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Crystal Mountian Medicine Wheel Activation 2011
Activation 2011 Diagram



This is an accounting of special events encountered by Marcine and it was sent to us on September 22, 2010.    Following her piece, you will find a reaction piece from Sunshine, a psychic in Hawaii who shares her personal experience after reading Marcine’s encounter of the Quartz kind.


Marcine writes:


It was in September when I first started this path. When I first met “Nefertiti” in a meditation, she gave me a gift.  She gave me a pink quartz rose that I was to keep in my heart.

My “teacher” Karmin Changrolean told me that it was unusual. She had not seen that before inher many years of being a Light Worker. 



February, Spirit had orchestrated a trip from Oklahoma to Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympics. I thought I was going to get rich selling my art and share with the World the story of the Haudenosaunee Peacemaker. The media came, sat up in my space, to shoot the other way.  Instead, Sally Stevens of Salt Lake invited me to go with her to a meditation group. That night, I was one of twelve who huddled in the darkness, in the snow,  by the Olympic Gold Rings and waited for the Mothership from the Galactic Federation of Light. That night, I was one of twelve who got the down load on the Whirling Rainbow of Peace. 


Wondering what am I to do with this? Since then, the Whirling Rainbow of Peace has been established in vortexes during Earth Healing work.



August, I met Blue Thunder of the Shoshoni. He set my feet on his path of Earth Healing given to him by the Thunderbeings who instructed him on the ceremonies of the Ancients as coded in the rock art petroglyphs.



August, my own mountain starts communication.


My friend Dawn Marie had invited me to a Grandmother Pipe Ceremony. Since no one had remembered to acknowledge my 60th birthday, I accepted, thrilled that Spirit had remembered me. It was here that seven grandmothers  came in. WE did not have an understanding until another friend, Isabelle called to say, that Crystal Mountain wanted me to come talk to her.


So another friend, Rob Orrison drove me up to visit Crystal above McCall, Idaho. As I sat on her, she showed me a crystal grid deep in the earth, and how our construction methods of blasting the earth with dynamite has shaken the very foundation of her and broken her from this crystal grid. She showed me how it messed up the aqueducts that carry the underground water in the same way, and caused pile ups of flowing lava. She asked me to heal this grid of communication and transporting of life force to her relatives.


I began the search for 6 grandmother mountains that had visited us in Pipe. Crystal said the first one was directly North. She told me she was an “engine,” when it is all put together.


Blue Thunder had me work with a woman, Shondra Rose of Light, who connected me directly to the Central Source then to 6 Star Nations (also, 6 mountains in my circle). These connected to 6 giant grey stone people in the earth. I was to gift them something, and only one thing came to mind.


The Pink Quartz Rose

I had “carried” a pink quartz rose 5 petal-like the Shoshoni wild rose for 22 years ever since Nefretiti had given it to me, which I gave to the 6 stone people. When I did, they became living white lights that became giant emerald green living stone people. 


The Light went from Central Source to the stars to the mountains, to the 6 stones under each mountain, then to the center of the earth. Then this light went back up through the pink quartz rose in the center of the stone people up through ME (Crystal Mountain) back to Creator.



August, our visit to the Hobo Cedars, our most northern mountain, we learned of “sacred’ and “constructs’ of Lemuria that would become “visible” after the shift. This was my fourth trip there.


Lady Laaeela

I had met the guardian Lady Laaeela, the second time there or rather she allowed me to “see” her halo graphical projection. She was standing in a blue dress with her blue eyes and blonde hair under a sort of arch that was made of giant cedar trees. Something I hope to paint this winter.


The first two times I was not allowed into the forest. I went so far but then I got “scared’ and went back.


The last two times, I got to go into the magic land.


Dawn, Kris and I did ceremony this last time and Lady Laaeela became more visible, walking with us. Kris could see her, too and described her.


When we did the ceremony, her council joined us. We also got wolf howls, five, I think, which only I heard and three croaks from the Ravens which everyone heard.


The area has been protected by this Lemurian Council under the spokesmanship of Lady Laaeela from the white man since 1492, and with the Indians there prior, makes this area ANCIENT without major disturbance probably since the flood.


These “Sacred Constructs” are inter-dimensional or maybe hidden under the present growth. (????)


House Mountain

Tuesday, Sept.14th, Lady Laaeela and her council joined Barnabus and I on House Mountain as we did ceremony there. (House is the foundation of the family of 7 mountains and the most southern.) I now understand that the emerald green stone people were “activated by my “pink crystal heart rose” (that was the bright white light) and are Lemurian Crystals.


Lady Laaeela has been “orchestrating” this for some time and only now revealed herself.

This Synchronization Ceremony of September 18-19 linked them together in a healed crystal grid deep in the earth six of them plus the rose heart in the center which is now in the center of Crystal Mountain, the main Lemurian Crystal “Engine”. 



Our next one, in 2011, will activate the wheel engine. We only primed it this time.

I understand they are doing some Lemurian and Atlantean activations on mountains in Arkansas and elsewhere here 10-10-10. I have tried to research WHAT these crystals can do, in hopes of understanding what kind of whatever is going to be needed in 2011 to get this job done, but so far not much clue.


