Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.              



Earth Mother Crying

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Trinity Presbyterian Church    
      May 18th 2007

  First Presentation was at the Trinity Presbyterian Church..

I was called and asked to speak as I was working on Blue Thunder's itinerary for his visit to Boise area. I felt this was an opportunity for him to get his message out and so I offered up him instead of me.... I tell the story of the Native American Peacemaker, a n. I started communicating with spirits in 86 and the messages I got from them coincided with Native Belief so that in 89 when I became involved with a Native American Ceremonial person, all that I learned from him was perfectly consistent with my own information. So it was with Blue Thunder,,, his information validated and confirmed what I had been given. So all was natural.

I have been so involved with this so long, that I guess I forgot that not all the world knows these things...  As Blue Thunder spoke, he asked how many knew of Kundalini, chakras, Dr. Emotos' work. Not one person copped to knowing anything about it. Blue Thunder had to drop his presentation down to the most beginning of beginnings for these people. They were beautiful souls, who listened patiently and were warm but not necessarily receptive. Most of the information was a ways from their understanding. For three days, every time I thought of it, I laughed... at myself for being so naive as to think EVERYONE knew these things.

However it drew a sharp contrast between so called Christian Religions and Native belief systems. It seems, and this is a generalization and not meant to be an indictment, but Christian belief is so based on Faith, and rules that they did not consider to look at the why of how something works, such as what is a soul, or a spirit energy that inhabits the body.. When one looks at what a human spirit made of, one finds it is not just a blob of energy but an entire body system that connects to the physical shell to make it live and is known in today's terms as Kundalini as the energy and Chakras as the medicine wheels that connect spirit to body so that the body is made to live. Or in the terms expressed by re-known Lakota spiritual leader, Black Elk, as the flowering tree.

Because of this, I am sure that the listeners of that group had great difficulty in understanding the connection between Man, his spirit, and the Earth, and her spirit.  Some were enthralled at the information Blue Thunder gave but others thought it a waste of their time.

Job 12:6-10 states as follows (King James version)

But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee;
the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee
speak to the Earth,
and it shall teach thee.
and the Fishes of the sea shall
declare unto thee.
Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this:
In whose hand is the
soul of every living thing,

and the breath of all mankind.

I have found no conflict with Native Beliefs and the Bible... Jesus's message is the same as our Christ-like Peacemaker:
The Word that I bring
is that all peoples shall love one another
and live together in Peace.

Although I have found conflict between spiritualism and organized religion's dogmatic  interpretation of these things. And I wonder, when this verse so plainly states a teaching, that many Christian religions spend little energy considering it. If one was to actually spend some time communicating with the Natural World, many would wake up to find their knowledge and understanding much enlarged upon. 

The Natural World would teach them this. The Natural world was created by Creator and what better way to understand these things than to learn from these very creations. They are much purer and closer to the Source than man and his ego. And as the scripture tells us, they can tell us many things if we will but ask. Things like what Blue Thunder spoke about. It is in the Wind, in the Water, in the Soil, in the plants, trees, animals, birds and fish. All living things have a soul. The Bible states so. And they know Creator God. The Bible tells us so.


  Albertson's Park 
May 19th
Blue Thunder stressed the learning opportunities to BE PEACE. In view of  this, I tell the following story of our meeting.

In all about six gathered that  morning at Albertson's Park. It is a beautiful setting filled with stone people, and wildlife, little duck families, and melodious water fall. Blue Thunder began his message at 8:30 and throughout this message visitors to the Park would wander through out our gathering.

The first were two elderly ladies who ventured in as Blue Thunder was saging the area. One woman's response was she "knew sage and that wasn't sage.. " A lesson  showing the woman knew nothing of the sacred plants that Creator has given us to help us here.  Her vibration of judgment reverberated. We blessed her on her way.

Soon after that, a young woman interrupted Blue Thunder to tell us that her family was there to take a family photo, and they would like be able to use the fountain for their photo shoot. We were there first and it was a first come first serve, however in the interest of PEACE, Blue Thunder offered to move our group so that they could use the space we were occupying for their family photo shoot. The woman was right. The spot we were in was one of the most beautiful in the park and ideal background for the shoot.  It did not hurt us to move our group 10 feet, and the people were happy they could use that spot without delay. Peace was kept.

Our meeting here lasted 1 hour and then we were off for another meeting of sharing the information about our Mother Earth's healing and Prophecy.



Idaho Society of Dowsers          May 19th  
  Bonneville Point Oregon Trail Interpretive Center    
   Black's Creek Road


Blue Thunder had asked the dowsers to participate in the mapping of the energies of the area. The dowsers are experienced with the energies of the Earth Mother, and were excited about becoming part of the solution to some of the challenges that lay ahead as the Purification envelopes the planet. Frank Jordan gave a short introduction to dowsing for new comers, and Blue Thunder gave some guidance as to what we might do or look for in the process of mapping the area.  The goal is to find "sacred sites" that have their energy disrupted so that they can be healed, and to find locations that will promote healing in a geographical location with the eventual happening of a major medicine wheel ceremony.

Blue Thunder also spoke about the why, how, of the way things work, and what would be the result of this work when it is finished in terms of for the people in the area encompassed by this work of healing, in the promotion of Peace, harmony, and love. as well as what it would do for the earth in bringing back the rains in just right amounts, letting the plant people flourish, and the water tables replenish, keeping the storms of destruction at bay so that our valley will be protected during this purification process that will be continuing until the end of the Mayan calendar. Everyone here was receptive and inquisitive to hearing the words of wisdom and prophecy brought forth by the healer Frank Jordan and the Messenger Blue Thunder.




Mamma Jam   
   sponsored by El Ada Community Action in Garden City, Boise, Idaho



Blue Thunder addressed a group of about 150, mostly mothers with children. He spoke for 2o minutes about the value of women and their part in keeping the balance and harmony within Creation, and valued as the vessel of creation. Time was spent visiting with people and sharing more information. Blue Thunder sang a song of love with drummers Jon Vincas and Gerald.