Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.

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Earth Healing 101

I have news. Mother is getting ready to rock and roll… she is dancing the dance of purification now,,, and she is about to pick up the  speed. I am told by May…

Do I have your attention yet? What can you do about it you ask?

Precisely what I have chosen to write about for your consideration. What you, what each of us can do about it.

The healing ceremonies have not been done for a long time. I am instructed by the spirits that many bad things have accumulated in the vibrations of the earth and in her body. Native Americans use to do Renewal and Weather ceremonies to cleanse the Earth. These have not been done now for hundreds of years. Human kind has physically raped her, punching holes into her that let her life force leak out. These holes, especially the deep ones, allow the creations of the inner earth to escape. All things have a purpose when they are in their proper dimension but when those meant to be in the earth come up here, they are unintentionally destructive as their gifts are meant for below the surface of Earth. Sometimes these creations attach to man and make him act crazy, take his own or others lives.

Human kind has cut the trees, so now she gasps for air. And in cutting the trees, have removed the forces that keep the earth in place. (erosion) The trees also are the electrical conduit that keeps the earth’s heart beat in time… and when it gets out of beat, acts like a conductor of lightening to shock the heart into rhythm again. The spirits of those trees are given an allotment of time to serve the Mother, and cutting them down leaves the spirits still rooted to the ground and crying. Humankind is blowing up the mountains which are the batteries of the earth, maintaining her life force. Humankind is not only displacing the animal life that is supposed to be in many places but also displacing the spirits of the land who are there to keep natural order. Some are dazed and confused. Others are angry. 

Human kind takes away the natural vegetation and pours his manmade concrete and asphalt over the Mother’s vortexes, or chooses her Sacred Sites (powerful vortexes) to dump his toxic waste in. What the unconscious does not know is these Powerful Energy Centers connect to the grid systems of the earth. Some say there are 8 others say 12 grids that radiate this energy into every part of the Mother. When pure and clean, gives the Earth Mother vitality and health, but when filled with poisons or destroyed by construction, building, dynamiting, creates the inability for Mother to heal herself and renew herself and the present situation of toxic life results. Dynamiting fragments the physical crystal grid deep in the earth that functions as Mother’s nervous system and communication system causing a disconnect with family members of her mountains and valleys.

Human kind does not ask nor does Human kind respect and honor the Earth Mother, or her spirits and elementals, or her children. So now we have hundreds of years of unconscious actions upon our Mother, they have piled up and they have to be cleared away.

I am instructed by my spirit helpers that those who love the earth and are helping her will be known by the Mother and will be protected during the earth changes. They will be protected because they will be told where to be and where to go so they can be safe. Obviously this means that they will be in communication with the Mother. I am also instructed that wherever we have cleansed the land through ceremony that we lessen and can even eliminate the need for Mother to do her own cleansing. We are told that when the time comes, that not even a rock will be left unturned so thorough will the house cleaning be, except where we have already healed her.

We have witnessed the cleansing of New Orleans. We are witnessing the transmuting fires. We are witnessing the  powerful storms. We are witnessing the stepping up of the process with increased volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire. Russia recently had 7 volcanoes go off at the same time. Do a search on volcanic activity. Do a search on earthquake activity. So much is going on that our news media is not even mentioning, only talking about the biggest of the cleansing. … of the warnings.

So what can you do about it you ask?

There are two ways to approach healing the Earth Mother. One way is the physical way which means using sustainable technology, conservation, science, and living light upon her. These are good but at this point, science and governments do not have any solutions that are in sight to do this effectively in the time that we have. They say the ice shelves are 10 years ahead of their predictions for melting. Things are speeding up. And we only have until 2012 if the Mayan and Hopi Prophecies are correct. That is three years from now. THREE YEARS TO MAKE A WORLD WIDE CHANGE. Or even a local one.

The second way to help Mother is spiritually. So now I am going to attempt to give to you the teachings that I have been given so that you can consider to become an “Earth Healer”.

#1. First and foremost, the most important thing that each of us can do is to become LOVE. TO BE LOVE!! This means intensive self examination to see where we are not in Love with ourselves, others, or in our belief systems. Judgment, religions of judgment, labels, political platforms, environmental issues: all things that seek to create SEPARATION among us and separation from our Creator, must be let go of. If we get angry,,, we must look at what the lesson  Events  2010                   Peace One Day  2007 & 08                                                                    Crystal Mountain Synchronization 2010gain at what they are reflecting to us about ourselves. Everything is about US. In our dreams, all players are aspects of our selves. In the Seven Directions, YOU are the seventh direction. YOU are the center of your Universe that you have created for yourself. So everything begins,,,,, and ends…. With you. This means that everything is your choice… there are no “yes, buts”. YOU take responsibility for your emotions. You choose to be angry, hateful, spiteful, vengeful, sad, depressed, selfpity…… or you choose to work through these and let them go and become Peace, Harmony and intentionally in the end…. LOVE>

I find the political scene a great teacher of lessons. During the Bush administration, a portion of the populace was fearful of his taking over through Martial Law. Now during the Obama administration, a portion of the populace is fearful of Bolshevik kind of take over… One side reflects to the other side,,,, mirrors to the other side FEAR. The White House and what goes on there is only a reflection of what the People are believing and doing.  Mr. Bush reigned at a time when the collective was angry about 911 and ready to go to war to defend our country… He reflected those ideals and he operated on them. As time went on, people began to see the lies that led us into the other war, and many other things that went on behind the closed doors of the Bush administration. But what is the first order of business that Obama has to take care of when he comes to office. Not only was the Bush administration corrupt… but big bank, big financial institutions, big power companies (enron)… WE the people at corporate level were so in love with the God of Mammon that we were as corrupt as the Bush Administration, and that has become very very evident.  Bush (and now Obama) only reflects the state of the nation.

