Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


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  House Mountain Ceremony

House Mountain says she has vitality and strength as the foundation of the family to share and to support others in need of help. There is mining in the area, and again the past that must be cleared so new energies of Peace Love Harmony can flow into the area, down the valleys, into the Boise River and then carried to the cities and towns, but basically felt good and strong.

  • Elevation: 7700
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Elmore
  • Mountain Range; Danskin Mountains
  • Boise National Forest
  • Nearest City: Prairie
  • House Mountain Prairie City, Id 2009

Clearing Ceremony

Barnabus and I went up to House Mountain to do a clearing ceremony and to ask the Ancient of Days to stand with their presence on that mountain come Sychronization time.

It started out as we took the long part of the loop and seemed forever to get there. Several times i got sick, and the final time, we were about to turn around and go back thinking we were about as lost as anyone could get. Instead, we kept going, and right around the corner we found our spot. It was like the darkness was in opposition and trying to stop the ceremony. And to think we were about to give in to it... we did learn however that the road is a loop and the other direction was a short 5 mile drive while we wound around and around the scenic way.

The ceremony was not a long one but we had many participants. Fairies, Gnomes and Little People joined us. Also the Lemurian Council with spokes person Lady Laaeela came.   This was Barnabus first ceremony. He carries a lot of power. But it was an experience unlike any he had had before. He was surprised to be able to hear and see the Little People who joined with us.