Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


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Bridging the Americas
Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor

"When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor,
a lasting peace will reign in the Americas
and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity."


Golden Eagle

When the Condor flies with the Eagle

By Mark Amaru Pinkham

As we approach the pivotal threshold of 2012 not one but many prophesied cycles are coming to a conclusion, while many new ones are simultaneously commencing. One very important cycle within the Quechua/Inca tradition of Peru has recently completed. It is the five hundred year "dark half" of the Pachakuti, a continually rotating cycle of 1000 years that divides into two sub-cycles of 500 years of darkness followed by 500 years of spiritual light. The last 500 year period of darkness began in 1492, a pivotal year in the destiny of the Americas, and ended in 1992. The recent shift in 1992 has triggered the release of the Pachakuti"s transformational frequencies which are necessary so that a new and higher planetary consciousness can replace the old one. Our current planetary transformation is especially important for all Americans as it coincides with an Andean prophecy that predicts that the Condor will fly with the Eagle and peace will reign throughout the Americas, again. Thus, the prophecy foretells of a time that is not new. IN ancient times the Condor, which is the national bird of Peru and symbolizes all South Americans, flew side by side with the Eagle, the high flying totem of the north that represents all persons of Central and North America, and peace and love reigned throughout the Americas. But can we create a peaceful and loving ambiance again? Is it possible given the current state of affairs in the Americas? The Elders of the American tribes think it is, and they are ready to make it happen NOW. They have chosen the time of March 20, 2007, the spring equinox, for bringing the prophecy into manifestation. On that date representatives of the various tribes covering the Americas will meet on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru for a special ceremony that will serve as a rite of passage for the new era to begin. Lake Titicaca was the scene of the beginning of an earlier cycle of light when many of the original tribes came together in harmony before traveling to their respective lands in the Americas, so it is the appropriate location to begin the new cycle. Are you ready to help us fulfill the prophecy and reunite with your fellow Americas throughout the Western Hemisphere? Are you ready for the Condor to fly with the Eagle?

The last time we all gathered in Peru was, according to Andean history, following five days and nights of complete darkness following a planetary cataclysm that destroyed the remaining vestiges of Atlantis and Lemuria, the legendary motherlands of the Atlantis and Pacific Oceans. At that time, the Creator Viracocha projected a ray of fecundating light onto the Island of the Sun in the middle of Lake Titicaca that began a new Pachakuti. Soon afterwards, refugees from the devastated motherlands began pouring into the new "Garden of Eden" of Peru, which is a name which denotes "Paradise." These new settlers brought spiritual wisdom and advanced technologies from their homelands and immediately began the work of building a new America. They worked with one mind and one heart. 

One of the culture bearers who came at this time from the motherland of Lemuria was Aramu Muru, or Amaru Muru, the "Serpent" Muru. He was an enlightened sage who came from a highly spiritualized culture which regarded the serpent as the symbol of divine wisdom and spiritual power. Ancient Peruvian records state that in his original homeland Aramu Muru had been a high ranking initiate of both the Brotherhood of the Sun and Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, two important mystery traditions on Lemuria. Because of his lofty rank he had been assigned the task of transporting from his motherland to the Andes some important records and ancient, sacred artifacts that would be the foundation of a new empire. Upon arriving in his new home, Aramu Muru built the Monastery of the Seven Rays near the shores of Lake Titicaca to serve as a reliquary for the safekeeping of his sacred cargo, as well as an Andean headquarters for the ancient Lemurian mystery teachings. From his new home, Aramu Muru sent missionaries to all parts of the Western Hemisphere with orders to tend to the divergent tribes that had survived the cataclysm and unite them with spiritual rites and symbols, such as the chicana or "bridge" that is still displayed by the Andean people and certain tribes living in the southwest part of the USA. Because of Aramu Muru"s extensive influence in the Americas it is said that the name Amaruca, the Land of the Serpent, was chosen as the unifying epithet for the two continents of the Condor and Eagle.