So if we want ethics in government, WE have to be ethical as a collective. If we want Peace in the world, then we have to be Peace as a collective. If we want no more FEAR then we have to manifest that as a collective…

A recent article in the Idaho Daily Statesman says that 69% now combine religions and spiritual practices. It is not unusual to find a Catholic who believes in reincarnation and so forth. That shows that 69% of Americans are waking up. They may not be all the way there yet, but 3 years can yet make a huge difference. If 69% could come together on what they do want, NOTHING could stand in their way.  We are told that it only takes .01% to invoke the 100th monkey principle. So out of 9 billion people that would be  900,000,000.

There is a lesson in every emotion we experience. Look at it… Go into the "West", that place of introspection where one goes inside his heart to find truth, and ask your helpers to help you find your lesson so that you can let it go and be Peace. Becoming LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK AT HAND.  Ridding ourselves of selfishness, judgment, and negative ATTITUDES is a priority. Forgiving others who have harmed us, INCLUDING OURSELVES for bad choices and experiences is part of the releasing and healing. Fully developing and filling the heart space with LOVE is an absolute. This is the MOST important because no one else can do it FOR you,…. But YOU!

How you do this, is not as important as just getting it done. Prayer is great. Traditions like the sweat lodge are helpful. Vision quests, meditations are also good. If accepting Christ Jesus as your savior means becoming the new mind with heart filled with love, then do that. If becoming a Buddhist, a Mormon, a Jehovah Witness, or a Muslim,  helps you BE LOVE, then do that…. Spiritual Teachers and Healers are good. If however what you are doing now, IS NOT working for you, Is NOT bring Peace, Love and Harmony into your life, world, then open your mind to something else and change.

Each of us have our own way, our own path, and none of us should judge that one way is better than another. There are as many ways to heal and become Love as there are people. However you do have help. Ask and it shall be given to you. Knock and it shall be opened to you. For Creator God does not hold back but gives to you liberally, all that you are ready to understand.

I will warn you that Native American spirits are not as patient as “Angels”. If you make a promise to Native American type spirits, they expect you to keep those promises and will be swift to let you know if you do not. Absolutely do not make commitments to them that you have no intention or that you know is impossible to keep. Retribution can be very harsh. However the rewards of working with them, and living up to your commitments is absolutely incredible. Never have I felt anywhere else, the euphoria and joy that I do working with the mountains, their spirits and elementals. It gets addictive to be in that kind of energy.

#2. Just becoming Love raises the vibration of the Earth Mother and is the best thing that you can do for her, for your fellow hue-man, and for yourself. By becoming Love or at least working toward it, you will find your gifts and what you agreed to do while here on this earth at this most auspicious time. You do not have to perfect Love, Peace and harmony before you can do work. One of the wonderful things about spirit work is that as you help others and work with spirit, you help yourself.  But now if you want to become an Earth Healer in addition, I suppose that there are many ways to do this too.

My recommendation is to first go sit on the earth. Ask her spirits of the four directions and inbetween places to come and join you. Ask for your spirit teachers, Ancestral Helpers, Ascended Masters, totem helpers, Creator and his Angels, and the Mother Earth, perhaps Jesus or Mohamed or Budda to come join with you. Invite all into your circle. Often, I will sit in a circle of cornmeal as this represents the Corn Clan Mother and council that I work with, but your circle could be drawn with a stick into the earth, or in a circle of rocks. Speak to them. You want to learn of them. Do this with a tobacco prayer and offering, or something from your belief system. Here let your mind go into the earth, into the Standing Tall People, into the Stone People, Into the water and her people. Ask them to teach you what to do and what to heal. There are a few guidelines for this but ultimately, the spirits will take over the ceremony, and all you have to do is be the conduit for the messages.. Listen… feel…. And a KNOWing will come to you. Sometimes a voice or a whisper. Sometimes pictures in your mind.

Remember that everything lives. Everything has intelligence. Everything can communicate. Everything in the natural world, is your friend, your best buddy. Approach with respect and without fear. They love you; you are about to help them. On occasion we have found resistance but the spirits were of the opinion that we were there to stop them or harm them…. No we are here to help them… just tell us what you need. Once the negative energy is cleared, attitudes, purpose, feelings change. Even for them.

Once you have your messages, you now know where to go, and why. So the next step is to go and do the healing for them. As you work with this, you might be driving down the highway, and hear a message. All is valid. Give it a try. See what the earth spirit has to say.  A lot of us have residual fear of the dark forces. If you find that you are afraid because you might get a “bad” one, my suggestion is to surround yourself with the Creators Light. This can be either White Light, or the powerful Blue Light. These are Creators gift to us to be used for protection or healing. The Blue is particularly sacred to the Mayan and I know of Shoshonis who work with Blue also. Remember that NO darkness can exist within the Light. Only truth can exist within the Creator's Light. Then trust.

