Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.


Earth Mother Crying

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Psychics, Mediums, and Healers

Andree Morgana

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Hayenwatha and VOVO

Hayehwatha Institute

Your Observatory To The Universe

A Spiritual Destination

Cyndy Green






You are a Spirit of God.
Born to manifest your Glory and Light.
Do not surrender to fear and hard times.
Live strong.

 What is your path?
It is always the path of passion...
Move forward, always, become.
Today, wherever you are, Shine. MaryEllenPhoto.jpg (5955 bytes)

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Editor: Angel Scribe Newsletters
Author: Two books on Miracles

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Stories on Miracles, Angels, & and Swimming Cats



Aynne McAvoy

Psychic Astrologer


WNZF Open Line at 9
Aynne and Judy Radio Spot

Aynne can be heard on WNZF radio Monday August 23, 2010 at 9AM on the David Ayres show.  She will be on with other guests that will be performing at the Golden Lion on August 27, to benefit Sophie's Choice. She will be discussing the Flagler Beach Drum Circle and their ever increasing role in community.  Listen live, or listen on line!

atira2.jpg (5955 bytes) Atira, Angelic Mystic
Psychic/Medium: Since Birth


The Best of Mt Shasta - Sunday, June 20

Down Under

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Boise, Idaho

Earth Healers

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Curt Bunch  541-709-1716 Ontario, Oregon

Storytelling * Presentations* Exhibits*

Earth Healing Education

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Missoula and Clinton , Montana


Arizona Mining Claims

Caren Seabeneck

(928) 204-5912 Sedona

"Use the Power of Your Intuitive Mind"
Develop Psychic Sensitivity

Water Angel

Earth Advocate

Biochar and stoves

Sea Minerals

Organic Farming

The Book of Beginnings
The Book of Awakenings
The Book of Letters:
The Book of Secrets:
Riding the Dragon

Events Facilitation

Igniting community, Truth, and Inherent Brilliance

While Promoting  Sustainable and Conscious Practices

Mali Rowan Presents 

is a Conscious Events Facilitation business with a

two fold foundation:

A. Producing unique events that ignite community, truth, and

inherent brilliance

B. Generating funding support for cutting edge nonprofits

exemplifying Sustainable and Conscious practices.

Boise, Sun Valley, Idaho