Eventually Aramu Muru left his monastery on his pre-determined mission. He changed his name to Manco Kapac to give it specific meaning within the native vernacular, and then he traveled the short distance to Lake Titicaca with the Kapac Kuna, an entourage of builders that had accompanied him from Lemuria. Together with his assistants, Manco constructed a series of megalithic cities in the Andes that remain even today. They include the awe-inspiring temple compounds of Tiahuanaco, Ollataytambo, and Pisac. When they eventually arrived in the valley of what is now Cuzco, the "Navel," Manco planted his spear and declared it to be the center of what would be a glorious Inca empire he would rule over as its first priest king. To christen and empower his new empire of Tawantinsuyu, the "Land of the Four Directions," Manco sent for his most prized Lemurian power object, the Solar Disc, and placed it in the main temple of the Incas, the Inti Wasi, the "Place of the Sun." Since this temple was connected by ley lines to all parts of not only the Inca empire, but all the Americas, the power that radiated from the Solar Disc during ceremony uplifted all the tribes of the Condor and the Eagle.

As Manco and the Kapac Kuna continued building throughout the Andes they were joined by other Lemurian immigrants, such as the Hopi, who had been instructed by Massau, the monarch of their Pacific motherland, to migrate to the four extremities of the Americas. The Kapac Kuna also encountered tribes arriving from Atlantis, the eastern continent they referred to as the "Old Red Land." In the Andes, many of the Atlantean tribes became known as the Men of the Mountains while assisting the Kapac Kuna in the construction of towering stone temples and an extensive underground tunnel system that ran underneath them. When some of these Atlantean tribes eventually migrated north they followed a pan-American tunnel system that guided them to Central and North America. There as the Hopi, Apache, Seri, and many other tribes, they began their new lives. These northern tribes were eventually reunited with other brothers and sisters from the Old Red Land who had arrived in North America by migrating directly to the continent"s eastern shores. These immigrants became known as members of the Cherokee, Lakota, Iroquois, and Ojibwa tribes, to name but a few.

Peace reigned for 500 years in the Americas and then disaster hit, just as the prophecies said it would. The greedy European white gods with a strong appetite for gold began to encroach upon the land of Amaruca and call it their own. Suddenly, the people of the Condor and Eagle found themselves displaced from the land they called home and forced to flee before an opponent with vastly superior weapons. As word of the arrival of the avaricious white gods quickly spread throughout Amaruca the tribes cautiously hid their sacred records and ancient artifacts in anticipation of many years of darkness. The great Solar Disc of the Incas was solemnly carried back to Lake Titicaca, where legends say it was hidden from the misguided whiteman at the bottom of the sacred lake so they could not melt it down into gold bricks. The rays of love and peace that had once emanated from it became completely dormant.

But now the dark period has passed and we can again return to a 500 year cycle of light. But first, the darkness of the last 500 must be transformed. The Americas are vastly different from what they used to be 500 years ago. The largest tribe has become the capitalistic-minded whiteman, and an atmosphere of distrust exists between them and all the ancient tribes of the Redman. Animosity and resentment built upon 500 years of oppression and attempted genocide color our attitudes toward each other. Such feelings require deep healing and forgiveness if they can be released. Our hope is that during the spring equinox ceremony of 2007 at Lake Titicaca we can help heal some of these wounds, because only when the past is forgiven and transformed through the power of the Pachakuti can we truly begin to live in a new era of love and peace. As long as we hold on to our hate, as justified as it may seem, we are perpetuating the darkness and not allowing the prophecy of the Condor and Eagle to be fulfilled. All Americans should take heed and follow the illumined path of our Creator. The Great Spirit has decreed that the age of darkness is over and it is time for the age of love and peace to return.

As part of the current Pachakuti the Solar Disc will again be activated and begin to send rays of light, wisdom and love throughout the Americas, as well as the entire world. The Pachakuti will also reawaken the megalithic temples we all built together in the Andes, and the ancient tunnel system under them will be reopened to reveal the symbols that once united us. Jorge Luis Delgado, a shaman and South American sponsor of our spring equinox event, has been asked by the people of the sacred island of Amantani in Lake Titicaca to reopen one of the tunnel entrances that terminates there. In honor of the return to South America of the tribes of the Eagle, Jorge also intends to build a sweat lodge and teepee on the shores of Lake Titicaca. As he gathers the Elders of the tribes of the Condor, Adam Yellowbird of Earthworks for Humanity will provide the same service in Central and North America by gathering together the Elders of the tribes of the Eagle in preparation for their journey to the sacred lake.