In many churches, spiritual activities are silent with perhaps just a minister, or maybe a choir who may bring a spirit they call the Holy Ghost in. In Native American Ways, prayer takes many forms. It can be danced, ran, drummed, sung, shouted, voiced, all with the connection of the heart. The more energy we put into our prayers, the more effective they are. The more people who join together, the more power in the prayers. It is said that each person increases the energy 10x so forty people actually brings 400 x the energy and power to the ceremony.

When we work in ceremony we open vortexes of energy. When these are open, everything that is said, or done, or thought goes into this vortex to radiate out into the earth and her peoples. This program operates until the next ceremony. So we are asked to be extremely conscious of what we pray for, and what programs we are putting into the vortex. DO NOT put anything in that is not positive for Peace, Harmony, Love for the creation of the New World of Peace.  Think, FEEL LOVE> I invoke the Violet Flame to blaze through all participants transmuting any and all lessons, challenges, or concerns, so at the moment of ceremony each and everyone of us is as pure as we can be.

Please consider to never use the words “suffering”, or “sacrifice” or “pitiful” or words meaning not worthy while in ceremony. The New Fifth World is to be free from all of this so do not claim it for the future. The Fifth World is a world of Service to the People, not suffering for the People, or being poor or pitiful. I don’t intend to step on anyone here, but those are Christian concepts with Jesus suffering and sacrificing on the cross for pitiful humanity…. … not Native American, at least not that I was taught. I was taught the compassionate spirit, the whole spirit, the equal spirit, not the pitiful one. And I was taught service,,,, not suffering. We were not put here to suffer, but to have joy and laughter, and Love. To have a full and enjoyable life.  What Jesus did, is accomplished. Now move on and claim the birthright he gave to you, Peace, Love and Harmony.

So with basic pre-instruction and understanding, what format does the ceremony take?

1)      Create the altar. This is a medicine wheel in the center. And the spirits will tell you what to use. Crystals can be used. Flower petals can be used. Every participant can bring sacred items and add them to the circle. We always include a container of water. Sometimes representatives of animal and bird life. Sometimes candles for the Fire element. Red Clay or white sand for the Earth Element. Local finds such as a feather, or a branch, or flower can be added… these thi ngs are representative of the spirits that are invited. Musical instruments are added. Put thought into this. Everything will be charged with the peace energies. When the altar is finished, we gather around and we usually  put a circle around it in some way. Everything we use, has a symbolic purpose, it means something to us.

2)      Round one; Spirit will direct. We have done mourning songs, honor songs, thank you songs. Spirits have their bit of recognition for their service to the Earth Mother and hue-man kind. It might be expressed in many ways,,, sadness for the past and what they have been subjected to, or honor because they have completed what they were asked to do… or thank yous because they have and are doing what they have been asked to do. Fascinating sometimes what is asked.  Then go into the clearing of negative energies. You may ask for help from the spirits to do this. Angels, elementals, sometimes dragons come, eagles come… ravens come to help move the energies and release the negative happenings of war, massacres, murders, fights,  death, mining, cloud seeding, pollution,,, and special spirit requests. Violet Flame can be sent out to transmute all forms of negativity and poisons. This is followed by a dance or song, with rattles and drums so that vibrations shake the negativity loose. The songs continue until the spirits have had time to do the work. You can feel a release. Sometimes the spirits ask for over night to work. When this happens often the rains come and wash things clean and bring the ionic charges with it.

3)      Round Two: Next is the healing energies. At this point establish the vortex by bringing in the Creators white light from the Sky above into the earth to the center. In-vision the grid-systems you have been directed to work on. Connect with star nations, Creator God, Mother Earth,,, whatever and however you are “told” to do it. Spirits which haunt the earth, animal and human, even interdemensional which are lost here are helped and directed how to go home. Some are invited to stay and join with the Light, or they may step into the vortex of light and return to Creator for the next assignment or rest. This is when all the tree spirits will be thanked for their service and released to return to Creator. All disincarnates, and animal spirits are invited to go to the Creator. All Snakes and dark entities are invited to join the Light. Those who refuse, are sent into the earth and  back to the dimensions they belong in. All toxicity is now invoked to change chemical makeup and become something useful to the earth. This vortex and grids becomes the channel for the healing light and now can bring in the blue or the green,  heal and restore the earth. Blue charges the electric magnetic fields, Green brings new birth or new creation. This followed again by a song and dance often about the Earth and our love for her.

4)      Round Three: begins with sending the light over the land and sealing all holes that have been made, for foundations, or mines, or gravel pits, oil wells. Seal all constructs that are allowing the life force to leak. The color depends on what you are “told” to use, but I like a thick honey color that just coats everything. This round can be used to heal water. We even did a birthing ceremony once. Or this round can be used to work on the magma and earthquakes. When it is finished again, dance and sing until you feel that sufficient work has been done. Employ songs, movement, music.

5)      Round Four: Now fill up the vortex and the grid system with the Ruby Gold Light of the Fifth World. Send this out with instructions to change DNA coding of the Earth Mother to Peace Love and Harmony. Everyone in the circle can add their thoughts and prayers directly into the grid-system and vortex. All desires for World Peace and the form that takes for each individual is put into it.

