Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.

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Blue Thunder visits Boise 2010



"Jikohnsaseh Project"

cordially invites You to attend

Earth Renewal Medicine Wheel Teachings

with Blue Thunder, Shoshoni from Wind River, Wy


Presentations will be held at the following places: click here

300 N. Orchard
Saturday February 20 th
Social 5:30
Movie Presentation:  7 PM
“Healing Sacred Sites”
Suggested Donation: $5

Center for Spiritual Living
600 N. Curtis Boise, Idaho
Friday, February 26th
Community Meal (potluck) at 5:30
Presentation at 7Pm
with Blue Thunder

Treasure Valley Community College
Weese Building: W110 Room
Ontario, Ore

Saturday, February 27th
with Blue Thunder

Ceremony 4:00PM Open Space
Community Meal 5:30 PM
Presentation at 7 PM

Botanical Gardens, Boise
Sunday February 28th

With Blue Thunder

Presentation and Ceremony

2:00 -5:30
Free Admission


 The elders began coming together as a group in 1999 in response to the global crises of environment and culture. Their traditional teachings have long warned that such crises would arise.
The elders say according to traditions. part of their original instructions as human beings was to serve as Keepers of the Earth. They were also told that one day they would have to step forward in a time of extreme crisis to lead 

-- to educate people about how to restore balance to the Earth

for the survival of life on earth would depend upon them remembering and acting in a sacred manner.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota 19th generation of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe tells us the Native People have the answer to our world crisis. He tells us it is in the understanding of Sacred Sites (vortex energy).

"It’s time to do something important, to reconnect the energy. So many sacred sites are not kept, not tended. But this is what is needed, for things are out of balance, out of harmony.

It’s extreme now, and it's time to come together around this, the old ways and the new ways.

Every human being has a stake in this, no matter their color or their spiritual tradition" says Blue Thunder.
Hopi Grandfather Martinez spoke of the Medicine Wheel ceremony as a universal wake up call.

"The mountain ranges have sovereignty over lines of energy (magnetic ley lines) that radiate around the entire earth. Thus, he said, the ceremonies we do encircling the Rocky Mountains will radiate out to other points.
Grandfather noted that many people and groups do things individually, their rituals or ceremonies. "That’s okay," he said, "but right now Mother Earth and all the living things upon her have need of something more -- something where all the people are together and of one heart, one mind."


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