Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.



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Mount Borah

  • Elevation: 12,662 
  • State: Idaho County: Custer
  • Mountain Range: Lost River Mountains
  • Challis National Forest
  • Nearest City; Mackay


 Mount Borah is our SE point in our Crystal Mountain Medicine Wheel. I have some insights to share with you.

First of all is how extremely important this calling is. We have very important work that we are engaged in. More Important than I would have ever guessed. Let me explain.

Many have been working on the grids for this time. Prayers, intention and love have been programming the grids from individuals and groups through out the world. A lot of the work can be done just during meditation.

The Earth Healing group has two functions in my understanding at the time. One is to build community of like minded individuals because when the shift comes, we will have to rely on and help each other. The second is as a bridge to connect all the spiritual work that is going on by Light Workers the world over, directly into the physical grid. Once these grids are connected, then again a lot of the work can be done remotely.

Some important information came from Mount Borah. She calls herself Pahidsta.

If you look at a map, you can see the mountain ranges that flow from Alaska to Peru. This is the backbone of Mother Earth. Like our backbone, it determines flexibility and life force. Over the last few hundred years, like little parasites we have been boring holes through it, blasting holes in it, and have created some major leakage problems of energy. But like a human backbone, if the nerves get infected, it will become paralyzed. We have been slowly noticing it but we are in a near paralyzing state.

The nervous system is vital to health, mobility, flexibility and communication with body parts. Think about your own nervous system. Think what it would be like if yours did not work properly, and for some of you, either yourself or through others you know, have experienced everything from carpal tunnel, to autoimmune disease, to complete paralysis. In the case of carpal tunnel, when you reach to pick something up, the numbness in your hand doesn’t let you feel the item, or grasp the item and it falls from your hand. Now start meditating what this is like for the Mother Earth as we have been infesting her with our greed, our hate, our anger, our separation, and our negativity, which attacks everything of love that our Mother is created from.

A similar thing in Momma Gaia is that she no longer cleans her own water. 50 years ago, you drink from mountain waters as 100 yd down stream of any impurity like dead carcasses even, and the water would be purified safe for drinking… As you know, it is no longer pure even as it comes out at its birthing space.

In fact, the Panama Canal is being widened at the critical point of connecting energies north and south. This severs that connection. Indigenous peoples have done ceremony on this aspect but now it will need to be done again.

When we started this a year ago, Crystal Mountain asked us to heal the physical Crystal Grid system which is deep in the earth. She said at that time it functions like a nervous system for the earth Mother. It carries life force and communication signals, and is fractured and broken all over.

Now back to the Mt. Borah insights. At the point where she is located, she is in the middle of the widest point of the backbone with the Sierra Nevadas on one side and the Rocky Mountains on the other. If you place it in relationship to the human spine, it is relative to the space right behind the heart chakra. A breaking Earth Mother’s heart because her children whom she loves so much are unconsciously killing her? And she soon will have to defend herself and heal? Please contemplate that thought and what it means.



In 1983, an earthquake created by the 7 foot slippage of this fault was felt all the way to Boise. The scarp extends for 21 miles along the mountain front. In some places, multiple scarps formed. The ground motion or roll did $15,000,000 damage to roads and buildings in the Chalis and Mackey areas. Boulders tumbled down mountains. Some struck homes around Chalis 35 miles North. New springs and craters called "sand boils" erupted in the valley. The largest deluge of water ever recorded after an earthquake in the United States—some 400,000,000,000 gallons—gushed forth.

This fault is vertical along the side of Mt. Borah. It goes deep into the earth. A major slippage here will impact the nuclear power plant at ARCO just 45 miles away. Please contemplate that thought.




Recent addition to the earth’s crust is in these parts. We call it the Craters of the Moon National Park.. The mountain told me to appease the "Fire Gods". Curious as to that term, She explained that fire is transmuting, and it is the only thing on the earth that can consume the iniquity of negative thought forms AND deeds, such as wars, murders, raping and pillaging of resources, as well as poisons from mining, farming, rain making, to name a few. All forms of pollution, spiritual and physical get transmuted through fire. The indication was that lava is getting ready to pour forth and purify. Fire is the only way….. unless we do ceremony and use our unconditional love to clear and heal.


