Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.

Earth Mother Crying

  White Wolf  

Dennis Smartt

A Sacred Creation


Sarah Winnemucca

    Paiute Visits 2009

 Burns Language Seminar June 12,2009

McDermit, NV Aug4, 2009

 Paiute Journey  

2010 March 1, 2010 McDermitt Water Ceremony

May 15, Honor the Firefighters, McDermit, NV

May 29-30 Owyhee, NV Ceremony in Robyns yard

June 12 Burns Language Seminar

July 4 Summit Lake Nv

August 14 Owyhee Workshop and Ceremony

    Ruby Pipeline

Sarah Winnemucca



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Blue Thunder
Healing Mother Earth through Ceremonies
The Vision of Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder Bio
 Boise Earth Healings 2007

 Boise Earth Healings 2008 


 Boise Earth Healings 2010

Spoken Truth
White Thunder

White Eagle

Presbyterian Church
Albertsons Park
Bonneville Point
Mama Jam
10/23/08 Sweat Lodge

Presentations  February 20, 26-27


Center for Spiritual Living

Treasure Valley Community College

Botanical Gardens, Boise

  Camels Back Park 10/25/08 Table Rock
Center for Spiritual Living
  Spirit @ Work
The Work of Masuro Emoto
Inspirations from Water
10/26/08 Botanical Gardens at the Old Penitentiary
10/27/08 Shangri La Tea Room
  Table Rock
The Healing of Adodorahorn
  Bonneville Point Ceremony
The Stone Heart by Kunuga
  Veterans Park
Peacemaker Meets the Mohawks
Boise Green Belt


 Niyawehnsie   Peacemaker Teachings
Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Robert Roskind 
Thanksgiving Address  Crystal Mountain 8-8-8
Behold a Miracle Creation from the Teachings of the Haudenosaunee
A Message from Sky Woman
The Importance of Mother Earth


Earth Mother Crying  Prophecy
Let Goodness Take Its Place
Message of Purification
Prayer from the Spiritual Elders of the Earth
Earth Wisdom  
Spirit of the Drum
A Message from Sky Woman
The Importance of Mother Earth
Meet David Yarrow
Vesica Piscis
Earth Healing 101
Creation Synopsis "Twinship Principle"

Feminine Energy, Love, Words are Creations
Everything is by Agreement

Crystal Medicine Wheel  2009

  Aarvol Looking Horse/ Lakota
How the Lakota Got the Pipe Miracle


  Chief Seattle1864

Chief Leon Shenandoah

  Iroquois Prophecy
The Prophecy of the Seventh Generation
The Prophecy of the Peacemaker
Deganiwida by Red Elk
  Hopi Prophecy      
  Mayan Prophecy      
  Inca Prophecy      
Current Events  2010
May 15th, 2010 McDermott Honor the Firefighters

May 29-30 Owyhee Reservation
June 12th Burns Language Conference

July 4th Owyhee




Links to our Friends  Peace One Day     Crystal Mountain Synchronization Ceremony2010

Crystal Mountain 2010

Hobo Cedar Gardens2010

formerly Gr. father and Gr. mother mountains.

Cleveland Mountain 2010

Borah Mountian 2010

House Mountain 2010

Cottonwood Mountain 2010

Clearwater Lookout 2010 formerly No Name


April 18th  Earth Fest Botanical Gardens at the Old Prison site, Boise Idaho

April 18th and 19th Holistic Wellness Faire at the Fairgrounds, Boise Idaho

June 28 IONS presentation of Earth Wisdom: Sacred Sites Importance to Healing the Earth by Marcine Quenzer

August 4 visit to McDermit

August 6 visit to Cottonwood Mountains and selection of Brogan Hill

August 11 visit to House Mountain

August 17-26 Journey to the north visiting Grandmother Mt. No Name Mt, Cleveland Mt.

September 7 visit to Borah Mountain

September 13 Sunday Healing ceremony at House Mountain

September 19-20 Healing ceremony on Crystal Mountain  

September  27 Healing ceremony on Cottonwood

October 3- 4  Healing ceremony on Borah


  2008   Crystal Mountain Activation Ceremony2011

Sacred Geometry


Blue Thunder in Boise

10~11~08 Four Rivers Museum, Ontario, Or  10AM  The Peacemakers Epoch presentation by Marcine Quenzer
                  Ontario City Library 1 PM Earth Wisdom; Native American perspective of Global Warming presentation by Marcine  Quenzer

September 21, Veterans Memorial Park- ONE DAY OF PEACE FESTIVAL  

8-8-08 Earth Healing at Crystal Mountain, Bergdorf Hot Springs, McCall, Idaho


  2007 Cottonwood Mountain Brogan Hill
Lookout Mountain
Bully Creek Reservoir
Malheur Butte

July 17   Fire the Grid  1516 Sunset Rim.

July 25 Mayan Day Out of Time   Camels Back Park  7PM to 11PM

July 27  7:00 PM   Spirit@Work Books and Beyond   710 N. Orchard 
Power Point Presentation on Earth Wisdom by Marcine Quenzer

July 29   2:00 to 4:00 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, on 6200 Garrett St., in Garden City
Power Point Presentation on Peacemaker Teachings with Earth Wisdom by Marcine Quenzer

September 21, Veterans Memorial Park- ONE DAY OF PEACE FESTIVAL 
contact: Diana Anderson
Alana Marmel   

September 1-30- Hispanic Cultural Center - The Epoch of the Peacemaker- Original Paintings of the series from the Peacemaker Epoch of the Haudenosaunee.

September 1-30 Nampa Civic Center - The Art of Marcine Quenzer: Native American subject matter and Indian artifacts on display.

October 1-November 15 Nampa Civic Center- The Epoch of the Peacemaker- Original Paintings of the series from the Peacemaker Epoch of the Haudenosaunee along with Iroquoian and woodland artifact display.

    No Name Mountian  
      Cleveland Ceremony  
      Borah Mountain  
      House Mountain  

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Earth Mother Crying Glacier

The Ice is Melting by Oren Lyons

The Ice is Melting Faster than we Think

Crystal Mountain Medicine Wheel