An event of this magnitude is not just for a few, but requires the participation of everyone. During the Spring Equinox ceremony our plans are to activate the ley line grid of not only the Americas, but the entire world, by having persons gather and perform ceremony at vortex points all around the Earth. Our intention is to share the power of the Solar Disc and the female essence of Lake Titicaca, one of the strongest female vortexes in the world, with our brothers and sisters all around the globe.

In order for an event such as this to be successful it must also have the cooperation of our universal family, the planets and stars. When 7pm eastern time arrives on March 20, 2007, the official date and time of the Spring Equinox in Peru, both the Sun and Moon will be in the sign of Aries, the Zodiacal sign of beginnings, and the Moon will participate in a Grand Trine configuration with Jupiter and Saturn, whose favorable interaspects always engender important spiritual events on Earth. The planetary chart for the sacred lake at that time will have the sign Scorpio on the horizon, thus indicating a time for both transformation and new beginnings.



Elders Gather to Usher in Peace and Unity

by Eleanor Gallagher

The upcoming Spring Equinox offers people worldwide a chance to unite prayers and intentions for a New Civilization, as two visionary bridgemakers and Indigenous Elders gather to bring into reality an ancient prophecy of uniting the Americas, thus spreading unity and peace to the whole world. In Peru on the March Equinox of 2007, peacemakers will gather on the shores of Lake Titicaca, uniting the hearts of humans with the heart of Pachamama, our Mother Earth, through the divine Feminine which is the Lake. Incan prophecy states that when the Condor (South America) flies again with the Eagle (Central and North America), peace will reign on Earth. The intention of the visionaries organizing this event is to bring Elders and Wisdom Keepers from all tribes of the Americas together, to create a unified intention for peace and understanding, to share song, dance and ceremony, to put aside past suffering and separation, to say to the Mother, "Thank you. We are here as One. We are listening."

The Gathering is the vision of Jorge Luis Delgado, a Spiritual tour guide and Chacaruna or Bridge Person, with deep roots in Andean culture and Incan spirituality. He has chosen Adam Yellowbird, founder of ICA, Earthdance and Earthworks for Humanity, as his North American coordinator. The two have worked for months to invite and secure funding for the Elders who will gather on the shores of the Lake for nearly a week of Council, ceremony and cultural exchange.
While there are only accommodations for 200-300 people to be physically present at Lake Titicaca, the call is put forth to all those who dream of a New Civilization to hold synchronous gatherings and ceremonies around the world, linking intentions for peace and gratitude for Mother Earth through her sacred sites, waterways and within our hearts.

According to Yellowbird, this Equinox holds a unique opportunity for humanity to listen to Mother Earth, heal emotions and the sacred Feminine through the element of water, bring all the elements back into balance, re-member our connection to the natural world, and break through barriers with cultural exchange.

"We can all be sparks on the front line, giving the New Civilization a foundation. We can become illuminated beings," explains Yellowbird. The Gathering provides us with an "opportunity to come back together, to really go inward where we're at and catapult ourselves into the next place."

The process begins with purification, says Yellowbird: vision questing, fasting, sweat lodges, taking care of the Earth, changing our diet, respecting our fellow relations by purifying disagreements and arguments through communication. All this allows us to be more open to hearing the Earth, and less caught up in the mind's games of separation.

"We have a chance to re-member ourselves, bring our pieces back together," he says. "Old ways and experiences may block the new information. We must vision goals and dreams of reuniting and not get sucked into old paradigms. We have to decide where we want to look. We must reprogram our minds. Our nature is to look at the negative. We must look into our hearts and share the dream of making a difference."

Those gathering at Lake Titicaca will arrive with no agendas or preconceived ideas of what the ceremony should entail, says Yellowbird. "Our job is to purify ourselves to be hollow reeds for this important information that Lake has stored for humanity."

The natural world is just waiting for us to ask for healing, to give gratitude, to join back with her, our root, says Yellowbird. By going to the Source within, we can access universal energy and let initiations happen inside as we re-member ourselves.

