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Earth Mother Crying

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Spirit @ Work Books and Beyond   May 25th 2007



  30 people gathered to hear Blue Thunder speak on Earth Healing. He had a power point presentation with some incredible photos of petroglyphs at sacred sites with explanations. He spoke at length about how energy works, how thoughts and emotions work, and how we are creating Global Warming, not through carbon dioxide but through waste, greed, war, and our attitudes. He spoke about our unconscious use of Mother's resources not using the protocols of respect, love and harmony in dealing with her.  

He also spoke about how Dr. Emoto has proved that thoughts affect water. He asks us to consider how this is a water world and all things are made of crystals including mankind, that thoughts could be extended to the understanding that they affect earth, wind, and fire also.

The Work of Masuro Emoto    Japan

Mr. Emoto took water and exposed it to music, or photo, or thoughts and words. Then he froze it and took pictures of the crystal formation.

 Here are some of the results.



Fujiwara water
before prayer

After Prayer

Adolph Hitler

Mother Teresa


You make me sick 


Sanji Spring Water

Thank You



Our Creation Stories tell us that this Earth was  water in the beginning. Then the land, and every living thing came up from the water. The Bible tells us that the world was created through Word (thought with declared intention).

Our bodies are 80% water.  A child's body is 90% water. We are a Water Planet.
Water is a crystal that can be  asked to do certain things for us.

Our earth and our bodies are also crystal. If our thoughts and words are so powerful as to do this to water, then what do we do to our children, our air, our soil, everything around us with our thoughts, words and deeds?

Now consider that it has been 200-400 years of our Earth collecting murders, rapes, abuse, hate, anger, racism, and many of these thinking patterns have taken on a life force of their own. Is it any wonder that it seems like people have gone crazy "out there"?

The care takers of the Earth Mother, the Native American, is a covenant people with the Earth Mother, and they have the ceremonies to heal her if they are allowed to do them.

We have only One Mother. Science has proven through DNA that all mankind came from a woman.
Could that woman be our Earth Mother? 

We have only one. And we are all on her together. Our fighting and feuding and competition to be the ONLY and the BEST<Better Than, only causes more division and negative energy. We are all the same. We have the same Mother, We all bleed. We all cry. We all have pain. We all morn our losses. We all breathe the same air.  Eat of our Mother's produce.

Why can't we be together in our Joy, our Love, our Peace, and our Spirit?




Inspiration from Water Crystal Experiments

Xiao Shu

[] I have been a high school teacher for the past thirteen years. During that time, I have also served as the guidance counselor to my students.  With a heart of educating and cultivating the young students, I have never been bored with my job. Let me make an analogy. If a student is a tree, I do not look for results in the external appearances of the tree branches and leaves, but instead I look within to find the source of water that can supply nourishment for the whole tree. I believe that education start15 centimeters tall. My colleagues all said, "They definitely won't survive." But I wasn't thinking the same way. Every day I would look through the window to view them one by one. I would cry out in surprise to those having grown well and glanced longer to the slow growers. I firmly believed that they were making great efforts to grow and were instinctively trying to find a water source below. I believed that they might have encountered some difficulties such as the soil being too hard, their roots being too thin and being jammed by stones, or there was too much plastic garbage preventing their roots from spreading, and that was why they didn't have the energy to grow leaves.

When the following spring arrived, all of my class's trees  had grown tender sprouts without exception. My colleagues all were greatly surprised! Even more strangely, only half of the trees on the 5th row survived, and all the trees planted on the 6th row and beyond were dead. I was puzzled for a long time.

Later, when I read a report from The Epoch Times realized what had happened. My class's trees survived because my faith, concern and love for them more than made up for their material needs for survival. And what does it imply that only half of the trees on the 5th row survived? (I knew that other class didn't pay attention to their trees after they planted them.) What is your answer?

Three years have gone by. My class's trees all grew to two and a half stories tall and they look as green as a small forest. I continue to send my long distance encouragement and admiration. They are voiceless, but they are from my heart.