Be sure to make everyone a part of the ceremony with a chance to contribute their music, or prayers.  Send this into the world to the hearts and spirits of each hue-man, and to all the animals… Special areas may need special prayers. No two ceremonies are alike because the spirits of the area inspire them. The Whirling Rainbow with its 12 vibrations of Peace can be set in the vortex. Now is nice to have a pow wow drum for the beat will reset the Mothers Heart beat into the vortex and radiate out. A sacred fire can take the drum beat deep into the ground.   When the singings and dancing and drumming is done, seal up the energies so that none can change them until next ceremony.

 This is a basic how to. Like I said before the Spirits of the area you are working with are the real directors and will give you much guidance and help. Have fun oh ye Warriors of the Rainbow. Go forth and Create our New World.  Lululululululululululu

6)      Now disassemble the altar and have a feast.

If you are a Native American group doing this, rely on your own traditions. Any ceremonies that your people do for healing a person can be used for healing the Mother Earth. Any songs and dances that your people used for the Earth herself are welcomed. Any medicine bundles are welcomed because they have sacred representatives of the animals, plants and birds with in them and this calls to those spirits to join in the healings.

If you are not Native American group, then draw from your back ground. Bring what you have to it. Many other cultures have good ways should be respected and included if there is a representative of them with you. We had an Eastern Indian man join us once. He did a prayer in his language. He watched then shared with us their way was to do what we were doing every day but he said in this world today, few still kept that practice. Can we ever relate to that.

These are new ceremonies but just as sacred as any of the old ones. These work directly with spirit so there is no right or wrong way but only spirit way. Because it is a call for the four directions, to unite and come together in Sacred Ceremony, this is not an exclusive Native American ceremony even though it was first given to a Native Shoshoni Elder. It is meant to unite all colors, all races, all creeds together in One Mind, One Spirit, One Love of the Earth Mother. Because this is the way the spirits have given this to us, I do not worry about “mixing medicines”.  All Ways that are positive, uplifting and unifying are good. 


Creation (Haudenosaunee Synopsis)

“Twinship Principle”

It was long ago when Mature Flower whom we call Sky Woman fell from a world above ours into our world. At that time our earth was only water with no land. The large birds flew up and caught her so   she would not drown in the waters.  The water animals got some of the magic soil from Sky World that had fallen with Sky Woman, and when they placed this soil upon the Great Snapping Turtle, the soil grew until Sky Woman could be set down upon it. This became known as -Turtle Island.

Now Sky Woman walked upon this earth and it continued to grow.. Sky Woman was carrying the breath child of the Sky Chief, so in three days time, the child was born. She was named Jiggonsassy, or Fat Face Lynx. This child grew and the mother and daughter continued their work of walking the earth, making it grow and planting the foods that Sky Woman had brought from the above world. Mother and Daughter were close and became the foundation of society... The female relations.

When Mother Sky Woman got to old to do this work, the young Lynx carried on by herself but she became lonely.  She had many suitors but one, North Wind captured her heart and soon she was with  child. But when the child was born, it was not one or two but four children. Two sets of twins, two boys and two girls. These were the first of the Ongwehowe or Real People, those of the combined Sky and Earth races.

The young woman Lynx died in child birth. They buried her body and from it grew Tobacco from her head, corn from her heart, potatoes from her toes, and beans from her fingers, the staples of life for her children, hueman kind, the Ongwehowe. Her spirit became the spirit of Earth, where she could continue to care and nurture her children. And so Earth became a living Being. When Old Woman from the Sky died, she returned to the Sky as the Moon so that she could watch over her grandchildren. Having lost her beloved Daughter Lynx in child birth, Grandmother stayed near by as the moon where she could help with the difficulties of bringing new life into the earth.

So now the work was divided up between the different sets of twins. ( In the creation of the earth, we now have the animals, Sky Woman, the Lynx, and all four of her children. This teaching tells us of the responsibility we all have as their descendants to care for the Earth)

 Rawenio known as Sapling,  was from the East, his color was red, and he brought enlightenment to the people. He brought the warmth of spring time and new birth to all the families upon the earth.  Sapling always planned for the best for mankind, tried to be helpful, always did good. He made placid ponds, rivers with current going both ways, he made flat plains. He created forests and the hunting animals. He created raptors and the hunting birds. He created the things for hueman kind to take care of. He was of the Sky, so the Eagle is his messenger, and the fawn is his teaching animal. The Thunderer's are his helpers. Sapling is uki energy... always good.

 Tawiskaroo, or known as Flint. He represents the teachings of the West whose color is black and teaching companion is the moose, one of his funny animals he created. Flint had a hard edge along his mind. Flint tried to do good, and sometimes he did and sometimes he didn’t.  He made high mountains that Sapling would then make passes so that mankind could travel through. Flint threw large stones in the rivers to create white water rapids, and changed the course of the rivers so that they flowed only one way. Flint made great waterfalls. Flint tried to create man and made Big Foot. When he tried to make a song bird, he made a bat. When he tried to make healing herbs, he made thistles. When he tried to do good, it never turned out the way he wanted. He began to be jealous of the things his brother made. 