Delgado offers an Andean ritual. "The new dawn, the first light, produces a very important effect," he says, "which is to awaken and become conscious and present with our own authentic being. This takes us automatically to understand that we are all rays of the same Sun with our own gifts. And if we expand that consciousness which lives in each one of us, we can transform any situation in our lives."

The Spring Equinox energy coupled with the Lake (considered by many to be the Feminine Center of the planet) provide ideal circumstances for humans to heal and birth a new way.

"What better place to catapult ourselves to the next place than the Mother?" says Yellowbird. All sacred sites are connected through the Earth's waterways, so ceremonies especially at rivers, creeks, lakes and springs around the world will anchor the energy of the Gathering and the Equinox over all the Earth. Water represents our emotions, and has a unique ability to heal past wounds, especially those rooted in the last 500 years of history in the Americas. Again, Yellowbird emphasizes that water holds new vibrations and important information from Mother Earth about how to make our transition into the prophesied 500 years of peace. All we have to do is listen for it.

For example, says Yellowbird, people in the Sedona, Arizona area are concerned about development around Oak Creek. "We should go to the Creek and listen," he says. "What does the Creek want? That's where our answers are."

Yellowbird urges people to go to sacred sites near where they live, to listen for a call from a particular site, to visit the sacred places of our ancestors, many of whom lived in peace and harmony with Earth. He suggests beginning with gratitude, making offerings back to the Earth to help lift the heavy energy of greed and lack that prevails in many places and many hearts.

"Give what you can. Nurture the Earth in a gentle way. We must be fruitful and abundant to manifest it for ourselves," he explains. People can perform simple rituals of remembering the Solstices and Equinoxes, Earth's natural cycles. Yellowbird says that a ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle on the Equinox to hosting a 2- or 3-day event including meditation, council circles, Earth Acupuncture and especially songs and dance.

One of the most important elements of the Gathering in Peru will be cultural exchange among the various tribes. Karpay Ayni is the sharing of the unique treasures of each community, "the gift that makes us happy," Delgado explains. Through songs and dance, diverse peoples can communicate through their hearts, bypassing the mental barriers that have created separation and suffering.

"Celebrations are a really good way to bring about healing and unity," says Yellowbird. "We can just relate to each other and feel our similarities through stories and songs." He says it's advised for people who are holding gatherings to invite people from different cultures to share music and dance.

Regardless of whether we choose to connect with others at this Equinox, all are urged to pray and hold intentions for peace and unity."We must keep in our vision the praying and especially the happiness in thinking that this (the fulfillment of the prophecy) is happening right now,and this Gathering is a real manifestation in this reality," says Delgado.

For more information about the Elders Gathering in Peru,




Peru's Mysterious Tunnels

One of the world's most remarkable and exciting feats of masterful engineering is also one of its most hidden. It is the very ancient underground tunnel system that runs under the Andes Mountains of Peru. According to legend, the tunnels of this Andean network have existed since the time of the Viracochas, the '"Gods" mentioned by the Inca historians who built many of the megalithic stone temples in the Andes many thousands of years ago. The Inca Elders currently maintain that some of these cyclopean temples are at least 50,000 years old, so the tunnels that run underneath them may be equally as ancient. But what makes the Andean tunnel system currently so intriguing to modern man is that it is reputedly full of treasures and records from the very distant past. In terms of what we might learn from opening them, these tunnels could be as important to humanity's understanding of itself as the prophesied discovery of the Hall of Records in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Huge expectations have been placed upon the legendary Hall and its opening, but equally big expectations can be conferred upon the Peruvian tunnel system. Similar to the Hall of Records, the Peruvian tunnels could even answer humankind's perennial questions regarding the existence of the fabled continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. According to South American legends, the Viracocha builders were the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Colonists from the two motherlands built the Andean tunnels, and later in history they had the power objects and records deposited within them by their descendants, the Incas. It is averred that during the Spanish invasion under Pizzaro the Incas hid the priceless artifacts of their ancestors within the tunnels to keep them out of the greedy hands of their avaricious conquerors. At the same time, they also stored in the tunnel system many solid gold artifacts and sacred relics they had adorned their temples with. The best known of these temple treasures were secreted into the tunnels by the queen of Atahualpa, the last Inca. History informs us that the Inca queen had loaded up 11,000 lamas with golden treasures in hopes of exchanging her cargo for Atahualpa's release, but when she learned that the Spanish planned to murder her husband whether they received the gold or not, she ordered that the train be immediately unloaded and its cargo permanently hidden within the tunnel system.

