Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.



Earth Mother Crying


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NO NAME Mountain
Pomeroy, Wa.
Tatman Road
Blind Grade

2500 ft elevation


appologize as Daggy sort of sat on the map


August 19, 2009

On the 19th, I drove to Lapwai, Nez Perce headquarters,  to meet with Nez Perce Elder… the meeting went well. He accepted my protocols, and then took me to his house and showed me his Nimipuu Sweat lodge. Unlike Lakota with the rocks in the center, his fire pit was to the side, and the water is heated with special herbs then cooled with cold water for the lodge. Men and women sweat separately nude. His lodge area was all enclosed. David gave to me some couse couse, the Nimipuu word for Bear Root, and some Indian Tea and Kinnikinnick, Native Tobacco. And he offered to show me how to gather it some time.  David told some of his story, about his alcohol days and how the Sundance saved him, and how now he is a substance abuse councilor. Like many modern Indians, when he turned from the firewater, his culture became the focus of his healing. In the work that I have done, I have found this to be very true. They find healing in their old ways, not the ways of the the White man. They are not white men and were never intended by Creator to become White men, and white ways just seem like a major obstacle to negotiate.

When I left Lapwaii, I headed 20 miles west of Lewiston. I had an idea where the mountain was but had been unable to find the name… I drove out, asking directions twice, finally following Toucan Road to the Blind Grade. Here I stopped and backed up. Hummmmm, I chose to follow a farmers road across an open grain field and as I came over the rise, I parked in a turnabout. These plateaus were the gateway to the Blues, and farmed. I tagged it NO NAME. There across was the hill with many windmills on it.. Okay, so what is wrong with the windmills I asked.

1)The materials that the windmills are made of are stolen. The earth was never asked for nor thanked for them, no protocols done. In other words the structures were foreign to the area, and created drag on all the energies.  2) the hole in the ground made for their planting, lets the energy leak out as well as inner earth spirits that do not belong on this plane. 3) the vibration of the machine interferes with the natural vibrations of the area causing vibrations down into the earth as well as reverberating through the air. 4) the wind machine changes the natural flow of energy down into the gate way of the Blue Mountains. Ceremony will fix this simply and perhaps we will then look for another ceremony point.   

  November 21, 2009  Second scouting trip.  

  Gigantic grain bins along the river for loading directly onto ships. Wood mill along the river. This is a seaport area as ships from the ocean can come up the river to Lewiston through here.

  Burned out ridge in Tucanon Forest.  More burned out area

  Wooten Creek at Wooten Camp Site Wooten Creek at Wooten Camp Site
  My first trip here, I had found the windmills but I did not know which road would take me to them. I had thought that perhaps there was a mountain in the area, so I drove through the area to see what I could feel and see. The entire area had suffered a burn. I had no idea how long ago. As I moved closer to the Umatilla National Forest, the burn gave way to still vibrant forest. By the time I got to Wooten Camp, it was very beautiful but late evening and cooling off quite a bit. I had seen the area that I thought I would like to use as ceremony however.
  Sunday morning, Novemeber 22,  I drove up to the place I had seen the day before.


On the way, to the left side of the road, I saw a coyote, a very large one running across the hillside. It was so big that it might have been a wolf but it had the coloring of the coyote. Ahhh a good omen. Coyote is a very important figure in these parts.




I found a spot beside the road where I had a great view of the windmills. Here I did the ceremony by myself, as I had been unable to find one soul that could come with me to participate in the ceremony.

Down over the ridge was the burned out valley, totally unseen from here.

Then I took a drive through some other areas.. kinda like  the scenic route back to Lewiston.



This is incredible country. High plateau. Farming mostly dry farm wheat from the looks of it, on the top of all the flat topped "mountains" and in between deep valleys. Not gentle roll into the valley but drop into the valley bottom.


Finally arrived in the Umatilla National Forest.