Tawiskeroo was impatient. He wanted what he wanted, and he wanted it NOW. Once he wanted to cross a river but he had no canoe. So frustrated, he blew across the river and froze it solid. Now he could cross over. However, he froze everything including Saplings beautiful flowers and plants, and food plants. Eventually, Flint got angry and jealous because he never could quite make the same thing that Sapling could. He tried and he tried but they just didn’t come out the same. So he stamped his feet in a tantrum and that he created the Little Ice Age. So it was that the twins were forced to lock their brother into the underworld along with many of his creatures since they were ugly and frightening. Flint became the teacher of the underworld, with the Raven as his messenger.  Fall became his season to walk on top of the earth. Flint is okten  energy, which means he doesn’t intentionally try to be bad but sometimes things just don't turn out right.

Later, when he reincarnates as Tadadaho, his impatience for Peace to heal his crooked body and mind, He creates storms that threaten to sink the Peacemakers canoe so that he is forced to return to shore. This okten energy spews its emotional energy all over the place and the Earth reacts with radical change of weather again and again.

Sweet Blossom took the direction of the South. Here she emanated the warmth of Summer, the nurturing of all things growing to their fullness. She continued the work of creating foods for the people, along with flowers, song birds, and butterflies. Her color is yellow, and her messenger is the hawk, and helper is the Bear. She is always loving and communicates with her mother Lynx, the Earth. Sweet Blossom created the red buds, and the strawberries that grow along the Sky Trail to the place of the dwelling of the Great Chief.

The last twin, Oheinya Jiggonsashe or Blue Lynx, took the direction of the North. Her feelings could run icey cold like the blue of icebergs. She did not intentionally cause harm, but often had no patience for humans traits. She felt that they deserved the results of their decisions. When she blew, cold winds would freeze the air, and the waters, and the creations of the earth would sleep in the coldness. Blue ice is her color, the owl her messenger, and the Lynx her helper.

The twins would work together. Flint and Sapling divided the light and the dark from noon to midnight so each would have equal amounts. They divided the earth into hemispheres so each had half. Sapling took the upper, Flint the bottom, Blue Lynx the West and Sweet Blossom the East.. the Sky was gendered male and the Earth was gendered Female. The Grandfather Sun was Sky Woman's brother, and the Moon was Grandmother Sky Woman. Everything in Creation was in relationships of relatives and governed by the "Twinship Principle" which required wholeness between male and female genders.

Sometimes their sphere of influence and their responsibilities would over lap, but as you can see the world we live in is the result of male and female energies working TOGETHER to create a whole. The men created and cared for the forests, mountains,  and hunting while the woman created and took care of the food, and the lodges, and the regeneration of life through birth and death.

And through out it all, is the relationship of family. AS the first mother of mankind, Lynx Spirit became the Earth Mother. So it becomes a literal relationship. She is our ancient ancestor, and is now our loving caretaker. She is about to go through another transformation. It is said that the Creation epoch is three cycles; two cycles of women and one of man. Sky Woman and Lynx is one cycle of women, the twin girls another, with the twin boys as the cycle of man.

It is said when the Peacemaker came, he was the returned Sapling, and his brother Tawiskaroo, returned as the wicked sorcerer Tadadaho, and Lynx took human form again to become the Jikohnsaseh, the Great Peace Woman… and they say that Epoch has three cycles, one of woman and two of men, so there is a balance. Always a balance.

But the third epoch has had no balance. It began with a Prophet called Handsome Lake and his new code. The third epoch has been dominated by Tawiskaroo, or Flint and his offspring the white man. It is said that Tawiskeroo thought that it would be hilarious to  watch his Indian People walk around like zombies and so he invented the White Man (short for any Patriarchal order of Domination instead of dominion and not necessarily the color). Tawiskaroo was very sad when he saw what a hard time these new people brought to his Indian people but it was too late to unmake them. These new people were the very essence of Tawiskaroo himself, not always looking to see if what they were doing were the best for ALL the people… This third epoch has grown to where the men no longer honor the woman nor protect the children. The Abuse by those whose duty it is to protect is now epidemic. This third epoch is a mistake in the time of men.

It is time to change all and bring back the balance that is truth. 

It is said that it is time for the women to lead. This is not a leading of domination  as we have seen for the last two thousand years and the last 500 on Turtle Island, nor the way it was done by feminists;  but a leading of the heart, to be brought forth with compassion, understanding, and love.  And it is time for our men to allow us and to support us in this leading. It is time to bring forth the heart, and the love of the Great Earth Mother for her children so that they may remember all that she has done for them, and return to respect, and   honor of Her and her kind, the mothers of all life, the keepers of the seeds of future generations.

It is the male and the female coming together, in unity, as one, in ecstatic creation energy that brings forth new life. So it is with this new Epoch that we must usher in. Male and Female together, both in their glory, both in their truth and beauty, coming together to create and birth this new energy through out our living world.

Our ceremony combines both elements directly from the earth. The reservoir being the feminine liquid elixir of life, water of the womb, birthing new energies, that will flow out upon the earth, and setting forth the protection of the male, as he stands upright and glorious, in his stature, capable of impregnating these energies so they continue to grow and mature and to protect them. Both male and female, created He them… 

This teaching is called the "Twinship Principal". It means that we are only great through the greatness of all. There are no lone wolves. We are a pack. We are a family. Male-- Female through out all creation. We are part of a whole. Either without the other is only half… This shift must be made TOGETHER. MALE AND FEMALE, EACH DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST. CREATING, BUILDING, SHARING, HELPING, HONORING, RESPECTING, LOVING IN NON-JUDGMENTAL WAYS

There is a second part of this teaching that I would like to bring out at this time which has to do with the Earth Healings themselves….