 According to many Inca legends, the Andean tunnel network unites all the major Inca temple compounds in the Andes, and it was once used as an underground highway system for Inca priests traveling throughout the Inca Empire. Some of these subterranean '"roads" led to the hidden Inca cities of Vilcabamba and Pattiti, the '"City of Gold." The guides at the temple compound of Sacsayhuaman overlooking Cuzco currently regale tourists with stories about one of the Andean tunnels that Inca priests once used to travel between the hilltop fortress and the Coricancha temple, which is about one mile away in the center of the city. The entrance to this tunnel was still open as late as the mid 1800's, and people were often discovering golden treasure within it. But like all the other entrances it was eventually sealed up because adventurers and treasure seekers were constantly getting lost in the elaborate tunnel system it connected to.

Although the Peruvian government has stymied any excavations of the tunnel system for many years, they themselves sent an expedition to explore the network in 1923. After entering a tunnel entrance in the Cuzco area, the expedition slowly moved westward along a tunnel in the direction of Lima and the Pacific coast. They quickly lost contact with those they had left behind, and the break in communication continued for twelve long days. Finally, one of the party reemerged from the Cuzco entrance, starving, but with a plethora of tales related to an underground tunnel network that '"would make an Indiana Jones movie seem tame by comparison."

In more recent times, Lima was found to be honeycombed with tunnels after an earthquake in 1972 revealed entrances into them. Many of the tunnels were found to lead directly into the Andes. Unfortunately they could not be explored very far because centuries of erosion had collapsed them in many places.

The network of the Andean tunnel system was apparently well known as late as the 1800's. H.P. Blavatsky reported seeing a diagram of the system adorning a wall within the Coricancha during a visit to Peru. Not only were numerous entrances represented on this map, but the system itself was shown to be part of a larger pan-American system that traveled north into Central and North America. According to legend, the Apaches were very familiar with the northern end of this system and their chief Geronimo used to disappear into it while escaping with his warriors from the US Cavalry.

As surprising as it sounds, many entrances into the Andean tunnel system are said to exist on islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca. One such entrance is located on the sacred shamanic island of Amantani. This entrance was open until the 1940's, when authorities had it closed to keep people from getting lost in its tunnel. But now the people of Amantani are asking for their tunnel entrance to be reopened. They have specifically asked the tour guide and hotel owner Jorge Louis Delgado of Puno to assist them in opening the tunnel entrance, and Jorge has gotten permission to do so from Alan Garcia, Peru's newly elected president. But financial assistance is needed. After assessing the work involved in opening the entrance and excavating the tunnel system to make it safe for exploration, Jorge has concluded at least $10,000.00 is needed to perform the job sufficiently and adequately. So we are now appealing to those who would like to be part of history-in-the-making. Those of you who have lamented that '"nothing new ever happens" and '"where are the signs of a new era?," should be ready and willing to become involved in this potentially earthshaking enterprise. The Inca calendar says that now is the time for the new era. The new era began in 1992 when the Pachakuti, the World Transformation," was set into motion. Part of the new era is the resurfacing of ancient Andean history and lost sacred artifacts. Thus, the way has been made clear for us, and we need to take advantage of it.

Our goal is to raise the funds by March 2007, so we can open the tunnel entrance in Amantani in conjunction with our Spring Equinox ritual, if this is what the Elders through their council and prayers receive guidance to do. Please join us in ushering in the prophesied era when the Eagle flies with the Condor and the tribes of America are reunited in peace.

If you would like to be a part of history and donate to this most important event, please visit or contact Adam Yellowbird at 928-646-3000.

For more information about the Mysterious Tunnels in Peru,


The light of idealism gleamed in his eyes as Dr. Alberto Villoldo described how an earthquake in 1949 underneath a monastery near Cuzco, Peru, had rent the ground asunder, exposing an ancient Incan temple of gold. This fulfilled a sign that the prophecies of Mosoq, the "time to come," were now to be shared with the modern world.

