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2009 seeking Tribal Help

2009 First Visit McDermott

Paiute Journey

March 1, 2010


Dennis had spent the weekend with us in Boise during Blue Thunder's visit and Teachings. On Monday, we again met at Castle Rock

where we had a very unusual with beings in the Rock Formation. Nikki had discovered them, and kept saying that we needed to go

 there BUT why was not relayed very understandably.  so it was not until we were near there at the Botanical Gardens for our Earth Ceremony that I understood why. I then gave her support and encouraged everyone to gather there. It was decided that we would do that Monday morning. 


After our unusual experiences inside that Rock Formation, Nikki said we needed to go to McDermitt THAT day. Since we were all gathered, and no one really had anything else planned,,,, and Dennis needed a way home... and Dawn had already been told about a water ceremony and had put together what she needed for it, We all went to McDermitt. Well sort of all. After the experience in the Castle Rock I didn't get back in my body for 3 days, so my physical went with them but everything else was up in teh air so to speak. Later, I found from Dennis that he too took 3 days to come back. So the others took part in water ceremony Monday evening at the Reservation.



May 15th, 2010 McDermott Honor the Firefighters


Selecting a place to do a ceremony on Magic Mountain.

Horses on the Rez  

Honoring the Fire Fighters


Big Indian Dude Photographer

  Ceremony is almost ready

May 29-30 Owyhee Reservation

Calling in the Four Directions   Talking while Dawn Marie sets up the circle and altar    

Bright sunlight


Simple Altar representing the Four Directions


We were invited to Owyhee by Robin Smartt, Dennis’s  granddaughter,  Memmorial weekend. Her mom and dad, Renee and Jesse Thomas invited us in, fed us good cooking ( OMGosh did they feed us, and our guys ate,,, and then ate more) , put us up on the floor, gave us a tour o f the rez, and asked us to stay to do a ceremony Sunday morning. We went to help out Robin and her family, and to support them.

We did a ceremony in Robin's back yard. No clearings on the land or the rez were called for. WE did establish the Whirling Rainbow of Peace a gift from the ET's, to radiate out of Robin's yard over the reservation. Melt and Dawn said by the time we started the first round that the Elder spirits of the place had filled the yard to over flowing. It was only an hour but we believe it did the job that was intended.


    Participants in Whirling Rainbow Ceremony for Robyns House    
Circle Dance   Circle Dance    

June 12th Burns Language Conference

Beautiful Moth

Our camp in the casino parking lot.

Max, Curt, Melt.. too early in the morning

Information table at Burns.

Seagulls back in the parking lot.

beautiful spring flowers

After leaving Burns, the crew stopped at hotsprings and camped overnight, enjoying the free hot spot and mud near Ventura.

Me looking for medicine plants.

Very beautiful flowers on a very thorny plant.

Paiute Ghost Busting  has a delightful smell. Will be bad until the bad energy clears then is just wonderful.

Mullein  used for respiratory problems, can be used in sweat lodge on the rocks, or as a tea to pour on the rocks.

Wild Garlic (the little pink blossoms) can be used to flavor food, or be used in medicinal ways.


July 4th Summit Lake

Dean Barlese at Pyramid Lake had organized a ceremony for the Ruby Pipeline.

Dennis invited us to the Paiute ceremony at Summit Lake Fourth of July weekend. We picked him up in McDermott. This time we, meaning Curt, Nikki and I was joined by Kris Yamada so we were 6 in number. We did not know what to expect. While we waited for things to get underway, everyone “felt” the land, and walked it. Kris, Nikki, and I all picked up that there was water that wanted to come up from under the ground. When I got time, I went “down” and asked the water why it didn’t come up if it wanted to. Then I was shown blood in the ground. It was like 2 feet deep. Then the blood began to talk and it spoke of hatred, anger, judgment, racism, indifference, fear, pain, trauma.  It was at the beginning of the ceremony, that two elders spoke telling how the Calvary murdered, slaughtered every man woman and child they could find. Now I knew what the blood represented.. Dennis took me to the water there as they have a small fishery. The water was dark. Didn’t seem to be Polluted, but it was eerily dark. When the land is filled with such negative emotions, the water picks up the vibrations, as well do the people. Not realizing that much of the emotion is from this old wound, they take it out on each other, causing fighting and separation and disagreements and new wounds to happen, perpetuating the anger, the hatred, the judgment, indifference, fear, victim hood, martyrdom, pain and trauma that was originally inflicted by the white soldiers.

On the way home, we came down the ridge into the dry lake area. Again we got a pressure, a heaviness that gave us all headaches. I asked Dennis what happened here. He pointed to the ridge and told how the Calvary killed the people trying to escape up the ridge.

Dean Barlese is planning a big ceremony the third weekend of August at Summit Lake. This ceremony is about the Ruby Pipeline that is coming through their sacred ground. Ceremony was canceled because of funerals.