 Is in the phrase “So it was that the twins were forced to lock their brother into the underworld along with many of his creatures since they were ugly and frightening and of unpredictable natures.”   And so there were many creations that were locked into the under world. There was given protocols for using the gifts of the Mother. We have forgotten how to do this… but when we dig into the Earth Mother without these protocols of prayerful intent, the holes we dig are not sealed and so these Creations of Flints, or Tawiskeroo, are allowed to escape into our world. This causes some (not all ) of the insanity that you see going on in the world today. Suicides, depression, impulsive murders, are some of the disturbing things that happen because these creations are let loose on our level. Their powers are not meant for the surface and so they cause much chaos.

Although I have taken these teachings from the Haudenosaunee, Blue Thunder of the Shoshoni Arapaho teaches the same things in a similar fashion.



Feminine Energies. (1)

In the Creation Synopsis, I explained the Haudenosaunee view of “Twinship Principal” and how Time was divided into “Epochs”. I included the story of Tawiskaroo, who out of boredom and playing a practical joke, created White People. This lead to an entire Epoch of unbalance as men took over rule by domination and forgot the balance women bring to the equation.  It was reflected in our Constitution as of 1776, as women were not given the right to vote for 150 years after. Contrary to the Fear Mongering of the times, the sky did not fall in and society was not destroyed when women were given voice in their government. This unbalance we still see today in our society, as physical, mental and spiritual abuse is rampant against the harbingers of our race, and the children whom it is men’s duty to protect.  Nor is it balance when our mothers, and daughters become the abuser. 

A present movement among Christian Conservatives is to rewrite or edit the Bible in order to make women even more subservient and to erase all “Liberal” ideas.  This is politically motivated, but stands against everything that Indigenous Peoples understand as the Original Instructions to live in balance and respect and honor with each other and our Mother the Earth, EARTH MOTHER, A FEMININE GENDERED CREATION.

To reinstate balance, the feminine principle is to be restored. In traditional ways of the Haudenosaunee, medicine ways and knowledge was passed from the man to a woman, then from that woman to a man, and so forth. This kept the balance in the teachings.

When making a decision in our lives, we have been counseled to stand on one foot and think about it, then stand on the other foot and think about it, then stand on both, in balance and think about it and there make the decision. In our world today, we see such a custom engages the different halves of the human brain,,, that part which is logical, and that part which is the Creation aspect, then bring balance to both sides.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman IS a pipe carrier, how else could she give the Sacred Rites which went with it. In some traditional native teachings today, women are not allowed to be pipe carriers. These teachings are convoluted as the dominating culture has infiltrated Native Ways with their beliefs over time.

As we move into the shift of the 5th World, there is an emphasis on the Earth, to recognize her as the provider of our bodies, life, and sustenance here on this plane. We are told that she will ascend also. AS the Mother Earth is brought into her rightful place, so must all women be raised up. It is said that it is the Time of the Women, the Mothers and  Grandmothers to take the lead. We must teach the people, we must guide our loved ones, we must insist on this balance, respect and honor. Only we can do it. And we must then appreciate and acknowledge our men for allowing us, supporting us, as we take our rightful places as the nurturers of our people.  

*harbinger; definition: somebody or something that announces something: somebody or something that foreshadows or anticipates a future event… to provide shelter for….



words are creations

see Sky Woman’s Message

Scientists today have been trying to find that particle, the Universe, the Earth, Matter is made of. They have been doing many scientific experiments. They have discovered that they all are right. This particle reacts exactly as they expect it to although none of the experiments are the same. They have come to understand that these particles, what ever they are called: nano particles, God particles, Adamtine particles,,, react to the thoughts of the individual scientist. Essentially they are proving that we are the Creators of our own world. We bring back to our selves what it is we are putting out to the world according to our belief system. That makes each of us RIGHT all the time,,, and we have the experience to prove it. (don’t we?)

One Japanese Scientist, Masuro Emoto has experimented with water crystals. He shows a bottle of water, a picture or word, or plays music, or prays to the water, then freezes it and photographs the crystals that are formed. He has gotten some extraordinary results. His work proves the power of words, and of prayer. His work proves the intelligence of water and its ability to change, and remember. (Look him up on the net if you are not familiar with his work.)

A movie called “The Secret” explains this.

None of this is news to Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples. In the beginning of time, we are told that Creator, Great Mystery made everything spiritually, that would ever be needed here on this earth. This abundance is kept in the spiritual cornucopia known as the Field of Plenty. To manifest the abundance that is already there, we are to pray as tho we have already received it, knowing that is it there, and a grateful heart can bring it into this plane. The Old Ones prayed, “Thank you Thank you”  not “I need, I want”. They understood that words are creations, and if you need, or want, then you will continue to need or want. But if you were thankful for what ever you had, even if it is just a bowl of soup, then the Creator, Universe, particle responds with more of what you are putting out there. We are the Creators of our personal world because the Nano Particles produce what we believe. Most of the time, we create negative things in our lives until we learn this principle and reprogram our thoughts to think only positively and to manifest enjoyable experiences.