Craters of the Moon National Park about 70 miles from Mount Borah. Dawn received information that this is the nursery... not sure what of.

30 years ago, there were no trees where there are young ones now.

 I feel it is necessary to do what we can do to lessen or make easier any of the shifting and purification that Mother Earth will be doing. Blue Thunder in his search for the next ceremony place for the Yellowstone Cauldron was told by three grandmothers (spirits of mountains) to go home. His job was done. It was now their turn to "wake the people up". The people are not listening, so now they will experience….

I am opening this ceremony up to everyone. I have contacted all the tribes. They know what we are doing. I have a few things that must still be accomplished with them, but we can now invite anyone and everyone to these ceremonies. I have spaced the ceremonies for instruction time, so if you have NEVER been to one, but feel drawn and would like to camp on Mount Borah, you are welcome. The Teachings concerning this work will be given prior to ceremony so you will feel perfectly at home.



The Ceremony Oct 4-5 2009



Winter Storm Advisory


Mount Borah becomes evident of the one time monolith volcano.

 Arriving Saturday afternoon, we knew there was a winter advisory and were concerned about it. We also felt that the mountain had been calling for us for some time, and this might well be the last chance we had of actually working with her and we felt it was too important to not get it done this year. There would be no guarantees, that we knew, but to ignore her summons were perilous at any rate.

As we arrived, we became aware of the intensity of energies. It was like a council was being held. And decisions were being made. The storm clouds were already gathering. Touching in with the spirits to let them know we were there, and asking what was the process was to be we were to follow, there was a sense of defiance, almost like do what you want but you can't change what is going to happen. We said that is fine, we are here to assist not change things, and the energies became a bit more friendly.

We set up camp at the trailhead, and then wanted to go to the Epi Center to open our ceremony. As we go to get in the cars to leave for the ceremony place, I could not find my keys. We hunted. We went through the campsite, through the vehicle, both twice,  and no where could we find the keys. Finally we smudged and I went to that space where I knew I had them last. We all smudged. Kris had suggested this while driving up as he felt the negative energies as well. He had been working on the mountain all week and had shared visions of demons. So now we did smudge. I knelt in the grass and on hands and knees felt around on the ground.... NOTHING.... Nothing... out of frustration, I told the spirits, this was not funny, and I wanted my keys back NOW. About that time, a crow called and I looked and there were the keys hanging in the path, dangling from the end of a little branch. Many times we had passed on that path and in its precarious hanging would have easily been knocked to the ground. It simply could not have been there before the cawing of the crow.

Dawn said, "this means that you have the key". Oh thanks alot, key to what? Meditation brought a strange answer. Very strange. It seemed that  entities not meant for the earth had "captured" the spirits and elementals of the land and held them captive in a cavern in the ancient volcanic center of Mount Borah. I brushed it off... too much science fiction.  Later, on the way home, Kris would describe exactly what they looked like and would agree to the cavern in the mountain.


Arriving at Mount Borah  with snow half way down.


The valley floor


Camp set up


 Mount Borah from the camp site.


Before Forgiveness and Clearing Ceremony Round 1Called to the mountain by the spirit Pahidsta, for the purpose of healing the gathering pressure beneath the fault. We “understood” this place was the space behind the heart chakra the middle of the chain from Alaska to Peru. Earlier that day we opened the vortex of Light to beg forgiveness for all past wrongs, and to sweep the negativity away and to send all the lost disincarnate spirits “home”.  As we looked over the valley, it was filled with the dead from wars we didn’t know about, coming to the Light, ending their long night. We were instructed to leave it for the night, so cleansing could continue to drain into it. Four Arc Angels were stationed at the column of Light to administer to the coming forces. Compassion, hugging, welcoming, a never ending flow of Love enveloping all who chose to come to the Light at that time.

