Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.              


Earth Mother Crying     


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Sun. 10/26                      2pm-5pm -
Earth Healing Ceremony @ The Idaho Botanical Gardens

                                         Located at 2355 E. Old Penitentiary Rd. Boise, Idaho  83712







As the ceremony progressed, people who were enjoying the Botanical Gardens were led to join us in the Gazebo. Our original group grew from 28 to nearly 50. Blue Thunder began with a short introduction and then asked each person there to tell something about themselves. That many people took quite a bit of time. We learned that we had a diversity of interests. One man was interested in preserving the wolves, another in building the soil, yet another into organic gardening, another into the Snake River Ecology, and into prevention of Nuclear Power Plants,

Some were long time Earth Advocates and others were new into the field of metaphysics, while others just liked Indian music and were drawn in by the sound of Blue Thunder's drum. But all got treated to the latest in messages from the spirits, and  a new theology of taking care of the Earth Mother. Nearly all stayed until the very end. 

The site of the botanical gardens are on the grounds of an old penitentiary where inmates lived and died. Ghosts abound in the old energies of the grounds. We did not do any ceremony in the actual buildings but on the outskirts of the walls. We couldn't really see anything but an energy of expectation built and it felt as if the spirits knew that their time of purgatory, imprisoned upon the earth was at long last to come to an end. Close your eyes and it was easy to imagine spirits lining up for their release from their spirit prison. Excitement, jubilation was experienced.

The first round began. In the smoke from the sacred sage, you could almost see the spirits stepping one by one into the center and being taken up through the center portal into the waiting arms of their loved ones, and the precious white Light. At the end of that first round, the silence and the Peace was a marked difference from the erratic excitement preceding the ceremony.  I imagined the Native Spirits stopping to purify in the wafting smoke of sage before taking leave of the dreadful place they had been until given their freedom into the ethers of eternity.

It had also incarcerated women. Some of the women spoke of their emotions and feelings. They said, without exception, the feeling of wrongful incarceration, and once again we were reminded of times when women had no rights to her body, her belongings, and her property, nor her life. Any man could quickly take any or all of it away and society would not defend her. To these dear lost sisters, whose lives of misery ended within these walls because of self defense... or just frustration at the end of a life time of abuse,  with Joy we set them free.

It was a fantastic experience. People were drawn together, no separation, but oneness prevailed.


Mon. 10/27                    12noon-1pm
Talk at the Shangri-La Tea room for their Lunch

           1800 W Overland Road, Boise, Idaho 83705




Blue Thunder gave a short presentation to a few people who had gathered to hear him teach about the protocols of taking care of Mother Earth. 

Alana Marmel and Blue Thunder. Alana has been our organizer and Project Coordinator for this series of talks with Blue Thunder. We thank her very much for all the effort and energy to make this happen.

And we thank Blue Thunder for his dedication to the Mother, and to hueman kind, to bring the teachings that will help each and everyone to create Heaven on Earth in Harmony, Love and Peace.

This Series of Presentations and Healings sponsored by the Jikohnsaseh Project.

Jikohnsaseh is a Haudenosaunee word expressing "New Face" or "New Countenance".