Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.

Earth Mother Crying

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300 N. Orchard
Saturday February 20 th
Social 5:30
Movie Presentation:  7 PM
“Healing Sacred Sites”


 Our Earth Healer Music group, "   ", played while attendees gathered for the movie. We served some refreshments, decorated with Earth Art, and had a great time.


Center for Spiritual Living
600 N. Curtis Boise, Idaho
Friday, February 26th
Community Meal (potluck) at 5:30
Presentation at 7Pm
with Blue Thunder


Dawn Marie on kitchen duty organizing potluck


 Our Group
Curt, Alana, Nikki, Melt, Marcine, Dale, Dawn Marie


Jerry from Missoula, with Curt, Curtis, and McCara


Kris playing flute  

 Our Earth Healer Musicians


Sound of the Drum


Blue Thunder singing power song  

Blue Thunder gives a presentation


 Dennis sharing a story



Alana and Elizabeth


Dawn Marie and Dennis


Attendees eating and listening.


Treasure Valley Community College
Weese Building: W110 Room
Ontario, Ore

Saturday, February 27th
with Blue Thunder

Ceremony 4:00PM Open Space
Community Meal 5:30 PM
Presentation at 7 PM



Botanical Gardens, Boise
Sunday February 28th

With Blue Thunder

Presentation and Ceremony

2:00 -5:30
Free Admission



 Stone Sentinels  

Gathering under the Gazebo

   Viki, Mcara, Curtis, and two friends
Dennis sharing stories and blessings

 Water for the ceremony.

  Blue Thunder and Marcine
    Headed over to the Ceremony Location    

 Our Dakota


 Prayers to Creator and Mother Earth,  the Spirits, the Ancestors, Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ascended Masters


 Altar to the Four Directions


Kris and diggerydoo


Circle Dance





Blue Thunder