Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony..                  


Earth Mother Crying

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     Table Rock  May 26th             


       Blue Thunder surveys the Boise Valley from Table Rock. A cross placed there has lit the way for many travelers but recently has come into crossfire from factions within the city. People who wanted to put the 10 commandments in a park met with highly organized resistance. So the cross, with good intentions has become a focal point of division here in the   valley.


Blue Thunder searches for the right place to do ceremony. The rock surrounding the mountain is carved with initials, sayings, and spray painted. Ironically one such graffiti states "God is the Way" but surely the person unknowingly caused such sacrilege because they did not ask God or Mother if they could put it there. Surely had they bothered to ask, they would have understood "NO". At one place, someone painted the Egyptian seeing eye but the blue paint ran like tears... How very appropriate as the mountain seemed to be crying as many people come to enjoy its beauty and energy but instead carve into her skin and cover her beauty with obscenities and leave their trashy broken beer bottles, and cigarette packages, used condoms and garbage behind.  

The Teaching to consider here is that Mother lives. Her energy is our Life support. If we cut into her without permission and proper protocol, it is the same as if someone was to cut into your arm and let you bleed. Her energy leaks out. Tall Towers had to be dug deep into Mother causing major trauma to her energy system, the ley lines, vortexes of her nervous system. 




The spot was finally located when a group of plants called out to let us know they were where the energy was. As Blue Thunder began to place the crystals into the Earth with prayer, we were honored by two ravens that came to help move the dark energies out.

Because Mother Earth is a living force, all things on her live. Many  feel that all this Earth Crystal stuff is New Age, but nothing is New only to those who do not remember. Crystals have many gifts. They are used in the construction of radios and TV's for communication so it only makes sense that out of all the different creations of Mother Earth that crystals be employed to communicate and cause energy to flow. All things living have a spirit, and can communicate and share gifts  with those who take time to listen. Even Rocks. Cherokees still use crystals in their ways. Some have not forgotten.






At the end of the ceremony we were privileged to have the sign of the hawk as it hung in the air and waved to us. We then took the plants that had been part of the ceremony and took them to the Boise River and let them float away with all our prayers and intentions.

We were headed to New Plymouth for a sweat with Ron Wahwassuck, Lighting That Does Not Touch The Ground. While there, we dropped some of the plants we had saved to the Payette River from a bridge. Meeko, in his Captain Jack Sparrow clothes, and Amy, Blue Thunder, and Loki in the stroller.

The sweat is a Native Ceremony of Purification. It is used for prayers and to remove impurities of the physical and spiritual kind. The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth, where earth, water, fire, air/spirit is present like in the womb at birth. Here we are reborn with a clean slate and the ability to move forward just like a new born baby as we emerge  headfirst from the lodge. Some lodges are built with the sacred number of thirteen; twelve apostles +the One, thirteen tiles on the Turtle's Back, thirteen Moons in a year, some with the sacred number of 12; twelve Thunder Beings, twelve Arc Angels, Twelve tail feathers in the Golden Eagle. Blue Thunder asks us to consider  that all things are run by Spirit, therefore they should flow and not be rigidly inside a box of designated ritual or rules. When Spirit is allowed to operate in guidance, unexpected things happen to show you that Spirit is there. Like the visit of the Ravens and the Hawk. Not only that but it was reported later that the sun stood over the spot and had a rainbow around it.

Another consideration, and I hope I can relay it in a good way is about the snakes. The Shoshoni are known as the Snake People. It is a reference to energy, the twin spirals of Kundalini or Chi, or spirit. Whatever name it is known by. However like in the Peacemaker Teachings of the Haudenosaunee, snakes can be dark, evil, causing one to think in crooked ways and behave in crooked ways. Blue Thunder

 reminds us that even Dark Snakes are fallen angels and they cause good people to do bad things. Therefore when encountered, the Dark Snake is to be blessed with Love and Peace and Harmony and given the opportunity to join the Light, returning them to the source they came from. But not all will avail themselves of this opportunity to return to the Light, then one can call for the masters of their dimension to come get them. I really liked this teaching of Love. I had heard similar from the healer Frank Jordan. To thank the dark spirit for the lessons that they came to teach us and then forgive them and send them to the Light if they would go.


The Peacemaker Teaching


 Now,” said the Peacemaker, “We must seek the fire and look for the smoke of Adodarhonh. He alone stands across our path. His mind is twisted and there are seven crooks in his body. These must be straightened if the League is to endure.” The party then continued into the land of the Onondagas where Adodarhonh awaited them. They found him in a swamp, a rough, dirty place. His appearance was very frighteni ng. Snakes were writhing in his hair, and his body appeared crooked and misshapen and everything about him was unpleasant to look upon. The expression on his face let the people know he was unbearably cruel.

“We have come for your answer”, spoke the Peacemaker. “You will be in the center. You will be the head Speaker if you will accept the Great Laws.”

Adodarhonh considered this. They had managed to overcome his great storm. There was much power in the words they spoke.  Adodarhonh accepted the position.

They brought Adodarhonh into the center of the long house where Jikohnsaseh had gathered together all the leaders and people of the nations that had agreed to join the Great Peace. Adodarhonh realized that he stood alone as everyone else had joined the Great Laws. It was quite the incentive for joining the confederacy. At first he was filled with fear. He had done many evil things and he thought the people intended to kill him.

The Peacemaker had taught the healing song of peace to the People and the People now surrounded Adodarhonh  singing it with the water drum. The Adodarhonh at first felt threatened but he melted as he heard the song. He had long been the worst human being but his mind was being transformed by the singing and out pouring of Love and Forgiveness from the People. The healing love brought him health and peace. Adodarhonh body and mind mended becoming straight so that he might be well and look as other men.  Finally, the Peacemaker sang the song himself and then Jikohnsaseh combed the writhing snakes from Adodarhonh’s hair. This symbolized the straightening of his mind also. The Peacemaker laid his hand on Adodarhonh body and said; “The work is finished. Your mind is made straight, your head is now combed. Now you have a new mind. The seven crooks have been taken from your body. You shall from now on preside over the council, and you shall strive in all ways to make reason and the peaceful mind prevail. Your voice shall be the voice of the Great Laws. Behold! Here is power. These are the five Nations. Their strength is greater than your strength. But their voice shall be your voice when you speak in council and all men shall hear you and find peace. This shall be your strength in the future; the will of the united people.”

Jikohnsaseh and the War Chief setting  of the gustowah (feathered bonnet) with deer antlers upon his head. The deer horns set upon the feathered bonnet is as a sign of authority and the office. It gave to him the Words of the Laws. The healed Adodarhonh was now placed as the Head Firekeeper, and  became a trustworthy defender of the Laws of Great Peace.

Peacemaker said, We now do crown you with the sacred emblem of the deer’s antlers, the emblem of your Sachem (office). You shall now become a mentor of the people of the Five Nations. The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans, which is to say that you shall be proof against anger, offensive actions and criticism. Your heart shall be filled with peace and goodwill and your mind filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the Confederacy. With endless patience you shall carry out your duty and your firmness shall be tempered with tenderness for your people. Neither anger nor fury shall find lodgment in your mind and all your words and actions shall be marked with calm deliberation. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming seven generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground, the unborn of the future Nation.”