Native Peoples believe that everything is spiritual first. Therefore any illnesses are spiritual before it is manifest physically. Heal the spirit cause, and heal the body. So to find the spiritual cause, one looks at where one is not believing in love, not accepting love. Where you hold a belief or program in your body field, that is not Love,  it will eventually create a physical manifestation of pain, illness, disease in that place.

So it is with our Earth Mother. She is in a spiritual Crisis because those on her are in a spiritual crisis. We, hue-man kind, are out of balance. What we are doing as hue-man kind, is being reflected in her. We can heal her instantly, when we unite together in spiritual alignment of Love.

Dr. Emoto’s work with water crystals shows the basis of this. In the beginning of our Earth Time, all cultures seem to agree that our world was a water world. Everything in Creation came up out of that water.  Today, our Earth is covered with 80% water, while we as humans are 80% water (at birth, we dry out as we age). Everything on the earth is a form of water crystal even the sand which is chemically described as silicon dioxide. This little bit of knowledge lets us know that EVERYTHING in Creation is then a programmable crystal because water is the major component.

So if every step you take, every breath you make, every word you exclaim, every deed you do is recorded in the water crystals of your body, your  children’s bodies, your Earth Mother’s body, WHAT are YOU creating?

I ask you to really think and consider on this…

And you can see why our Earth Mother is sick. When the predominate cultures are out of balance spiritually, that is produced in the physical world. That is why, when so many White Men with their beliefs of Lack, beliefs of Manifest Destiny and Superiority, or beliefs of sin and unworthiness, overpowered the beliefs and knowledge of the Red Man. Because of the sheer numbers of those united in the same belief systems on the cosmic level,  their collective belief created the present situation for this learning experience on this plane. These belief systems are false and we must return to Universal truths.

So if we want to heal our selves, obviously we must become spiritually aligned with spiritual truths. We have to allow ourselves to be loved, and BE Love. WE must purge beliefs and thought forms that hold onto the past hurt, pain, injustices, and false dogma. We must accept our value and come to an understanding that each of us is worthy of love, love of self as well as by others, and by the spiritual realms.  Each is unique, Each is important, Each has special gifts. And Native Ways (Looking Horse & Iroquois) teach that if you are here at this time, it is because you are needed, and because you have special gifts to use on behalf of the people and the Earth… and no one….. NO ONE… can do what you have the ability to do but YOU>

To heal our Mother Earth, we must UNITE of One Heart, One Spirit, One Love, One Truth. “Our collective consciousness is more powerful than any nuclear power.” (Leon Shenandoah, Tadadaho of the Haudenosaunee).

This is why Earth Healing Ceremonies are a community event. WE are practicing, learning to unite our thoughts together in love, peace, harmony, and balance. As the Hopi have instructed, we no longer act individually, but join together in community to create the world we want and in-vision for our children and future generations.




Before we came here we agreed to the physical laws and spiritual laws that would function here. This can be changed by us getting together and choosing different laws. It is all in the co creator part of our spiritual DNA. The earth is a giant crystal. And like a small quartz crystal, it enhances communication in it perfect state, and it is programmable… back when the Annunaki came they inserted in an overlay> a new program in the crystal grid system of Manifest Destiny or the Any Means to achieve the goal… a program that has operated since then. The DNA of the planet is actually Peace Love and Harmony but with the overlay, it has not known that much Peace Love and Harmony, so Ancients did ceremony to renew the earth periodically.  Another part goes back to the crystal of the Earth, and there fore everything the water, the air, the stones, the fire are all crystalline forms, so are we and all animal and plant life. That means that every thought, and action and deed that has been done on the earth has been programmed/recorded in the earth crystal fields.

Ancient peoples did earth renewal ceremonies which cleared all “people imposed” (because we are the only ones with free will that we misuse) programs off the earth, so that the earth had a clean slate to start recording on again. When the earth is cleared of these energies there are not those negative energies hanging out for ordinary people to connect to  and unwittingly become part of the negativity. IT seems that people are going crazy. Killing children spouse, or loved ones. This is contributed to  different factors but one is the negative energy predominace in a flow and if people are not well connect to true spirit but are lost, they are primary targets for the negative energies, whether they are swamped by negative energies that have piled up in an area, or attacked with Demonic energies from inner earth… pretty much the same even if in different forms of energy…

Our modern society gave up on earth ceremonies, even making it illegal to do for the last 500-300 years. That means that every war, ever murder, every hate, ever argument, every greed moment is recorded here and has not been cleared off in the last couple of centuries..(good thoughts and deeds too when there are any) this energy keeps piling up layer upon layer. This planet was designed as a love planet and such negative vibrations are against its primary make up. That is part of what is warming her up and making the planet go crazy. AC Ross. Lakota spiritual leader teaches that our negative vibrations affect even the sun and it is possible that our negative energy could harm even the solar system.

Today, in the ceremonies we are instructed to program what we do want the world to be into the grid systems after they have been cleared, healed and realigned. At a time and place, we will be instructed how to blow out the Annunaki overlay but until then, teaching people and getting faithful people to work at healing the “people  energies” so that we can unite to blow out the overlay is the main goal and purpose of work at this time.

