Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.



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   Paiute Language Seminar June 11, 12, 13, 2009


I should preface that in 1987, I had been suffering from clinical depression. How long I do not really know…  a year, maybe two. It is lost time that I cant really figure out. On Sept 9, The voices in my head were pushing me to suicide and then another voice said, “no Marcine you can do this”. And so I gave my life to Christ Jesus and promised that I would do anything he asked.

Well, He led me into Native American Ways.  Jesus message was of LOVE. That was the message and anything which causes separation and judgment is not from that Love. The churches get it all wrong when they start to declare that they are the only ones with the right way and start judgment. Jesus told us not to judge. That was Creators Job.

The Native American stuff is all about Love.. That is what all the prophets have taught. That is the way the old ones believe. ONLY they extend it to a living Earth and all the spirits of the earth, not just the human spirit. . But to everything in Creation because Creator made it that way. So with Love being the basis, and all things being alive and living… it makes a much larger hoop of Love than most theologies of Christianity.  I see no difference between the message of Jesus and the teachings of the Native Peoples. Both are about Love. One can believe in Jesus and still follow  the Red Road. Honor and respect and love should not know any boundaries.


 Dawn and I went to the Paiute Language thing this last weekend. It was very nice.

We went to help in the kitchen and so we missed the run. We were waiting at the wrong building so we missed helping with the kitchen. Because we had not participated, Dawn did not want to eat breakfast with them so we went to MacDonalds. AT 10 we went to the same building but no one was there, so we went to the one where everyone was. Registration was at the door, so I motioned to Dawn to come join me, as this was it.

As soon as we walked pass the registration we were met by  the MC. He welcomed us and we found a place to sit. Soon he joined us. Asked about us and why we had come. Our Pipe ceremony that week had instructed us not to be ashamed or afraid but to say right out what we were there for if anyone asked. I told him that we had messages from the Earth and come to see who else might have messages. He said he was one who did.

He got up to MC and he kept saying things that were bringing the people to the right frame of mind. He kept saying things that were true. One after another Elders got up and spoke. When they spoke in Paiute, we did not get a word of it… Just before the first session closed, Dennis walked by and said you are next and I said fine… After the next Elder finished, he gave the mic to me. It was slow getting started. Several things had been said that gave me some ideas of what I could say publicly but at first is was like I my words came out in slow motion. I had been told that Burns was a Christian community, and as such, I didn’t figure they were so formal with tradition but as speakers spoke, there were representatives from traditional areas, including Fort Hall.

But I started out this way anyway. “Nyawehn skennoh, Uka a noh sah, This means I am thankful you are well my relatives. In the world, I am known as Marcine Quenzer. Niyawehnsie nagahee.  This means my name is Niyawehnsie among the Seneca of Oklahoma where I am the adopted granddaughter of Amanda Bearskin Greenback, Seneca Cayuga of Oklahoma Deer Clan. I am also a Master Artist and storyteller for the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma. Introduction protocols observed.

I am here today to hear your words. Our beautiful Grandmother here mentioned the gift of water. In our Haudenosaunee traditions it is this way also. When our Prophet the Peacemaker came to the lodge of the Yagowaneh Jikohnsasah, the first thing she gave to him after his journey was a drink of water. It is considered the most sacred and honored gift one can give a visitor because without water there is no life. … nothing lives….

At this point I don’t remember what I said but it was something like….

This language seminar is important. I have been told that the language of the people is the language of the Mother Earth. Where ever your traditional lands are, the language spoken there is the language of the Earth that she knows and understands. It is the melody that she longs to hear. I have been getting messages from the mother earth. She is in a lot of pain. She is hurting. She wants to know where are her people. Where are their drums? Where are their songs? Where are the beautiful melody of their voices and laughter? She does not understand that many of the sacred places now belong to our government and the people can not go there without permission, or that other places are now fenced in and someone claims them as theirs, and the People can not go there anymore.  It is like Lori (Edmo~ Ft. Hall) over here was talking about, there are a lot of places where the People cant go, and it has been a long time since the earth has heard the drums, and the songs, and the voices in these places.