Story two: Every morning when lady A arrived at her office she would turn on the computer to listen to soft music before she started her daily work. Her desk had a small fish tank with three tropical fish and some water plants. The fish would follow the music and swim happily back and forth between the water plants. She was so enchanted by it. She gave the same fish arrangement to her colleague, who was afflicted with mid-term cancer. When she went to see her later, her colleague complained, "The fish tank takes a lot of work. I change water every other day, otherwise water will be dirty." Lady A was perplexed, "How could it be like that. I only needed to change the water every other week!" Her perplexity lasted until she read the report on water crystals and, all of a sudden, realized what had happened. Wasn't that turbid water reflecting the state of mind of her colleague?  Her negative emotions like worry, anxiety, resignation, distrust, fear, and depression? She realized that people's thoughts could cause an unexpectedly large reaction. She decided to change her usual attitude toward her son to prevent giving her son negative messages.

Story 3: Two female students were both inflicted with leukemia. Student A is a senior in high school, who is in my class and her condition was more critical. Student B was a middle school student. Both of their families were impoverished. Student A's family was unwilling to give up on her and didn't care how much money they need to borrow in order to cure her illness. Her teacher and classmates wouldn't give up either. They took turns caring for her at the hospital and every noon their whole class would send forth a compassionate message to her, "You will get well and we will see you at graduation ceremony!"

After over a year of suffering, numerous chemotherapies, a bone marrow transplant (she was lucky to receive her brother's marrow, although they have different blood types), and being in and out of the isolation ward, she became very thin and lost all her hair. But she remained very strong and courageous. Not only did she not shed a single teardrop, but she also thanked others repeatedly. She only shed tears when she realized that she couldn't graduate on time. It is hard to describe the hardships she endured. She made a full recovery after two years of treatments. Her doctors and nurses all said it was a miracle. Later, she went to a two-year professional college.

On the other side, student B's family told her: "Chemotherapy is hard to endure.  Although we love all you dearly, there is no guarantee you will be cured. Besides, where can we obtain a matching marrow? Our financial situation won't permit the treatment either. Why don't we just follow the natural course?" She passed away a month later.  


  These stories confirm the discovery of Dr. Masaru Emoto experiment: Human thought is in existence the same as physical material and can pass through time and space!

Mr. Li Hongzhi has clearly pointed this out in Zhuan Falun: "All matter in the universe, including all substances that permeate the universe, are living beings with thinking minds, and all of them are forms of existence of the universe's Fa at different levels."

Why did The Epoch Times in Taiwan launch an experiment to determine the effect of praising or criticizing objects by students in elementary schools? My thought is that children's thoughts are pure, unlike the world of grownups that is full of deceit and hypocrisy. The students divided objects into three groups, with one group being constantly praised, and another group constantly criticized. The experiment added a third group where the objects were completely ignored in order to determine the effect of inattentiveness. It turned out the objects in the inattentiveness group ended up even worse than the group that was constantly criticized. I couldn't keep my mind calm for a long time when I found out about it. Doesn't that imply that all beings are living beings? Even the cooked rice has the sense of perception! I began to think of the thirteen years of my teaching career and wondered how many saplings I had murdered out of ignorance? Weren't I being bound by my own set pattern and inadequacies? I began to rethink the mission and seriousness of being a teacher.  

Recently the Minghui Education Association is promoting the activity of kind thoughts and kind deeds. After sharing ideas with a senior educational person, I hope it will not become an activity of mere formality; instead, I hope it will be a continuing and in depth practice of compassion.    

In practice, you encounter children who can't write words of praise. Don't blame them for it. It may be that they have no compassion in them and have only criticism in them. Therefore, they'll need to learn to be compassionate and learn to consider others first. Gradually the good behavior and compassion will appear and no great effort will be needed. Merely saying good and beautiful words, instead of living them, will not touch others.

We must start from ourselves and create compassion and good deeds to affect others.
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