Dr. Villoldo, a psychologist and medicinal anthropologist, has lived among and trained with the Q'ero shamans and has played a key role in bringing their ritual and prophecy to the awareness of the modern world. The Q'ero are the last of the Incas -- a tribe of 600 who sought refuge at altitudes above 14,000 feet in order to escape the conquering conquistadors. For 500 years the Q'ero elders have preserved a sacred prophecy of a great change, or "pachacuti," in which the world would be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder ended.

The Q'ero had lived in their villages high in the Andes in virtual solitude from the world until their "discovery" in 1949. In that year, Oscar Nuñez del Prado, an anthropologist, was at a festival in
Paucartambo, in southern Peru, when he met two Indians speaking fluent Quecha, the language of the Incas. The first Western expedition to the Q'ero villages then occurred in 1955.

Four years later, at the annual Feast of The Return of the Pl eiades taking place in the Andes, the gathering of 70,000 pilgrims from South America were awed, and the crowd parted to let the Q'ero, unannounced and wearing the Incan emblem of the sun, make their way forward to the mountain top to make known that the time of the prophecies was at hand. They were welcomed by the assembly and were told, "We've been waiting for you for 500 years." Recently, Q'ero elders journeyed to North America in fulfillment of their prophecies.

In November 1996, a small group of Q'ero, including the tribal leader and the head shaman, visited several cities in the US, including New York, where they performed a private ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The shamanic ritual had not been performed for 500 years. But in the very home of those who symbolized the former conquerors of their Incan ancestors they shared their ritual and knowledge, not only with interested Westerners who were learning
their ways, but also with the Dean of the great cathedral, thereby symbolically and spiritually linking the two continents of North and South America.

According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the "mastay" and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions. The Q'ero are releasing their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the Americas) fly together again.

They believe that "munay," love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this great gathering of the peoples.

The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves," said Don Antonio Morales, a master Q'ero shaman. The prophecy holds that,

- North America will supply the physical strength, or body;

- Europe will supply the mental aspect, or head;

- and the heart will be supplied by South America.

When the Spanish conquered the Incas 500 years ago, the last pachacuti, or great change, occurred. The Q'ero have been waiting ever since for the next pachacuti, when order would emerge out of chaos. For the past five centuries they preserved their sacred knowledge, and finally, in recent years, the signs were fulfilled that the great time of change was at hand:

- the high mountain lagoons have dried,

- the condor is nearly extinct

- and the discovery of the Golden Temple has occurred, following the
earthquake in 1949 which represented the wrath of the sun.

The prophecies are optimistic. They refer to the end of time as we know it -- the death of a way of thinking and a way of being, the end of a way of relating to nature and to the earth.

In the coming years, the Incas expect us to emerge into a golden age, a golden millennium of peace. The prophecies also speak of tumultuous changes happening in the earth, and in our psyche, redefining our relationships and spirituality. The next pachacuti, or great change, has already begun, and it promises the emergence of a new human after this period of turmoil. The chaos and upheaval characteristic of this period will last another four years, according to the Q'ero.

The paradigm of European civilization will continue to collapse, and the way of the Earth people will return. Even more importantly, the shamanic elders speak about a tear in the fabric of time itself. This presents an opportunity for us to describe ourselves not as who we have been in the past but as who we are becoming.

Pachacuti also refers to a great Incan leader who lived in the late 1300s. He is said to have built Machu Picchu and was the architect of an empire the size of the US. For the Incas, Pachacuti is a spiritual prototype -- a Master, a luminous one who stepped outside of time. He was a messiah, but not in the Christian sense of the only son of God, beyond the reach of humanity. Rather he is viewed as a symbol and promise of who we all might become. He embodies the essence of the
prophecies of the pachacuti, as Pacha means "earth" or "time," and cuti means "to set things right." His name also means "transformer of the earth."

