Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.



Earth Mother Crying


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Cottonwood Mountains and House are in the traditional Homelands of the Paiute.
Look here for our journey to find some Paiute that will help.

Visit to Burns,m Oregon
Visit to the Dalles, Oregon

Visit to the Language School at Burns, Oregon
Visit to McDermit, Nevada



House Mountain
Prairie, Idaho

  • Elevation: 7700
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Elmore
  • Mountain Range; Danskin Mountains
  • Boise National Forest
  • Nearest City: Prairie





Boise River Canyon on the way to Prairie

House Mountain - 7700'


Distance: 8.5 miles
Elevation gain: 4000' (cumulative)
Range: Boise


visited August 11, 2009

Mountain from Prairie Part way to the Mountain  

Top of the Ceremony Place to the west

Ceremony Place to the east

Top of the Mountain  to the south


Ceremony September 12.2009

Standing on top of the World,
up where the Eagle flies,
up where the Four Winds kiss  gently,
up where you can touch the Sky,
up where God is pure.

Getting set up


Everything is gathered

Dale feeling Life

Singing our Song of Love

Kris and Ceremonial Dijjery Do

Prayers for the Mountain and

Prayers for our World

We stopped by the Boise River to do a Water Ceremony, then had a Feast.

North at the Ceremony Site