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Cleveland Ceremony 2010

Cleveland Mountain
Cleveland Mountain Ceremony Leader: Florence, Montana

Jerry McCarthy 1-406-825-3030


Cleveland Mountain is in a people area. I felt that greed was the most important thing of this area, although many toxins from forestry practices, being near civilization was also a problem as the forest here were pale, with brown dying trees among them. Stuck Thought forms were prevalent because of the proximity to humans. These will be cleared so new thoughts of Peace Love and Harmony can replace the old ones.








June 26th, 2010 Missoula

 Dennis Smartt, and Nicheta Marquez at Jerry's table.

Jerry in his Kitchen

 Nikki, Jerry, Dennis and Curt finishing breakfast.

May 2, Dawn Marie and i went to Missoula. we did a presentation for Jerry's people. there were about 14 gathered for it.

We went to Missoula June 26th. It was great. Jerry McCarthy had tried to get us a presentation but only two people showed up. We gave it our all. Each one spoke, including Dennis, who decided to go with us at the last moment.  Jerry and his wife Rhonda treated us great. She got the blow up mattresses, and even pillows so we felt like our tent was the Hilton… (in comparison sleeping on pavement pebbles, and rocks….hahaha)


Surveying fire transmutation

Sunday morning, Jerry took Nikki, Curt, Dennis, and I,  up to the mountain that is his in that area. We did a 6 hour ceremony. It had to be a good one, as not one of us realized we had been there that long. Dennis acted as fire keeper which we never have been able to do because of the fire danger. The main mountain Crystal had been specific about the value of fire to burn out the old and bring in the new. At the end of the ceremony, Dennis did a song and a small ceremony to recognize Jerry’s commitment to do this work in that area, and for the point Cleveland Mountain.  Nikki and I got sun stroke. It was mild.


Clearing Ceremony






Ceremony Feast



Jerry gave us a personal tour of the mountain. He is a surveyor so he knew the geological and the fauna. We got to gather some Indian Tobacco. He is so knowledgeable. We made a couple of stops down the  mountain to see things he directed attention toward. It was a long drive home (8 hours) but a great weekend.


Synchronization Ceremony  on Cleveland

Headed toward Cleveland Mountain, Montana

Up date: July 7, 2011

    We hope that everything is going well down there for the earth healers and your Family. We are doing well here. My work has gotten busier. It isn't that bad though.

We have been busy planting flowers, shrubs,and trees. We planted a few garden Items but the deer are finding a few things.


    It took me three trips to make it up to the saddle this year. I went up from the Florence side of the mountain and ran into a big washout within a mile of the Saddle. I went completely around to the Clinton side and got stopped by a big Tree that had been fallen across the road. It was probably about three miles From the saddle. I went up on 7-7-11 or Thursday to see about hiking in there.

I walked up the ridge to the medicine wheel and it took about a half hour. It Looked the same as we left it in October. I put more white sand around everything And smudged everything off. I did a pipe ceremony and everything went well.

The white sand turned to orange and connected with all the stones and a vortices Took everything into the earth. Even the fire circle had not changed. Everything Is coming back. There is a yarrow growing in the east side of the circle inside The medicine wheel. It's so beautiful this year.



Yarrow is big medicine,

and it is growing INSIDE the medicine wheel.. and in the East..... spiffy...

WE express gratitude for Rhonda in that she supports Jerry in this work that the Earth has called him to do... We are grateful that she is with Jerry doing this work.. OUR thanks and love to her and to Jerry... for their sincere hearts and graciousness...


Top of Cleveland Mountain.

this burnt area in four directions near the top

Looking West from top, inside burn


Looking south toward the top of cleveland. The bright stone near the tdying tree is the top of the mountain.

Cairn is top of Mountian looking west.

surveyors reference monument for the top of the Mountain.


looking West from Saddle near Nine Mile Road. Jerry's wife Rhonda is drying and

 warming her feet.

Looking west with all Jerry's Medicine and Ceremonial stuff laid out. His wife Rhonda in the Medicine Wheel.

Closer view of Jerry's ceremonial objects.