Spirits on the land

I really thought we would see many more than these, but this is all the camera caught.



August 14,15 2010 Owyhee


August 14, 15 was the Earth Healing Ceremony at Duck Valley. All was arranged by Renee and Jesse Thomas, and Robyn Smartt. We had spoken to a Chief there over a month ago about doing a ceremony and this was the date he gave us. Nikki and I went down on Friday and showed the Blue Thunder documentary, ”Healing Sacred Sites” that evening. Jesse is a volunteer fireman so he was able to get the fire station for our meeting. It was set up with training power points projector, so it was a wonderful set up, and it worked perfectly.

On Saturday, we started at 11, only it was 12, for a scheduled workshop. Nikki gave a great presentation on Mayan teachings. Then I did some energy teachings, how to feel energy and how to measure auric fields, then Nikki did an exercise to open the inner spiritual vision (third eye), and I then came off of that to teach how to "see" auras. Everyone did superbly as I knew they would. Then we did a closing presentation. During the day, we had spoken or worked with maybe 18 people at different times so it was an opportunity to share information in a good way.

Sunday, one of the chiefs of Owyhee, was leading an all nite (Native American Church) prayer ceremony, and he had wanted to come to our ceremony, so we waited. He and his group of prayer people, joined us around noon, and we went down to the grounds which at one time had been a Sundance grounds, and did ceremony.  Dawn and Kris joined us earlier that morning, so we had four of us from the earth healing group present. The sun was beating down, and the prayer people had been singing and praying all nite, and hadn’t eaten, and yet came to our little ceremony and then put their hearts into the prayers that we were doing. I was honored, and at the time so totally compassionate for all that they were doing for their people. Such dedication if was equaled by others, would certainly produce the change that is desired. Each put their prayers for their people and their land into the center of the vortex as it radiated out into the 33 grids, as above and so below. They had to leave immediately after our ceremony, to go finish their all nite prayer ceremony, so we did not get a chance to speak with them. There were 25 with the prayer group. Two visitors were from Akwasasne, the Mohawk Rez up by the Canadian border. I would have liked to have had a chance to visit with them, but they left with the prayer group.

Dawn Marie as usual opened, I did the clearing with some new techniques. Kris said he didn’t feel that some of the latest clearings had been as shifting as earlier ones, so I am always trying to find a more complete way to transmute energies. Both Kris and Dawn said they felt the shift with the new way of clearing. Then Nikki led a grid uniting with a little visualization, and both Kris and Dawn shared the visions that they got during that with me. Kris played his diggerydoo for us all.  I would say it was a very good and effective ceremony even tho it was just two hours. The new clearing technique does not need each grid or matrix, or morphogenic field   brought up and cleared or transmuted separately. Everything is done at once so that shortens the ceremony considerably and that way, no matrix or field actually gets forgotten. Then things such as ghosts, or special helpers like maybe the dragons that had started coming in the night before, or even the elements, can be given special attention.

Information that came during the ceremony was old medicine plants were going to return, and geothermal or hot springs would be coming up as well. Jesse told me later they had a Warm Spring Creek, but it hasn't been warm in his life time. I "saw" a dragon go down and cleared rubble out of the aqueduct of water deep in the ground where the shaking of the earth had collapsed it. The thought was sometime when things cool off the steam may become apparent and they will find it. It will be interesting to see if it happens. I think more clearing is in order however to clear all teh mining stuff out of the area.

The Owyhee chief had mentioned a possibility of two more ceremonies for the area. We did visit one where chemicals from mining had turned the creek bed orange. This creek of course joins with others and then others where there is a lot of fishing, so these chemicals were being washed down to the fish, and then people who fished. Since everything was orange, it reminded me of Lost Creek in Oklahoma where even the turtles and frogs turned orange.

 The other is another killing field where General Wells, who believed that the only good Indian was dead one, hit a peaceful quiet village and then proceeded to annihilate everyone they could catch. That makes 5 of those killing fields that I know of now. Hopefully sometime this fall, we will be able to do a ceremony to put these spirits to rest, send them on to the Light for their own evolution, and transmute the blood stained land as well, as the emotions that are held there replaying like a movie on repeat. From what we experienced at Summit Lake, the spirits relive that fateful day, over and over as the energy was captured in the earth’s energetic fields.

Nikki and I went down on Friday and showed the Blue Thunder documentary, ”Healing Sacred Sites” that evening. Jesse is a volunteer fireman so he was able to get the fire station for our meeting. It was set up with training power points projector, so it was a wonderful set up, and it worked perfectly.


Nikki Mayan Teachigns presentation

   Marcine at the workshop  


Talk, Talk, Talk......

Renee and Jesse

Robyn, Ashton, and Mareena