Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
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Clearwater Lookout Ceremony 2010


High Plateau Ceremony:

Pomeroy, Washington
David Scott

Clearwater Lookout
Walla Walla National Forest


The site is  approximately 22 miles from Pomeroy, Washington. Take 15th St. south to the forest boundary, 15 miles. Continue 9 miles to Clearwater Lookout Tower. Go past to the second road on the right. 

Clearing Ceremony September 2010



Dawn, Kris and I went up to northern Idaho this last weekend to do clearing ceremonies on the two ceremonial spots.

We went out to Pomeroy, then the 15 miles to the Walla Walla National forest and then 9 miles to Clearwater Lookout. As we came around a curve, we were greeted with a feeling of joy, and welcome. “They” were expecting us, and so glad we were there. Then Two roads on the left past the Lookout, we found a little spot to do a very sweet ceremony. We received a message bout the trinity. We numbered 3 and many sacred things come in three. The Father, Mother and the Child;  Us the Hue-man,  in that we have a Sky Spirit (I am presence/highself/ Uki) and an Earth Spirit (low self/ Okten) which reincarnates carrying the lessons, and a material self we call Ego. Three in one. Just as the Creator, the Mother Earth, and we their children, are representational of the three aspects of Creation: male, female, and fruit or child.    We left 7 stone people there holding space for this ceremony coming up. The circle is about 6-8 feet across and is sitting in the grass between two places where campers had made fires.  If anyone up that way, has intentions of going and sitting on the mountains up there, that is the one spot to go. If you can, recover the stone people as they have been in quite a few ceremonies and I really did not want to leave them there, but we had no one else to hold space during the upcoming ceremony.

Third pic shows the leanto someone had built and left there. The last pic show the stump with two rocks on top of it. Second pic shows the area the stone ancients are standing.