, prick the finger with the thorn and blood shall seep through the open wound of the hand that held the rose and thorn. Acknowledge the thorn before the hand touches the rose and the pain will not be.

Understand what I have given with the love of many.

White Eagle

5th June 2007.


Message Given on 4th October 2008.


We work through many, peace walks nowhere on soils across many oceans. Each Nation across the world places the heart in the hands of the words written back through time.

Wait for the right people to arise from smoke taken within, and all loses, eyes closed to the new ones who step forth amongst races and cultures across ancient lands, future existence will begin to change if you wake the heart from within the body. Mind controls what can be seen, if the veil is lifted the light shines once more with the gift of sight for each of you.

Man, woman grows weak from within. The child lives through those who challenge many words given, each child will shine the light of nothing if nothing changes. Many words known to our hearts, songs are sung through prayers of ancient Keepers, those words sung, we listen to. We bring the gift of courage to those whose eyes begin to open wide. The lands carry the pain of many fallen upon, within, courage of commitment bears the hands of openness. Judgement shown within all Nations upon which many words spoken with anger, brings forward the light of darkness.

Each child embraces the light of innocence. Teach those of tomorrow the ways through the deceit and deception of mankind. Challenge not those words of judgement, peace within will bear the strength of many. Those who walk amongst the Angels Of Darkness, growth will become full of emptiness. Share with every colour of every Nation the joys of peace, balance and harmony, those who share words of ancient mouths with only the ones of own colour and culture break the balance of tomorrow. Nothing shared will bring the gain of nothingness.

Many old ones still carry the Shields Of Sacredness deep within the heart, each shield carried through time releases pureness of Ancient Ones beliefs. Now is the time to awaken those words carried deep within the many shields of The Holy Ones. Each step through time changes through manís growth. Wisdom Carriers need now the growth of the people who walk upon Mother Earthís skin will arise to carry together the light of truth and glory for the child that grows within and upon the soils of our Motherís flesh.

Many ways are encircled by the sacredness of what was. Many broken arrows fallen upon lands upon, within the open wounds of those fallen arrows still remain. Each one who walks upon many lands, wish to change the way mankindís angers have achieved the imbalance brought to Mother Earthís beating heart. Each one carries forward many great visions of the heart and soul, Keepers of today need to bring forth the hoop of forgiveness. The truth will shine over all lands across all Nations of the world of today once teachings of many cultures are opened to those who wish to gain the knowledge and understanding of what has been carried forward through time.

Peace lies deep within the hearts of everyone, whether angers, destruction or misunderstandings shadow the truth. Before time exists no more, open the hand, release the heart, cleanse the soul, walk free once more upon the soils of your lands. Realization of what has been written from then, now and what is to come will bring forward the growth of new beginnings.

Shine with brightness the torch of life that burns deep within all living, breathing creations. Speak only words understood, speak the truth for the truth is the strength of oneness.


Message Channelled from The Holy Ones


Message given to share with those chosen to receive

4th January 2009.


Each and everyone who walks upon the line shown upon the pathway to unite the past and the present needs to feel through their own heart and their own soul the balance that is needed to begin the footsteps of unity.

Each bearer with the mark handed down through time relinquishes the pathways of old through lack of walking with all understandings of what should be, could be and therefore must be done.

Those walking upon the pathway of pureness with Truth and acknowledgement of Mother Earthís bleeding heart lacks the knowledge and enforcement of the two legged ones, meaning human beings of all races across all nations around the globe.

Many mistakes are given through words, each word spoken through visions of the minds eye through words whispered through the ear of man through souls feelings, can be and have often been misunderstood. Misrepresentations of many Spoken Truthís understood, brings an imbalance to all vibrations placed before, about and around each ones true form.

Listen carefully to what is given through vision, spoken words and inner feelings, only speak those words once the true meaning of all given and all shown is truly understood, for one mistake, one word that is misinterpreted through the minds eye, develops into many words of unspoken truthís.

Blacken with doubts the words spoken, the words interpreted kept within the true meaning of Spoken Truth angers the Ancient Holy Ones.

Place down before the eyes of The Creator the open book of pure teachings. Balance of lightness, darkness should be the open hand of those chosen to walk amongst many.

Mother Earthís body is mankindís world. Remember, mankindís world lessens Mother Earthís ability to rejuvenate the seeds sown within, upon the soils of flesh covering the centre of the Earthís boundaries. Lessen the angers weakens the destruction. Feeding the angers destroys the soils that carpet the Earthís core. The scorching of many lands will begin the devourment of manís flesh if words spoken within the universal boundaries of laws spoken by the one who walked upon the pathway of all Spoken Truthís is diminished.

Harshness will be of abundance if you choose to ignore the words of reality. Lessen the effects of much to come will brighten Mother Earthís future existence.

Each word spoken/written through which the True meanings have been shown to many chosen, take time to understand the True meanings. Begin, choose wisely the way forward. Understand the True meaning of all words brought to share to each and all.