The prophecies of the pachacuti are known throughout the Andes. There are those who believe the prophecies refer to the return of the leader Pachacuti to defeat those who took the Incas' land. But according to Dr. Villoldo, the return of Pachacuti is taking place on the collective level. "It's not the return of a single individual who embodies what we're becoming, but a process of emergence available to all peoples."

The Q'ero have served as the caretakers of the rites and prophecies of their Inca ancestors. The prophecies are of no use unless one has the keys, the rites of passage. The Star Rites, or "Mosoq Karpay" (The Rites of the Time to Come), are crucial to the practical growth described in the prophecies. Following the "despachos" (ritualistic offerings of mesa, or medicine bundles) at the ceremony in New York City, the shamans administered the Mosoq Karpay to the individuals
present, transmitting the energies originating with the ancestors of their lineage. The transmission of the Mosoq Karpay is the ceremony representing the end of one's relationship to time. It is a process of the heart.

This process of Becoming is considered more important than the prophecies themselves. The Karpay (rites) plant the seed of knowledge, the seed of Pachacuti, in the luminous body of the recipient. It is up to each person to water and tend the seed so that it can grow and blossom. The rites are a transmission of potential; one must then make oneself available to destiny. The Karpays connect the person to an ancient lineage of knowledge and power that cannot be accessed by the individual. It can only be summoned by a tribe.

Ultimately, this power can provide the impetus for one to leap into the body of an Inca, a Luminous One. That person is connected directly to the stars, the Incan Sun of cosmology. The Q'ero believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening again. Holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our human capabilities. Regaining our luminous nature is a possibility today for all who dare to take the leap.

The Andean shamans say,

"Follow your own footsteps.
Learn from the rivers,
the trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ,
the Buddha,
your brothers and sisters.
Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and all of creation."

"Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential,"

is the teaching of the Q'ero.

Prophecies of the Q'ero Inca Shamans


"Quetzalcoatl taught the ancients all the necessary skills to advance their civilization, from mathematics and science to agriculture and astronomy, as well as the famous Mayan calendrical formulae which predicts the end of the world to be December 21st 2012. He taught the people to live in peace and then moved on disappearing across the sea, but he promised he would someday return. Unfortunately for the ancient inhabitants of Mexico they mistook the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and Cortez in 1519 as Quetzalcaotl's return, bringing about their tragic doom. Accepting them with open arms and treating them with utmost reverence the ancient people expected their newly arrived god to bestow great benevolence upon them. Instead the Spanish invaders brought nothing but greed and brutality for their trusting hosts.

The name Quetzalcoatl (ket-tsul'kwot-ul) means "plumed or feathered serpent". We must certainly then mention the great ancient city of Chichen Itza on Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. There, twice a year, an amazing spectacle related to the feathered serpent god takes place:

"The Temple of Kukulkan (the Feathered Serpent God, also known as Quetzalcoatl) is the largest and most important ceremonial structure at Chichen Itza. This ninety-foot tall pyramid was built during the eleventh to thirteenth centuries directly upon the multiple foundations of previous temples. The pyramid is a store-house of information on the Mayan calendar. ... The northern stairway was the principal sacred path leading to the summit. At sunset on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, an interplay between the sun's light and the edges of the stepped terraces on the pyramid creates a fascinating - and very brief - shadow display upon the sides of the northern stairway. A serrated line of seven interlocking triangles gives the impression of a long tail leading downward to the stone head of the serpent Kukulkan, at the base of the stairway." (Quetzalcoatl, Linda Casselman)

So then, on these two very important dates, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, it appears that Quetzalcoatl is indeed present among his people as the shadow of the serpent moves along the steps of the Pyramid of Kulkulkan.

"This Power is placed in the triangular bone which is called as sacrum, which means Greeks knew about this centre. They very well knew about it, that's why they called it sacred, sacrum. In many countries there has been a manifestation that they know about this particular Power.

I happened to go to Colombia where I collected an authentic antique copy of the antique necklace. The necklace had at its bottom a Kundalini and even the earrings had the Kundalini, but, surprisingly, it was from the Indians of America, though it is now kept in the museum in Colombia. It was in America that people knew about Kundalini, definitely absolutely in three and a half coil they had done this pattern very well. Is very surprising that it was done even before Columbus came here."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Philadelphia, USA — Oct 15, 1993