The spirits have been bringing messages to me about the Earth. When they first come, they said “we got a job for you”. And I said “ok”. Then they said “we want you to heal the world”, and right away, I started whining, “I cant do that, it is too hard and too big.”  No, they didn’t really say the World but the job was so big that I felt like it was the world. It might as well have been the world, cause it is so big and hard to do… and I told them, “I cant do this, it is too big and too hard”. And they said, “well go get some help”. And I said, “ohhhh yeah, where am I going to get help. Who is going to help ME?” and then spirit said “go seek the stewards of the earth, those with the guardian ship, these are the people who still love the Earth with all their hearts. Go to them.”

And so that is why I am here. To share my messages and to hear your messages, and to see if we can work together to help the Mother. “” Something along those lines..

When I finished, I got loud clapping… the loudest of the whole weekend… Then the MC came and put his arm around me and hugged me close and told me I did just fine. He did this right in the middle of the room with everyone looking. … He said I did real good. And I muttered, “nothing like jumping into the fire with both feet”.

At lunch the MC sat with us and kept us laughing. After lunch, Dawn and I made an effort to go talk to them… not about healing but whatever came up… Then the MC ate supper with us at our table. As things come to a close that night, several had made an effort to come to us. And us to them. It was beginning to feel familiar. No one talked about messages however.

We made arrangements to go to the MC's hotel Room, where all laughing aside, we put all our cards on the table. I gave him the protocols, and then everything that I knew so far, and emphasized that the Earth, these mountains want to hear the drums, wants to hear the People again. He sympathized as he knew these places had been forgotten and he said he would "ask" about it and let us know.

The MC shared with us a story. He runs forrest fire crews in the summer.  He told us that he had fire crews up there by Burgdorf  during the fires at McCall a couple of years ago. When the mountain told him he had two crews in trouble,,, so he told one of his Indian guys to make prayers to the mountain, so the man took out his cigarette tobacco and made his prayers and MC said they could see the “stick” people turn with their arms outstretched against the fire and held it back saving his crews… He would like to pay honor to the mountain that saved his men…

The next morning, he greeted us at breakfast with warm hugs and then ate breakfast with us. He had made his inquiries and now it was waiting time.

The Sunday service went on with the Holy Rollers evangelizing and then MC closed the meeting saying all traditions are good before the Creator and talked about his path on the Red Road, When it was over,,, people came to say so long to us and invited us to pow wow, and come back, and welcome. 

At the end, a little old Indian lady,  Neena Kennedy was sitting alone in her wheelchair as everyone else was busy cleaning up. I went over to speak to her, Dawn followed me… this is an elder who is a shell, her eyes dim with age, and I was filled with sympathy for her age and all that age had robbed her of… I thought that I would extend kindness to her.  I took her hand and said something. She took my hand in both of hers and this Light came on in her face and her eyes, dim with age, turned “on”, had gold light streaming from them,  and she began to pray in Paiute. The tears were rolling down my face and Neena had tears in her eyes. I have no idea what she was saying but the moment was special, the light in her face, and in her eyes,,, the LOVE that poured forth in that moment from this aged caricature of human life, and transformed her into beautiful angelic human being, that was worth it all. Her face and the gold light emanating from her is a picture that I hope will be forever burned into the pictures of my mind.  Then she finished in English asking for protection for us in our travels.

 On the way home Dawn and I talked about the weekend, and MC. Dawn asked what color were his eyes. I thought that a strange question but I said "gold". Dawn laughed and said "nope, almost black".

Dawn and I camped at the Casino RV grounds. The Security Guards were very nice and informative. On Saturday, the weather was pretty cloudy and rained. Everything was overcast.

When we got back to camp late that evening, we climbed into a dark tent. In the shuffling around we discovered that our tent was NOT rainproof to the extent we would have liked. Puddles of water lay under the tarp that Dawn had placed under my sleeping bag. Fortunately the tarp kept my sleeping bag dry but my overnight bag of clothes were soaking wet. Dawn was on high ground and suffered little wetness. We were blessed not to have soaked sleeping bags.

We were visited by a very friendly deer. and I took some pictures of the wild flowers at the camp grounds.





Visit at McDermitt, Nevada
Paiute Indian Reservation
August 4, 2009







I traveled to McDermott to meet with MC. I lost cell phone as I left Marsing, Idaho. It is about a 3.5 hour drive to McDermott. My initial reaction was what do these people do for a living?? The land is high mountain desert. They have been battling the powers that be as those powers want to use their reservation as a repository for nuclear waste.

I had a wonderful visit with MC. We laid out some plans as to how we can help each other. Then I headed home with a beautiful sunset to keep me company.