  After Ceremony~~ Group Picture including Dagnee who was thrilled to take part. He danced all the way to join Dawn, Kris, and Dale.

the Valley floor before ceremony   the Valley floor after

 We traveled a few miles to the Epi Center. Dawn and Kris looked for a place to do ceremony and found a wonderful vortex filled with mullein. These place where mullein grows profusely are usually a sign of vortexes here in the west.  I took pictures of the ceremony but they did not show up in the camera. Here we did Round 1: forgiving and clearing of all energies on and in the sky. Next we cleared the energies in the ground and cleared water veins so that the water could disperse through the valley and relieve tensions on the fault line. The vortex was strengthened and aligned with the 12 grids, and energies were dispersed through all the grids. Spirits were sent to the light, many who did not belong on this earth were sent home. Others who wanted to join the Light were transmuted. Most of the entities inside the mountain went home leaving the spirits and elementals behind. There were massive amounts of human spirits gathering in the valley, the assumption was many wars, so a column o f Light was established to provide a way for them to return to Creator.  Four Bird Men (Arc Angels) were placed at the four corners of the vortex to assist and lift burdens, and Lady Nada, Shell Woman, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and Magdalena were placed in the in-between places to dry tears of Ancient Wounds and Pain facilitating evolution to the next realm. .

We left the vortex open all night so the  powers we called in could work. Helpers were called to make sure every rock and pebble, every blade and stalk of vegetation were cleared with the forgiven energies, of war, greed, pain, suffering, and the removal of stuck thought programs that laid like a suffocating blanket across the area.


Supper and camping...

   Kris making music
  Full Moon Ceremony~~ the moon was so bright that I hoped the silhouette of the  mountains would show up but not knowing how to get the flash to stop, this was all I could get.  The Sacred Stone People wanted to be present so they were set around the fire pit and left to enjoy the night, the Grandmother Moon, and the dying fire embers after we had retired for the night.

Suspicious snowflakes















  Enlarged snowflakes



What is this?



Snow has stopped and orbs have disappeared,,,,, except this.

  Enlarged looks like this.



At night, we held a pipe and was aware of a gathering taking place on the mountain. The spirits were gathering. Important decisions were to be made. Had we made a difference? Had we made ENOUGH difference?  In the  morning we were greeted by the white ground. We closed that vortex, created new flows, new grids, sent healing through out. Ceremony was shorter than usual as the snow was quickly piling up on top of us



   Sunday morning as fire man Kris gets our fire pit going again. Dale and Dawn getting bacon, eggs, and ham ready to go with zucchini bread, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Mount Borah behind the clouds as we set up for the rest of the ceremony.


Closing Round


Sunday morning we went up to the trailhead. Kris and I  had looked for a ceremonial spot and we had walked as far as the lower tree line, and found no flat spot for ceremony earlier.  We suspected the trail climbed steadily toward the top. In this snow, a journey farther up the mountain was not an option. Again Kris and Dawn looked for an appropriate spot to do ceremony.

At Cottonwood, Kris had a vision of an angel who showed to him a rainbow ley line that shot from the mountain. Now Kris could "see" the ley line here on Mount Borah. Just for the heck of it, I grabbed a set of dowsing rods, and checked it out... Yes Kris was right... it was exactly where he said. Just a little beyond the ley line, they settled on a place for the ceremony. Today's was simple. When wondering what to bring for this ceremony, not much at home wanted to come, so the set up this morning was just the Sacred Stone People and the Sacred White Crystal Sand for the Synchronization Ceremony. Soon the falling snow had them all covered so that they nearly disappeared.

Round 2: Was to bring in the healing energies to restore the life force upon the cleansed land and grids. Two waves of energy was sent forth through newly established vortex of crystalline light.  Round 3: was the synchronization of attaching Mount Borah, Pahidsta, into the crystal grid system and to her relatives, healing and merging, and reconnecting fragmented physical grids.  Round 4: We asked for the return of the elementals and land spirit divas. Closing with a special prayer to honor the stone people on the mountain as each had volunteered to become part of the Peace effort. And the Whirling Rainbow was again established to pulse out the 12 vibrations of Peace, Love and Harmony out over the valley and into the 12 grids. During the ceremony, the snow turned into a blizzard but stopped abruptly when it was over.

We went back to camp to find the snow weight had collapsed the tents and we had to dig them out, covered in snow. We went to work, and  looked forward to visit to a hot springs. Unfortunately, after we left, that "homing" instinct set in, and the hot springs got put on "rain check". Maybe next time.