I imagine that you are aware of quantum physics theories. And that the scientists have been trying to discover the basic element of creation. We know that it is LOVE although it has been called the Adamtine Particle, the Nano particle, the God particle. Everything in the Universe is made of LOVE, and in its purity, it is a living force. So when scientist got down to the particle of creation, each had an idea of what it would do…. And it did exactly what it’s scientist thought that it would.. So if we had 50 scientists doing different experiments, we got 50 different results each according to the thoughts of the scientist who was dong the experiment. It ultimately proved that we are the creators and we create with our thoughts. Again just a different way of looking at the Crystal of the Earth.

More proof of this is the work of Japanese scientist Masuro Emoto. In his experiments with water, he exposed distilled water to thoughts, pictures, prayers, music, then froze the water into solid crystals. He then sliced it off and watched under a microscope the crystal of ice as it melted into water and Photographed the crystal. The Crystal reflected what it was exposed to. The most dramatic was polluted water that had been prayed for. Before picture was putrid, even displaying a face of a devil. The after was a picture of a man sitting in lotus with a halo over his head. He has published many books by now, and you can find him on the net. Again this proves that our thoughts and words have power to affect the world around us. And since we are 80 % water, what we do to our selves when we indulge in decadent behaviors and lying belief systems. And especially what we do to our little children when we yell, belittle, or harm in any way. We harm the water in our bodies, and in theirs, and therefore is the creation of illness, spiritual and physical.

So what we are experiencing is a matter of choice by the agreement of all of us on the planet. You want a different result, then you have to think different thoughts..

Now this has been a tuff one for me, in and out of learning… but I can testify that it is the truth. What you believe is your truth. And you can change that truth by changing what you believe. Now obviously I am not talking about Creators Truth or spiritual eternal Truth. Each of us have our own set of truths… some we live by and some we don’t… but they are OUR truths. One truth might say that all men are assholes… I actually saw this one play out. A beautiful Nez Perce Woman was the result of an Indian in the wood pile… She was abused by her white father and her brothers. She hated men. I saw this woman because of her inner anger at men,,, transfer to all men, and in 5 minutes, you could put her with any otherwise mild mannered man, and he would be screaming at her… all very interesting.

You see her belief was “all men are Assholes” Her experience was to prove it to her over and over and over. But essentially, she went with an attitude that men would instinctively perceive and put up defenses against. They would perceive the her hate energy as an attack, and would react to it.. We do this in so many ways in our lives.

Another really glaring example of belief was the guy at Ruby Ridge. He believed that the government was going to come after him and his family. He became so radical in that belief that his neighbors found him scary. So his belief led him into actions which then caused the US government to come in,  Now this does not excuse the killing of his wife and child, but you can see how he orchestrated the government coming to get him first through his belief and then his own actions.

 So the question here is WHAT as mankind collective are we creating here on earth. The White House and what goes on there is only a reflection of what the People are believing and doing.  Mr. Bush reigned at a time when the collective was angry about 911 and ready to go to war to defend our country… He reflected those ideals and he operated on them. As time went on, people began to see the lies that led us into the other war, and many other things that went on behind the closed doors of the Bush administration. But what is the first order of business that Obama has to take care of when he comes to office. Not only was the Bush administration corrupt… but big bank, big financial institutions, big power companies (Enron)… WE the people at corporate level were so in love with the God of Mammon that we were as corrupt as the Bush Administration, and that has become very very evident.  Bush (and now  Obama) only reflects the state of the nation.

So if we want ethics in government, WE have to be ethical as a collective. If we want Peace in the world, then we have to be Peace as a collective. If we want no more FEAR then we have to manifest that as a collective…

A recent article in the statesman says that 69% now combine religions. It is not unusual to find a Catholic who believes in reincarnation and so forth. That shows that 69% of Americans are waking up. They may not be all the way there yet, but 3 years can yet make a huge difference. If 69% could come together on what they do want, NOTHING could stand in their way.  We are told that it only takes .01% to invoke the 100th monkey principle. So out of 9 billion people that would be  900,000,000. (Okay,,,, so that is why we aren’t there yet… LOLOLOL)

Light Workers the world over have been working on this for the last 22 years. In 1986, the year of the Harmonic convergence, a special 25 years light emanated from the center of the Universe. And we are told, and as we can see retrospectively, things have speeded up over the last 22 years. And in the next 3, technology, spirituality, healing, you name it, and it will change from our understanding of it today…

 My theory is that the special light is Pure Love. As we near the center, we get stronger vibrations of love. Until Dec 21, 2012 we will hit the strongest vibrations of love that the Universe has, and in that love living vibration we will birth and create the world we have been wanting and  creating in all our work because we will have trained our minds and our beliefs to make this happen. It is also my theory, that Love is a two edge sword. Those who don’t know love, will not be able to stand the vibration of pure love, and it will be like Meshak, Shadrack, and Abendigo in the firey furnace. The Love Vibration will protect those who can match it, and will destroy those who can’t. What better way to eliminate evil?

Ever seen what love does to someone who does not know how to accept it? Place your hand in front of the heart chackra and give them love and they will physically be in pain.  Surround someone who is genuinely hurt spiritually, like a bad relationship or abuse, and they will physically get sick, and run from you. One of the martial arts is based on using your attackers energy against them. The difference is when they are ready to step out of the pain, and are willing to accept the love. I think  that is why Christians get conversions. Not so much because they are right but because they provide the opportunity for people who are hurting, to give that pain up.

So when I say “we”, I mean the collective we who are doing all the bad energy stuff.