Twenty three years ago, the pink quartz rose given to me by Queen Nefertiti was a “key” to activation. Moving that quartz out of my heart also opened my heart and took the coldness out, if that makes any sense. Something I had tried to do in a number of ways but did not happen until I gave the rose away. And I now understand that the 6 star nations are of the Galactic Federation of Light although I do not know which specific ones. Pleides is over the most northern, with the Lemurian council.


Our 6 points (mountains)form the Star of David, a tetrahedran, a Merkaba, a portal, male and female, sky and earth, mother father, that is WHY no East and West point and is only 6+1.


Activation next year will activate this Merkaba, but I have no idea what that really means…  


Beam me up Scotty! (????)





Our Hawaiian lady had this to say September 23, 2010, in response:


Sunshine: Part One

I know the Pink Quartz is Truth or the Heart of the Truth. The gift given to Marcine is whether it is her own or as of…


The wheel is like a windmill such as the ones you see on top of the mountains and hills to generate speed, electricity, and most of all Energy.  It will spin or emit thoughts, waves, and frequencies, outward on and, effortlessly and infinitely. It has to be boosted consciously and with conviction, it's of purpose.  This is what it does now… sends out 5th frequencies and the prayers of the people, and 5th programming. And this time we sent it to Blue Thunders 19+1 Teton Circle, and all around the world. At times in other ceremonies, we have boosted it with the Whirling Rainbow to stabilize it but not this time. The portal opening just poured in but gently. MQ


They are reminding of something timelessly. I don't know, although I can see the picture clearly my words may not let you see what I am seeing.  There is lots of tape and triangles circling the World. Triangles would be the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life being threaded with new DNA?MQ


Like I said, we still have a lot of gift wrapping of the earth that will unfold this year. November will be the worst. They have made a coordinate grid of the earth, with angles that are in overlap or overlapping of each other. These angles and grids should be lining up.


A kind of crisscrossing with laser, it is truly elaborate. This that she sees, I think is the5th gold  weaving through the sacred flower of life. It might be creating a whole new formation within all the grids. It is precisely in the places it has to be. Placement and coordinates are very important right now. I will tell you why. I can see the lines going in every direction in every country, state, and foreign lands. It is like a laser sent across to protect.  When the last of the shuddering of our home comes to play, these beams or so called grids are the ones holding it up. I was told by my guides 23 years ago, that these ceremonies would heal the earth, AND it would protect it during the earth changes. So this is fascinating that she sees this happening. And world wide, how cool.

 Like I said, we are breaking from the inside the Core, the Root, and the Source. “IT’S KIND OF WEIRD; WE ARE USING THE SOURCE TO PROTECT THE SOURCE.  FUNNY, YEAH…! THEY said that, not me.



When something is shaken hard, it will either break or collapse.


We are right now like a piggy bank ready to be opened--shaken so hard that everything is all shook up from the inside.


It's weird for they have to break us to save us. And we are being opened, but saved at the same time. We are being saved you know, universally spared. That is cool!


By the mercy of everything and all, we are being spared. You know why? Because after this one, we are finally going to be accountable as a One World, One Heart, One Love Earth, for our actions.


Next year will be better; we still have a few more eye opening, jaw dropping things to go yet. I am getting tired. This energy right now is heavy, serious, and contemplative. THEY are creating a master piece for once in a long time, THEY are pleased.




September 23, 2010


This last ceremony connected all of the grids and healed the crystal grid deep in the heart.  We saw the life force flow through it.  Then they opened a portal of 5th energies and wove the golden light (lasers) through each person standing in our circle then into the vortex, we created (they say it was as big as a house), and into the grid system 33 above, 33 below, 33 of the manifestation grid, 15 above, and 15 below.  As above so below.


Butterfly Effect

We invoked the Butterfly Effect which meant it was happening on the opposite side of the earth as well. It is primed as it were.  Next year, we fire it up with power, and I have one year to figure out how best to do that; what the purpose is so I know what kind of energy vibration to bring in; or maybe do it at all levels, above, below, and manifestation plane.  I have got a while to figure it out… but the more I understand about it, the better It can be achieved.




Sunshine, Part Two

Received from Sunshine on September 24, 2010:

Cool, there is more.

That same night, after I wrote my first reaction, I briefly, and I mean briefly, in our time was surrounded by lots of people.

They were all very beautiful together watching me. It was really nice; and I felt really good inside. I didn't see much going on, but the crowd kind of split and backed away. I saw the tail end of a ship.  The back door was opening up slowly like a bridge on a moat, and the people were very pleased.

I didn't go in it, but was really close to it. It was very thick in steel thickness, and very shiny and tinny looking. As you can tell this is my writing, not there's. No special Being would use the word Tinny to describe their ship!!

The back door to the ship was thick, I didn't get to see much of the rest of it, but it looked like a huge submarine like craft. It was rounder and fatter--a kind of plump spaceship.

The people were taller than me, men and women, I didn't recall any children.

I know that they were wise, but I knew that they were very kind by just the way they were looking at me. They wore long clothing kind of draped on them--almost like a graduation gown but with more colors, or panels, and elaborate. I think they were Lemurians or Atlanteans. I liked them very much, and I felt I was their student and got the answer correct.

Then I woke up and saw just a distant fragment of a memory of a land I once knew. I can't explain this one, but that is the best I can put it. It was a nice memory.


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