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Cottonwood Mountains

  • Peak Type: Summit

  • Peak Elevation: 6490 feet

  • State: Oregon

  • County:

  • Mountain Range: Cottonwood Mountains        

  • Nearest City: Brogan (6.9 miles away)


 August 6, 2009   Nechteha, Marcine, met with Curt in Ontario and began the drive to the Hill. Curt had located a topography map which showed a shorter route to the Cottonwoods so that it would not be necessary to drive past Bully Creek and up through the mountains on the other side. The day had been rainy in Boise, and we wondered at the wisdom of mountain hunting in the rain, but Curt said it was only sprinkling in the Ontario area. Well as luck would have it, by the time we drove the 45 min to Ontario and joined with him to drive over to   Brogan, the clouds had gathered more  ominous. Once we found the road, a clay trail that the ranchers used, it was only three miles. The clouds hid the tops and much of the range. We had enough time to pick up seven sacred stone people and then left. For being in the middle of summer, it was the coldest, windiest day setting records. By the time we hit the highway, the rain came down..
  Rounded Rectangle: Bully Creek Reservoir and Malhuer Butte
Rounded Rectangle: Brogan Hill 
3981 ft 
Cottonwood Mountains 
6490 ft.
Rounded Rectangle: Lookout Mountain 7120 ft.


This area requested several healings before we could find the mountain. First looking at the maps, I found Cottonwood but I could not find roads to  get to it.. In the meantime, Bully Creek and Lookout asked for help.  Both of these were necessary to open up energies into their respective areas.



Bully Creek Reservoir and Malheur Butte



Lookout Mountain



Ceremony for Cottonwood Mountain


Cottonwood Mountains and House are in the traditional Homelands of the Paiute.
Look here for our journey to find some Paiute that will help.

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